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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 29 Recap

Lin Yunyun called He Jinghua quietly to see if Su Xing had talked about her family affairs. Gu Jiawei returned home unhappy and heard Lin Yunyun talk about the family committee, so she was able to wake up and leave the family committee, so that she could stay at home and teach the new moon wholeheartedly. Lin Yunyun saw the wedding egg given by Alex’s son and thought that his son was naughty. Gu Jiawei said that he wants to understand that if he wants to pass on his excellent genes, he can have a few more children, and the eggs cannot be placed in one basket.

Lin Yunyun told Xinyue a story before going to bed. After telling the story, she helped her fold her clothes. She saw a pen falling out of her clothes pocket. Xinyue hurriedly hid, and under Lin Yunyun’s questioning, Xinyue said that this was sent by Xiwang, because Xiwang was a good friend of herself. Lin Yunyun took Crescent Moon to Su Xing’s house and gave Xi Wang a gift. Su Xing did not understand, thinking that Lin Yunyun would hide from herself for a while and then give gifts again, not knowing the mysterious gourd she sold. Lin Yunyun wanted to reconcile with Su Xing, saying that she would graduate from kindergarten soon, so let the children get along well, and Su Xing would not care about her previous things.

Uncle Zou opened a football club, mainly for the children to keep fit. On the day of the opening ceremony, Uncle Zou asked the designer, Su Xing, to give some advice. Xi Bin praised awakening as a genius. Uncle Zou hoped that awakening would spend more time paying attention to the eldest child Xi Bin. He realized that Xi Bin had asked Uncle Zou to complain about himself.

Zi Ning went to the club to give Xi Bin a birthday cake. Xi Bin took them to play football, accidentally kicked the ball on Zi Ning, and Zi Ning suddenly fell to the ground. Xi Bin hurried over to help her. Zi Ning was so nervous that he changed the cake design to his own creativity. Xi Bin felt very novel and praised her. Xi Wang recognized Zi Ning and knew she was Siyuan’s sister. Zi Ning talked to her best friend, and she was tempted by Xi Bin.

In the kindergarten, a few children draw together. Siyuan asked Xi Wang to go to Weiyun with everyone. Xinyue also agreed. Xi Wang heard that Teacher Zhang was in Weiyun and wanted to go to class, but he was afraid that he would not agree to wake up. Siyuan gave him an idea. If he wakes up and doesn’t agree, he can roll on the ground.

Su Xing and Xi Wang came to Weiyun, but Xi Wang didn’t want to leave when he saw Teacher Zhang. Wake up and don’t know what to do, waiting outside for a while. Lin Yunyun walked over and saw Wake staying in the rest area, and talked about the concept of decoration here. Reawakening almost forgot, thinking Lin Yunyun would change all of her designs. Lin Yunyun said that all the money has been spent, and she has to be worthy of other shareholders. She thinks that her decoration concept is still very good. Xiwang feels that it’s fun here, and I want to have classes here.

Wake up discusses with Xi Bin, and talks about Xiwang and wants to go to Weiyun. Xi Wang also ran over, wanting to meet Teacher Zhang and play with his friends. Xi Bin discussed with Xi Wang that he wanted him to learn skateboarding during the summer vacation, but Xi Bin didn’t want to, but still wanted to go to Weiyun, but Xi Bin coaxed him.

Xi Bin went to the coffee shop to buy drinks and gave Zi Ning an opinion. He thought that Siyuan was talented in sports and he could try it at the football club. Zi Ning heard Xi Bin’s call and knew that he had the idea of ​​quitting, indicating that he was not a child.

Xiwang brought Xiwang to the football club to play, but Xiwang didn’t like to know at all. He thought it was too boring, so he quickly pulled Xiwang and left. Su Xing and Ding Lan suggested that the football club should be publicized when it just opened. Ding Lan knew that it was just that Uncle Zou didn’t hit the south wall and didn’t give up.

Shen Xiaoyan made a delicious meal for the store manager, hoping that he would not care about it. At that time, she could not make the appointment because of something. The store manager knew that Shen Xiaoyan didn’t come to save Li Xiang, and thought she did it simply unnecessary.

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