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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 4 Recap

In the twinkling of an eye, it was another year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Nan Jianlong carefully prepared an invitation letter and sent it to the two sons-in-law, intending to take this opportunity to gather for a family dinner. Originally, Nan Li wanted to go for a self-driving tour around the area, but because her daughter missed her grandfather, she reluctantly agreed. Cai Juying prepared the ingredients at home and sorted out the monthly income and expenditure accounts by the way. On the surface, Nan Jianguo seemed to trust her, but actually took a peek at the accounts after she left.

The whole family was chatting and laughing in the old house, but Tian Yulan seemed to suffocate her son’s grades, emphasizing that Yan Ziyou had tested the perfect score every time in class, and was admitted to the selective gold medal class of the off-campus training institution. Although the atmosphere became more embarrassing and dull, Tian Yulan didn’t know it, Nan Jianguo tried to change the subject and took the initiative to talk about the artistic sense of tea tasting. The two sons-in-law agreed, finally making her unable to talk.

As children can’t drink too much tea, Cai Juying was kindly blocking her, and she unexpectedly spilled the tea. It stands to reason that this is just a trivial matter, but it was a big mistake in Nan Jianguo’s eyes. Seeing the scene of Nan Jianguo berating and accusing her mother, Tian Yulan felt very uncomfortable, especially when she noticed Nan Li’s expression and mistakenly thought she was laughing at her. , So under the impulse, it was revealed that Xia Huanhuan was the last in the exam.

As soon as he said this, Xia Huanhuan felt embarrassed and ran away crying. Nan Jianlong saw that the two daughters were at odds with each other, and only felt that this kind of insecurities would never be a head. The family banquet was still unhappy. After Xia Junshan and his wife left with their children, Cai Juying taught Tian Yulan’s picky behavior in the kitchen, but Tian Yulan felt that her mother didn’t need to beg for everything. At first, the mother and daughter took care of the stroke in bed. Nan Jianlong, the so-called biological daughter never showed up.

After Nan Li comforted her daughter, she couldn’t help but complain about Tian Yulan in front of Xia Junshan. She really couldn’t figure out why her mother, Zhao Na, had left the house to live alone. Since their parents divorced, they have been like two dusts, but if they can pass by, they will never choose to meet.

At first, Nan Li seldom walked with Nan Jianguo, but she was afraid that her behavior would make it difficult for Zhao Na to let go of the marriage. The reason why she suddenly laughed today is because she saw the gown on Cai Juying, which was given by Nan Jianguo before. The same paragraph for Zhao Na. Xia Junshan was a student of Nan Jianguo, and he naturally understood the knot between his wife and his father-in-law. In addition to acting as a tree hole as much as possible, he also wanted to be a son-in-law.

Knowing that Xia Huanhuan was still sad, Nan Jianguo specially brought the food box to the downstairs, personally handed it to Xia Junshan, and repeatedly told him. There were several youth groups in the food box. Xia Junshan interceded for Nan Jianguo, and wanted Nan Li to know the true feelings and cares of his old father. Nan Li can understand that the couple divorced because of their disagreeable personalities, but it is still difficult to understand why Nan Jianguo was born in a Kochi family and would find an uneducated Cai Juying, perhaps because of the stroke incident.

The school’s new math teacher was called Lu. Through a parent conversation, I learned that Xia Huanhuan was not attending a training class outside, so I felt that his grades on the test were not too bad. When Xia Junshan heard Teacher Lu’s words, he had doubts in his heart, but he didn’t know if he didn’t check it. After checking, he found that almost all the students were studying outside the school.

Faced with this unexpected result, Xia Junshan couldn’t help asking Mi Tao’s mother about the situation. He didn’t expect that Mi Tao, as a rare conscious study, had no money to attend a cram school, relying on hard work to get good results. Although Mi Tao became a special case, Xia Huanhuan’s ability level is also obvious to Xia Junshan and Nan Li. The couple bowed their heads together and planned to take their daughter to a training institution to try two courses.

Because of the high difficulty of the courses of the training institution and the depressing atmosphere, coupled with the amazing time cost, the Xia Junshan and his wife gradually retreated and gave up signing on the spot. Nan Li took Xia Chaochao from school and was surprised to see her son’s classmates speak fluent English.

After repeated consideration, Nan Li believes that children do not need to be more top-notch in the class, and should take care of their childhood happiness. Xia Junshan agreed with his wife and decided to personally tutor his daughter in mathematics. He and Yan Peng took the time to make an appointment to play basketball and asked for a copy of the Mathematical Olympiad. Entrusted by Xia Junshan, Yan Peng was about to secretly copy Yan Ziyou’s Olympiad textbooks to Xia Huanhuan, but Tian Yulan suddenly came back from outside.

There was no expected lioness roaring, but seeing Tian Yulan being considerate, and even specially sorting out all the information and sending it to Xia Junshan, and at the same time expressing apologies for what happened last time. Xia Junshan felt that the two families would bow their heads and not look up, and there was no need to worsen the relationship. Nan Li also knew that the mother and daughter were straight-hearted and they weren’t the culprits, otherwise she would have already drawn a clear line with each other.

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