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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 29 Recap

After a fight, Ashley Falcon picked up a jar of wine and drank it. He admired Gongsun Heng as a hero and envied Xufeng’s brothers who could be born and die for him. The group drank together, and Xufeng and Ashley Falcon had completely let go of their knots and accepted each other after passing through this frame. At this time, the curfew in Luoyang City had passed, but the prince was lighting the lamp all night in Ziwei Palace. Shuyu discouraged the prince, but the prince was pampered and could not persuade him. Shuyu was helpless to such an arrogant prince.

Le Yan was about to go to Fang City to see Changge, but the maid did not dare to let Le Yan go alone. She told Gao Du that Le Yan was going to Fang, and Gao Du accompanied Le Yan all the way. Le Yan made an appointment to meet with Chang Ge. She found an excuse to dismiss Gao Du and meet with Chang Ge. Changge saw the changes of Le Yan now, and she was happy for Le Yan from the bottom of her heart. Le Yan has understood what she wants to do along the way.

She wants to be a real princess of Tang Dynasty and solve the suffering of people’s livelihood. Ge unconditionally supports Le Yan, and also tells Le Yan where he lives. After talking, Le Yan thought of Gao Du. She was worried that Gao would not be able to find her, so after hugging Chang Ge, she said goodbye to Chang Ge.

Gao had finished buying Le Yan’s favorite pastries, but he couldn’t see Le Yan. He panicked and looked around for Le Yan. Looking back, Le Yan was standing on the street waiting for him with the sugar man. Le Yan knew Gao Du was worried. She apologized to Gao Du and wanted to give the sugar man to Le Yan. Gao couldn’t control himself, he stepped forward and took Le Yan into his arms, for fear that he would lose Le Yan just now. After releasing Le Yan, Gao Du’s face was quite uncomfortable. He stepped forward and took Le Yan’s Sugar Man, and took Le Yan back to the government office.

Both Le Yan and Gao met Du Ruhui at the gate of the government office, and Du Ruhui was relieved when they saw Le Yan. Du Ruhui wanted Gao Du to send Le Yan back to Chang’an, but Gao Du wanted Le Yan to stay in Luoyang and do what she wanted to do. Du Ruhui revealed Gao Du’s thoughts for Le Yan. He didn’t think about young people. Le Yan was allowed to stay in Luoyang temporarily.

The prince met Sheng Xin again in Ziwei Palace. Before he could talk to Sheng Xin, Shuyu came to see the prince. Sheng Xin hurriedly left, and the prince criticized Shuyu for this reason. On the other side, the woman who arranged Sheng Xin to approach the prince decided to start the move of Sheng Xin. Recently, Luoyang is dry and dry, and they are planning to use the candlelight of Ziwei Palace to make a fuss.

Chang Ge and Le Yan were helping the refugees in Nanshan. Everyone regarded them as living bodhisattvas. On the contrary, they were princes who had never seen their faces. They had a lot of words about this. After that, the two met Quan Niang who was preparing enough water, and it was spreading that Luoyang would be a big fire within three days, and everyone was on guard. Just then, Shuyu came to look for Le Yan. He met Changge and wanted to talk to Changge alone, but Changge rejected Shuyu. The former Li Changge was dead, and her name is now Ali.

The prince was having fun in the Ziwei Palace, he found Sheng Xin, not only left Sheng Xin, but also several boys around Sheng Xin. The prince had been with the pedestrian all day long, and Shuyu reported the matter to Du Ruhui. Du Ruhui came to see the prince and let the prince do it for himself. Although the prince was afraid of Du Ruhui, he still left Sheng Xin who approached him with purpose.

Ashley Falcon looked for the Long Song everywhere. He saw the back of the Long Song in Liuyun, but the Long Song went out with her, and the woman called the Long Song as Ali, and Ashley Falcon Did not think much. After returning to the inn with nothing, Ashley Falcon learned that Liuyun Temple was a place to take in the refugees. He rushed to Liuyun Temple again, looking for a long song.

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