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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 30 Recap

Li Tiancheng ran into Huo Xiang in the morning, and the two played volleyball at the beach. After the two talked, Huo Xiang could also see that Li Tiancheng had something on his mind, and Li Tiancheng told him that he wanted to move. Wu Xin helped Wen Jinshui get a haircut and trimmed his beard, and Ah Wang put down his guard, with a rare smile on his face.

Zhou Yue helped Shuhui go to Huo Xiang’s office to find the internal medicine record sheet, and accidentally heard them say that someone was leaving the hospital. Zhou Yue asked, only then did he know that Li Tiancheng had the idea of ​​leaving the hospital. The patients in Qiao Dawei’s ward were all discharged. Only Qiao Dawei was left. He was very lonely and could not find anyone to talk to and chat with him. He could only run to the place where the children played, but he did not expect to scare the children.

Shuhui found it and had a rare chat with him. Shuhui said that he was unscrupulous when he was young, and he ended up with this when he was old. Qiao Dawei was not only not angry, but also laughed to make her criticize herself more in the future, so that they would talk more. Later Qiao Dawei also said that he had done the cecal surgery that Gnuwen’s son had done. Shuhui was surprised and asked why he knew that the police were looking for the doctor who operated on Uncle Wen’s son.

Qiao Dawei honestly said that the last time they had a meeting in the conference room, he accidentally heard it. If he goes back to the clinic to look for it, maybe he can still find the medical records of the year. This news made Shuhui very happy, and hurriedly helped him back to the ward, and then found an opportunity to tell the police.

Soon, Tasi and John followed Qiao Dawei back to the clinic to find a case. Qiao Dawei, who was a doctor, kept the patient’s case very well, and he found it without any effort. They told Ahwang that he was the son of Dr. Gnuwen. Wen Jinshui was happy for Ahwang from the bottom of his heart, but Ahwang cried sadly. He always thought that his relatives were dead, and a father emerged out of thin air. , He is very difficult to accept. On the other hand, he was very reluctant to pull his grown-up uncle Wen Jinshui, and a large part of the reason for the tears was that he did not want to be separated from Wen Jinshui. John handed Awang’s information to Ganuwen, and also brought Awang and Wenjinshui. Ganuwen was incredible.

John helped him to unlock the handcuffs, Gnuwen walked towards Ahwang step by step, Ahwang stepped back subconsciously, but Wen Jinshui pushed him forward. His son was lost and recovered, and Gnuwen cried with joy in his arms. Wen Jinshui saw fake Hank’s wanted warrant and remembered that he was the captain’s effective assistant, nicknamed Seagull, so he provided the police with his information. However, because the pirates were uncertain, Wen Jinshui could only provide them on Zal Island.

Point of contact. With the information provided by Wen Jinshui, the police destroyed the contact point, but still failed to find the fake Hank. Ganuwen turned his head back to shore, testifying that Xie Hua was framed, and Xie Hua finally recovered his innocence, and Quanxia also knew. Now that things have been found, there are still some doubts, but they haven’t thought about Qiao Xiangwan.

Zhou Yue was very moved. John said that he would help Wen Jinshui apply for an amnesty from the governor, and let him take Awang to live on Zal Island. When Ganuwen was released from prison, Zhou Yue praised him for being a good man. John heard that Li Tiancheng was leaving the Friendly Hospital. Zhou Yue said that Li Tiancheng had sex freely, so there was nothing surprising that he would leave. When asked what she should do after Li Tiancheng leaves, Zhou Yue said that he and the whole team have experienced a lot.

Like her teammates, she is very grateful for him to fight side by side with the medical team. If he finally chooses to leave, he will still remember him. Zhou Yue finally talked with Li Tiancheng alone. She admitted that she still cared about him, and Li Tiancheng asked her if she wanted to stay. Ge Nuwen found his son, Wu Xin and Ye Hong were very emotional, but regret that Qiao Yuqian was not there. Liao Yu and Wang Xiaocong heard this and left the restaurant with excuses.

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