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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 30 Recap

Ashley Falcon could not find the long song in Liuyunguan, but met Situ. Situ knew Li Changge’s name and knew Ashley was looking for the long song, but did not tell Ashley Falcon about the long song. Ashley Falcon returned without success, his heart was full of disappointment. Old Qin could see the disappointment in Ashley Falcon’s eyes, so he only let Ashyl Falcon take a rest first, and temporarily leave the matter of finding Changge to them.

Chang Ge was out drinking tea. She met a person who spread rumors on the street. She wanted to chase that person, but the figure was mixed into the busy city. Chang Ge could not catch this person, but was worried about the fire. Rumors. On the other side, Du Ruhui came to Ziwei Palace, and he also brought up rumors in the community. Gao Du even heard rumors that the fire was caused by the candlelight in Ziwei Palace.

Rumors were raging, Du Ruhui asked the prince to put out the candles, choose auspicious days, and wear a full sky crown to pray for blessings and prayers. The prince also had to personally patrol the refugees’ residences, go to the golden belt and wear the plain robe, so that everyone could see the prince’s sincerity. Le Yan saw that the rumors were clearly directed at the prince. Du Ruhui’s admiration for Le Yan’s growth also assured Le Yan that he would deal with it.

In the Chang’an Palace, Li Shimin and the astrology master Chunfeng were playing chess. Chunfeng told Li Shimin that he had known a fire in Luoyang within three days, so he notified Du Ruhui of the news and let Du Ruhui handle Luoyang’s affairs. The prince’s behavior in Luoyang had already been heard by Li Shimin. Li Shimin was about to wait for the prince to come back to clean him up. Chunfeng also gave a divination for Luoyang City. This trip to Luocheng was dangerous and smooth.

Shuyu came to Liuyunguan to find Changge, hoping that Changge could leave here, Gao Du is still here, this place is too dangerous for Changge, but Changge is determined to stay here to help the victims. On the other hand, Du Ruhui received Li Chunfeng’s kit before setting off, and Li Chunfeng said that the kit would keep Du Ruhui safe. Du Ruhui opened the kit and followed the address of the kit to Liuyun Temple. Du Ruhui also understood the meaning of Li Chunfeng when he learned that Sun Simiao and Sun Zhenren were in the Liuyunguan clinic. Li Chunfeng wanted Sun Zhenren to see him.

Although Du Ruhui is a book, but Liuyunguan’s rules must be observed. The two waited in line for a face-to-face consultation. Gao Du accidentally saw a figure resembling Changge while queuing. Shuyu hid Changge into the pharmacy with Gao All wanted to step forward to find out, but was stopped by the master. Shuyu once again wanted Changge to leave with him, but Changge refused again. She hadn’t found her own way and didn’t want to leave. As for Gaodu and his group, she would hide herself a little bit and would not cause trouble to herself.

Sun Zhenren gave Du Ruhui a face-to-face consultation. Du Ruhui is now in the bone marrow, and there is not much time. If Du Ruhui wants to live longer, he must immediately retreat to the mountains and forests. Du Ruhui can’t let go of this chaotic world, even if he is strong enough to hold on to the day when his body is not good enough, Sun Zhenren is moved by Du Ruhui, and he can really continue to live for Du Ruhui for another three years, but in the future, Du Ruhui will definitely be in pain when he returns.

Unspeakable. Now that the mountains and rivers are turbulent, the people cannot be well. Three years are enough for him to accompany Li Shimin to create the Kaiping prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty. Even if it is painful when returning, everything is worth it.

Changge came to thank the master for his help. The master brought up the Tao in Du Ruhui’s heart, thinking that the Tao in Changge and Du Ruhui’s heart were the same, but the technique was different. After awakening from the point of view of the master, Chang Ge also realized her own heart. What she wanted was the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, and she was willing to kill all those who hindered the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty for it.

On the streets of Luoyang City, Li Jing played games with others. His wife went out to find Li Jing. She mentioned that Du Ruhui was visiting again. Du Ruhui had always wanted Li Jing to take over the Ministry of War Shangshu for him, but Li Jing repeatedly refused. When the two were about to return to the mansion, Li Jing heard that street beggars were spreading rumors, and Ashyl Falcon also heard rumors. The two followed the beggar all the way.

When the beggar was about to kill Li Jing, Ashyl Falcon assisted him. It seems that the person who knew the spread of the rumors only asked the beggar to tell the whereabouts of the person, but the beggar was transformed by a dead man and killed himself by taking poison on the spot.

Three days have come, and this night is the day of the rumored fire disaster. Changge and Le Yan are both upset. At Changge’s request, Le Yan takes Changge to Ziwei Palace. In the Ziwei Palace, Sheng Xin brought people to make trouble. They sprinkled kerosene all over the Ziwei Palace and lit Ziwei Palace with a fire. The Ziwei Palace caught fire and the fire was fulfilled.

The people were in a panic. Chang Ge and Le Yan rushed into the palace to save people. Li Jingben and Ashley Falcon drank tea on the street, and also rushed to the Ziwei Palace to save people and fight the fire. I saw a chaos in the Ziwei Palace, and Changge saw a scarecrow wearing a prince’s ceremonial costume while fighting a fire in the palace. She reminded Le Yan that this was a long-planned operation, but her face had just been seen. She must leave here first.

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