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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 31 Recap

Ashley Falcon and Li Jing caught a dead man in Ziwei Palace. The dead man wanted to take poison to kill himself, but was stopped by Li Jing. Now that the Ziwei Palace fire has been extinguished, Ashley Falcon and Li Jing decided to leave with the dead. After Du Ruhui learned of the fire in Ziwei Palace, he and Gao both rushed to Ziwei. There were traces of kerosene splashed in the palace. Someone must have deliberately caused this fire.

Du Ruhui was interrogating the maid in the palace. A woman dressed as a Taoist aunt once came to Zhigong with a mole on the corner of her eye. This person is very consistent with the characteristics of Changge. Du Ruhui guessed Changge in a second. He was unable to his heart and vomited blood. Gao hurriedly sent Du Ruhui to Liuyunguan, while Le Yan was deeply worried about Changge and prepared to go. The view of flowing clouds contributes to the song.

Du Ruhui and Gao both met Changge in front of Liuyunguan, and Changge ran away in a hurry. Gao Du was ordered to catch Changge, but was stopped by Situ. Situ fearless and Gao both use swords and soldiers, Gao Du is unwilling to head-on with Situ, only decides to go out of Liuyunguan and look for the long song. At the gate of Liuyunguan, Gao Du ran into Le Yan. Le Yan claimed that she came for Du Ruhui. She lied that she was fascinated and asked Gao Du to send her into the temple to hold Gao Du and Chang Ge to take the opportunity. go away.

Li Jing brought the dead man back to the mansion, and Mrs. Li Jing interrogated him and found out that he was from the former Sui Dingxiang. On the other side, Du Ruhui was worried about Li Changge’s affairs. He knew that Le Yan was determined to protect Changge, so he made a plan for Gao Du and let Gao Du arrest Changge. Le Yan had been worried about Changge in her heart. She knew the danger of Changge from Gao Du’s mouth, so she exchanged identities with the maid, sneaked out to find Changge, and left a letter for Changge. After reading the letter, Chang Ge decided to venture out to find Leyan.

Ashley Falcon and Li Jing are playing chess in the teahouse. Ashley Falcon has always followed Gongsun Heng’s art of war. He deliberately concealed his identity, but Li Jing was still aware of it. Li Jing didn’t know the identity of Ashley Falcon, and only claimed that he played like a prairieman, but Ashley Falcon denied that he was from the Central Plains.

Ashley Falcon came here to find a long song this time. Li Jing always thought that Ashley Falcon was looking for a man. After learning that Ashley Falcon was looking for the person he wanted, he laughed heartily and decided to help Ashley Falcon to find a man. people. At this moment, Ashley Falcon saw Gao Du’s hurried figure on the street, his heart was tight, and he hurriedly resigned with Li Jing Gao and caught up with Gao Du.

Shuyu and Le Yan wanted to secretly assist Changge out of the city, but their plan was as early as Gao Du had expected. Gao Du broke the plan of the two at the inn and captured them, waiting for Changge to be arrested. . Long Ge really came to the inn, Gao Du was about to capture Chang Ge, but it was a shopkeeper who knocked on the door of the room, Gao Du cried out that it was bad, and quickly led people to chase him. Shuyu and Le Yan also saw it on the inn. The figure of Changge learned that it was Ashele Falcon who saved Changge.

Ashley Falcon was pulling a long song and ran on the street. Le Yan saw Ashley Falcon once in Shuozhou City. She knew that Ashley Falcon was harmless to Long Song, so she was also relieved. Long Ge was led by Ashyl Falcon and ran with her. She remembered what Ashyl Falcon had said to her. Ashyl Falcon didn’t hate her. She couldn’t help but raise the corner of her mouth. In order to avoid the pursuit of the soldiers, Ashley Falcon took a long song to the largest wine shop in Luoyang. The most dangerous place is the safest place.

Ashley Falcon hugged the long song tightly, and he came here all the way from the grassland just to find the long song. Ashley Falcon knew that what he said earlier was too heavy, so he apologized to Chang Ge and offered Chang Ge a glass of wine. Just now, Ashley Falcon saved Changge, and Changge wanted to offer Ashley Falcon a glass of wine, but Ashley Falcon wanted to have a drink with Changge according to the rules of the Central Plains, but Changge didn’t think about it. As promised, Ashele did not reluctantly sing a long song, only clinked glasses with the long song and drank the glass with a low smile.

There was a movement outside the wine shop, and Chang Ge and Ashley Falcon raised their vigilance, only to find that the prince outside was actually the prince. It turned out that the prince was not kidnapped, but sneaked out of the wine shop to have fun. Nowadays, the people outside are all messed up because of the prince, but the prince did not know that he was at fault. Chang Ge simply assumed the role of eldest sister and threw the prince to a school for training.

Gao Du couldn’t catch the long song. He led his troops back. Le Yan was waiting for Gao Du in the office. She saw Gao Du’s figure and only gave Gao Du a slap.

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