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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 28 Recap

Gao Du accompanied Le Yan to rescue the victims. On the way, they met a little girl chasing the body of her brother. Her brother had to be cremated immediately after he caught the plague. Le Yan hugged the little girl tightly. She lost her little girl. Fifth, if you understand the little girl’s share of suffering, you can only tell the little girl to live well, even with the hope of her brother.

Chang Ge woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, and she kept chanting Ashele Falcon’s name, and Abi next to her stepped forward to care about Chang Ge, hoping that Chang Ge would not be too horny and bore herself in the room all day long. At the same time, Abi also asked about the Falcon in Changge’s mouth. She mistakenly thought that Falcon was a bird raised by Changge. Only then did Changge tell that Ashile Falcon was her former companion, but she was sorry. As for Ashley Falcon, now Ashley Falcon did not come to her, hating her, she could feel better in her heart.

Xufeng has already inquired about the whereabouts of the long song. Ashyl Falcon asked for the detailed news, but Xufeng refused to wait to see Ashyl Falcon. He was very radical towards Ashyl Falcon, so Qin said something. Xu Feng, A Shi Le Falcon’s affection for Chang Ge can be seen by anyone with a discerning eye, and Xu Feng should not treat A Shi Le Falcon in this way. Afterwards, Ashelefalcon played with Yuanniang. Xufeng once again had a bad tone to Ashelefalcon, and even wanted to tell Yuanniang that it was Ashelefalcon who killed Gongsun Heng and his wife.

He was arrested by Qin before he could say anything. Drinking, Qin Lao once again let Xufeng pay attention to his words, Ashley Falcon was not at fault, the two sides fought, and the blood was flowing. It was the best for Ashley Falcon to promise Gongsun Heng to protect the well-being of the people of Shuozhou. Although Lao Qin understands Ashyl Falcon, Ashyl Falcon knows that he can’t stand Yuanniang. He gave Yuanniang the unique wolf whistle in the grassland. As long as Yuanniang needs help, he can sound it. He will Protect Yuanniang for the Gongsun couple to grow up.

When the prince went to the streets to play, a young boy named Sheng Xin deliberately approached the prince under the guidance of someone with a heart. He pretended to rescue the prince from the riots he created and gained the prince’s trust. In the View of Flowing Clouds, Chang Ge learned that the prince had come to Luoyang. She knew that the prince was inadequate and had more than a failure, so she planned to find the prince. Before Chang Ge went out, Situ stopped Chang Ge and asked Chang Ge to go with him to the refugee settlement in Nanshan to help.

At night, Yuanniang disappeared, everyone was anxious, and Xu Feng anxiously blamed Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon was about to go to Yuanniang, but when she heard a wolf whistle, Ashley Falcon followed the voice and found Yuanniang. Seeing Ashley Falcon’s concern for Yuanniang, Xu Feng can be regarded as letting go of his knot and is willing to help Ashley Falcon.

The prince scratched his hand due to the riots on the street. He slapped Sapo to pacify the refugees, so Le Yan had to go for the prince. As soon as her front foot left, the prince on the back foot was excited to go to play in the Ziwei Palace built by the former Sui Lao Min.

The disaster relief sites in Nanshan were all over the refugees. Changge was renamed Ali. In the disaster relief site, she met the little girl Wu Niang, who Le Yan had soothed before. Wu Niang followed the Lord’s words with a long song to familiarize herself with Nanshan. She told her own misery. He told Changge from his life experience that Changge also comforted Wuniang and decided to stay in Nanshan and work with Liuyunguan to help the refugees.

Le Yan took her maid to Nanshan alone to deliver medicinal materials, and Changge was also in Nanshan. The two finally met each other after twists and turns. Le Yan’s eyes were red when she saw Changge. Changge had already let go of her obsession, and she no longer hated Le Yan. When the two were caring about each other, Gao came to Nanshan, Le Yan had to hide Changge in a hurry, and asked Changge to find her in Fangshi tomorrow. She still had a lot to say to Changge. Long Ge’s back aroused Gao Du’s suspicion, and when he saw Gao Du was about to catch up, Le Yan had to lie that her stomach was uncomfortable, Gao Du worried Le Yan, and only picked up Le Yan back into the carriage.

Ashley Falcon and Xufeng had long seen each other uncomfortable, and the two had been blocking their breath, and Old Qin no longer stopped them, only letting the two fight a happy fight. After this fight, Xufeng was finally convinced by Ashley Falcon.

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