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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 7 Recap

After Jiang Baiyu touched the mechanism he thought he was not responding, Shui Wuxia saw the poem on the stone tablet. After reading the poem on the stone tablet, they guessed that it should be related to the food on the table. They put the things in the corresponding position, pressed the button that Jiang Baiyu had pressed before, and a door opened.

After passing this door, I saw that there were also poems on the table there. The poems on the table were all expressing thoughts of sickness, love and reluctance, or condemnation of treachery. Jiang Baiyu is curious about what kind of man Shui Wuxia likes. Shui Wuxia said that the man she likes is not afraid of roads and dangers. He is full of strange eyes and goodwill. If he loves her, he still wants her to be an eagle in the sky.

Jiang Baiyu shouted to the exits on both sides that Brother Shui was in love. While the echo was loud, it was almost a dead end, while the echoes on the other side kept returning, but it was a way to survive. The two walked away from the way to survive. In the end, the four people met. They encountered poisonous gas and the agency fired arrows. Finally, the four people went out smoothly, and Jiang Baiyu also won the assessment.

Shui Wuxia asked Baxi to help her hang up the red lantern and wait for Shen Qingli to come and tell him that she was waiting for him on the Jiangzhou Bridge on the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Baxi smiled and nodded. Shui Wuxia argued that they were friends and just went shopping. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia set off for Jiangzhou. There were many lanterns hung everywhere in Jiangzhou, and people on the street were shopping in pairs and watching the performance. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia were having fun and they met Jiang Tianling, Fang Yuncheng and Qi Delong who were also shopping, and they went shopping together.

Shui Wuxia went back to buy marshmallows by herself. Jiang Tianling excused that she could not find them to wait for her. Jiang Tianling took out Feng Laiyi and wanted to give Shui Wuxia. He was taken by Jiang Baiyu who came back to find someone. Qi Delong mistakenly thought It was given to her. After being interrupted by someone, Jiang Tianling couldn’t help saying that he would give Feng Laiyi to Qi Delong.

Jiang Tianling lost the test Qi Delong thought he would be in a bad mood and came to comfort him, but did not realize that Jiang Tianling was not only in a bad mood, but also very happy for Jiang Baiyu. Qi Delong asked Jiang Tianling if he wanted to go to Jiangzhou to relax. Jiang Tianling felt wrong, but finally agreed.

Shui Wuxia thought that Shen Qingli was about to arrive, Jiang Baiyu thought that the material cart was about to arrive, and they all wanted to get out and leave quickly. Jiang Baiyu suggested that the rule of throwing dice in the game is that the person who is shaken is fined a glass of wine. He can ask questions and the person who is asked must answer truthfully, and several people also agreed to his proposal.

During the period when Shen Tianling was shaking, Shen Tianling asked Shui Wuxia what kind of person he liked. Jiang Baiyu had asked Shui Wuxia before, so Jiang Baiyu answered this question for her. The last three people were overwhelmed, but the two who wanted to leave were not drunk. Both said they were going to the cottage and left alone.

After Shui Wuxia went out, he took a fancy to the two bracelets and bought it. Jiang Baiyu also passed by the stall and looked at the things on the stall thoughtfully. Shen Qingli rescued the Scarlet Golden Phoenix-tailed Needle Master on the material cart. He rushed to the man in black and intercepted their way. After a fight, the man was stunned and taken away by the man in black, and Shen Qingli could not chase him. on. Shui Wuxia came to Jiangzhou Bridge and waited for Shen Qingli.

After waiting for a long time, Shen Qingli still did not come. Fireworks were set up in the sky. Even though Shen Qingli did not arrive, both of them saw the same fireworks. Shui Wuxia looked around looking for Shen Qingli. The figure, but search to no avail. Shui Wuxia looked at the pair of people beside her, but she was alone. She looked at the bracelet in her hand and felt a little disappointed.

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