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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 41 Recap

The employees resigned one after another, and the company basically became a shell. Only the assistant Xiao Chen refused to give up, sorted out the remaining customer information, and handed it to He Daye personally. However, He Daye made it clear that he wanted to close the company and asked Xiao Chen to help her return the deposit to the customer. Zhang Meng realized that He Daye was wrong, so he offered to send Xiao Chen away and asked her about the company. Recent developments, whether there is a turning point.

Xiao Chen knows that He Daye really likes the wedding industry and is a woman who can regard work as her destiny, so she never believes that He Daye can be easily defeated, and hopes that Zhang Meng can do more ideological work. Zhang Meng reminded Xiao Chen not to refund the deposit, and then took the customer information home, and convened Shi Tao, Liu Dan and others in private.

Everyone helped make suggestions and thoughts that He Daye should get out of the gloom first, and they were also discussing remedial measures. Liu Dan handed the money to Luo Chang, but Luo Chang decided that He Daye would never receive the money, so he didn’t want to be boring. On the other hand, Liu Dan had voluntarily resigned because of the relationship between the three people. Now she has decided to return to He Daye and continue to act as a right-hand man.

Jiajia felt that He Daye needed funds to tide over the difficulties, so he simply put out his savings. Shi Tao admires Jiajia’s attitude deeply, and at the same time hesitates to get married. Seeing that Jiajia wanted to propose to herself, Shi Tao immediately knelt down on one knee, and took out the ring he had bought for He Daye by the way, indicating that this ring does not mean that he still loves He Daye, but carries the past experience. . Jiajia took the ring and put it on her hand without hesitation, claiming that she not only has Shi Tao’s past, but also his future.

The next morning, Liu Dan went to He Daye with large bags and small scrolls, and jokingly offered to start a joint venture with her. Accompanied by Shi Tao, Jiajia took the initiative to invite He Daye out to meet, and decided to use the money in her hand to invest in the company. He Daye refused to accept Jiajia’s venture capital. Shi Tao couldn’t help reprimanding He Daye. Even Jiajia was a little annoyed. He simply left the money and insisted that he was a shareholder of the company before he left, otherwise he would never look down upon He. Big leaf.

Because Liu Dan, Shi Tao and others appeared one after another, He Daye understood that Zhang Meng asked them for help. Zhang Meng faced He Daye’s questioning and persuaded her to be so strong outside, because there are countless people around her who care about her. After this chat, He Daye feels much more happy.

The next day, He Daye found Lin Weina’s house, looked at the warm picture of her and her husband, and then felt the happiness between ordinary husband and wife. He Daye and Lin Weina became good friends who talked about everything. In the past, all their grievances disappeared. The two learned from each other what they lacked.

Since the last marriage proposal, Shi Tao has unswervingly wanted to marry Jiajia as his wife, lest his mother impose any interference, so he decided to behead first and then play. The two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register and collect the certificate, holding hands. Zhang Yangyang wants to go abroad with Shu Ying, and hurries home to stay with Zhang Meng for one night before leaving. Despite Zhang Meng’s dismay, he still made dumplings for his son himself, and He Daye made up the legend of dumplings as a blessing.

That night, the father and son sat in the living room and talked. Zhang Yangyang hoped that his father would marry He Daye, because only in this way can he leave with confidence, knowing that there are still people with Zhang Meng in a foreign country. Listening to his son’s sincere feelings, Zhang Meng felt uncomfortable, and resisted the tears.

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