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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 27 Recap

Mengmo was threatened by the one-eyed general and had to help Yu Shaobai enter the night dream. Now he has recovered his freedom. Although there are no restrictions on behavior, he may be in danger of life. Moreover, if you want to retrieve your memory, you need to provide the place that Ye Ming has been to. Only in this way can you get the deep information of the memory.

Before leaving, Mengmo proposed to be alone with Lu Tianjiao, in fact, to prepare for escape. When Jin Xingjian and others noticed it, they found that Mengmo had already left and there was no trace. That night, Lu Tianjiao was sulking in the room alone. Ye Lina talked to Ye Ming and advised her to cherish Jin Xingjian’s company. Perhaps the two had a relationship in the past, but it was only part of the missing memory.

Because of Ye Lina’s reminder, Ye Ming recalled everything before, from the questioning after she woke up to the estrangement, Jin Xingjian would always stay by her side and never leave. Every time he thinks about this, Ye Ming can’t sleep, and simply goes out to relax, just when he meets Jin Xingjian. After experiencing so many things, Ye Ming was also reflecting on the harm she had caused Jin Xingjian, and at the same time felt that if he couldn’t find his memory, he might as well start over.

Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing came to Gujiazhuang, saw through the one-eyed general who was disguised as an old man, and fought hard with him. In the end, the one-eyed general took the opportunity to slip away, and Xiaoqing found that all this was an illusion, which was obviously a trap set by Yu Shaobai in advance. Lian Xuan was worried that Yu Shaobai had a future move, and immediately led Xiaoqing to look for an exit, but she did not know that Yu Shaobai was deliberately delaying time.

When Master Lu learned of her daughter’s disappearance, he was furious and scolded the third concubine for her own proposition, asking her to find Lu Tianjiao no matter what she tried. At this time, Lu Tianjiao’s room was full of enchantments. In order to induce the dream tapir, he did not hesitate to commit suicide and finally let the dream tapir appear as he wished.

Mengmo explained the situation to Lu Tianjiao, saying that retrieving the memory is by no means as simple as imagined, and that the slightest carelessness will lose his life. Lu Tianjiao was worried about the safety of Mengmo, so she wanted to elope with him. The two left together, and they were surrounded by soldiers not long after they had gone. The third aunt took them back to the residence and went to inform Master Lu.

Lu Tianjiao was locked in the room and was so angry, looking back at the Mengmo, he was full of anger and nowhere to vent. It is clear that Mr. Mo in his dream is a handsome young man, both civil and military, but the dream tapir in front of him, even if he has a similar appearance, has a completely different temperament, that is, lazy, greedy, and cowardly.

Just as Lu Tianjiao hated Mengmo for iron and steel, Master Lu suddenly came in from the door and immediately ordered people to take Mengmo away to prevent him from contacting his daughter. Lu Tianjiao was unwilling to sit still, so she desperately begged Master Lu to let go of the dream tapir. Ye Lina heard about this and hurried to inform Ye Ming and Jin Xingjian.

Since Mengmo was released, Lu Tianjiao has not eaten or drink all day, and even the servants have been distressed by her own lady. Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming found Mengmo and promised to help him rescue Lu Tianjiao, but the premise is to retrieve the memory for Ye Ming. Although Mengmo agreed not to run away, he also solemnly explained the danger of retrieving memories. After all, all forgotten memories will be sealed in an extremely cold place, so if you don’t find the snowflakes in time and leave, I’m afraid they will be completely buried. In the blizzard.

Ye Ming thought that even if it was dangerous, he would still not retreat, at least he would leave no regrets after trying. The three reached an agreement and asked Ye Lina to take a trip to Lu Mansion. In this way, Lu Tianjiao was rescued smoothly, and they drove back to Shanghai overnight, and they moved into Huaxuezhai.

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