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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 40 Recap

He Daye led the staff nervously to prepare for the wedding. Originally, he was full of confidence. He believed that the completion of this big deal would bring the company back to life. Because the bridegroom donated money before running away, Feifei took this opportunity to make arrangements. He Daye became her pawn. When all the media arrived, the wedding ended without a problem.

Seeing Feifei directing and acting in front of reporters, He Daye was angry and disappointed. Her company was in trouble, and all of her subordinates were in trouble. The wages have not been paid, and the manufacturers have to dunning them. Even the customers who have signed the contract have also submitted refunds. The capital flow in the company was insufficient, and most of the employees were discussing job-hopping. He Daye endured tremendous pressure and took the remaining deposits on the accounts as deposits and refunded them to customers, and by the way settled the wages of the employees.

Even if the company temporarily eased the urgent need, He Daye has lost the once desperate spirit. After experiencing the blow of reality, he wants to solve the problem by avoiding it. After the wedding turmoil ended, Feifei went to the company to find He Daye and apologized for her previous behavior.

Facing He Daye’s doubts, Feifei confessed that she really loves the groom. At first, she met the other party who thought it was a good fate arranged by God. In the end, she was completely wiped out in the bamboo basket. When she saw through the groom’s second-generation identity as a fake rich, it was too time. late. Feifei returned the IOU she wrote to He Daye and promised to find a way to make up for the wedding money. After all, she hyped up fame by uncovering the scars. This behavior is no less than He Daye’s reputation in the circle.

Seeing Feifei leave, He Daye recalled that sad past. She once used the pain of escaped marriage to win the sympathy of clients and draw many big orders. So at this point, He Daye has no way to blame Feifei. At the same time, Zhang Meng came back from a business trip and saw Feifei’s news, only to realize that He Daye was in trouble. He was going to call her, only to be told that He Daye had already left the company.

Due to the pouring rain outside, Zhang Meng was worried about He Daye. He drove around to find He Daye. Finally, he saw He Daye at the gate of the women’s hospital. Zhang Meng didn’t know how to comfort He Daye, and simply hugged her in his arms. Unexpectedly, He Daye was weak and fainted on the ground due to the rain.

When He Daye woke up, Zhang Mengshou was taking care of him by the bedside. He Daye could no longer pretend to be strong, could not help showing the fragility of a woman, and told Zhang Meng his inner feelings. If you change to the previous He Daye, maybe get up and encourage yourself now, and then pack up and go to work at the company.

But now He Daye found that he also had difficulties that he couldn’t break through, and he couldn’t even sustain it. Zhang Meng comforted He Daye not to worry too much, because everything is there. He Daye cried bitterly, especially when he found that strength alone could not solve the problem, so he thought about admitting his fate and stopped fighting.

After leaving the hospital, He Daye returned to the family completely, busy cleaning up housework and learning to cook from morning till night, just like a virtuous wife waiting for her husband to return home. Zhang Meng didn’t show a happy appearance, but was a little worried. At least he could see that He Daye’s state was a little wrong, and it didn’t seem like he really wanted to be a full-time housewife. Although Zhang Meng had some worries, he didn’t say it directly, but silently watched He Daye doing nothing all day, his mood depressed day by day.

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