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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 40 Recap

Chen Anni ran to Wang’s Village to learn more about Wang Ziyang. When she asked the fishermen, she accidentally saw Wang Ziyang’s mother. After returning, Chen Anni asked Wang Ziyang why she referred to her mother as a nanny? Even if his mother said it, he did not deny it. Wang Ziyang asked Anne secretly to investigate herself? Annie explained that she just wanted to know the real him. Wang Ziyang confessed that his childhood was the opposite of Annie’s fairy-tale childhood.

When he was very young, his father went fishing and was crippled by the wind and waves and was injured by the big mast. After being a drunkard, he has nothing to do all day and scolds his mother every day. The prince is ashamed to tell others about his growth experience. Over the years, he has worked hard because he doesn’t want to be looked down upon by others. Chen Anni said that Wang Ziyang wore a delicate mask, under which he could achieve his goals by all means.

Annie felt that they needed to calm down when they got married. Wang Ziyang said that he also planned to postpone their wedding temporarily. Because of the big changes in the company, he felt that the two should help Mr. Tang tide over the difficulties so that he could continue the Asian talent plan. Annie hopes that there are no secrets between the two and can face each other truthfully.

Zuo Wu took a video of Wu Yiyang talking with Lao Bai in the hospital to Sister Na. He offered a price of 1 million. Sister Na promised to pay in three installments. Suddenly Wu Yiyang broke in and knocked Zuo Wu to the ground. Sister Na couldn’t help it, so she slapped Wu Yiyang in anger.

Zuo Wu cursed and left. Sister Na was angry that she had just negotiated the hush money with Zuo Wu, and now it was all ruined. It was all a bad idea from Jessica. Jessica wronged her to send Zuo Wu to sit down and make peace. Wu Yiyang’s love. Wu Yiyang admitted that Xiao Le was his illegitimate child. Sister Na flew into a rage and scolded herself to sign Wu Yiyang for being blind.

He didn’t tell the truth about such a big thing. Now that he has offended Zuo Wu, he will definitely expose this matter, and they must immediately discuss countermeasures. After Wu Yiyang truthfully explained the whole incident, Sister Na asked him to avoid appearing in public in the near future to avoid contact with the media. Other matters should be handled by herself and Jessica. Especially for Tianyue, Wu Yiyang should not act without authorization.

Xiaokui was reluctant to leave Tianyue, Tianyue told her that when a person insists on something that is inconsistent with the company’s values, leaving is the best choice. Xiaokui told Tianyue that Director Yang had also resigned and handed over. She heard that she had vomited up all the dirty money she had embezzled. Tianyue wrote a letter to Xiaojun before leaving the company, because Xiaojun realized that she was far from doing enough and could do more for them. Although she could not meet Xiaojun in the future, she believed that they would meet again. of.

Chen Anni found some clues about the Blue Star. She sent a message to Ding Kai. Ding Kai told her that she was taking the children in Xiamen and was returning three days later.

Chen Anni told Tang’s father that her wedding with Wang Ziyang was postponed. They felt that they should do their best to accompany Tang’s father through the difficulties and wait until everything is stable before the wedding. Father Tang told Annie: No matter what’s going on outside, she just does what she wants. The rest depends on the fate. What Annie wants to do, she will always be her solid backing. Annie wanted to change the environment. Dad Tang told her that no matter where she changed, the shackles would always be with her ability and knowledge. Annie had to learn to dance with the shackles. If she couldn’t do it, she would be disappointed.

Wu Yiyang took Lao Bai to the car at night and learned that Xiao Le was fine. He planned to send a sum of money to Lao Bai tomorrow. Wu Yiyang was very guilty that Lao Bai had lost his life for Xiao Le. He wanted to compensate Lao Bai. Because Lao Bai and Xiao Le are not relatives, they do not have this obligation and responsibility. Lao Bai is angry that Wu Yiyang should compensate the child. Wu Yiyang urges Lao Bai to ignore him if someone asks him questions during this period.

He Cai asked Tianyue for dinner and told her that she was divorced with Lao Zhang. She had just received the divorce certificate yesterday. She is now preparing to start her own business as a boss, and wants Tianyue to work with her in partnership.

Tianyue went home and found Wu Yiyang actually sitting at the door. She was shocked and had to let him go into the room. When Wu Yiyang talked about the news, Tianyue believed that the child was innocent. Wu Yiyang wanted to tell the media the facts tomorrow, but the public relations team wanted him to continue to lie. Tianyue claimed that people can live comfortably if they live worthy of their conscience. She doesn’t want Wu Yiyang. Do anything to hurt Xiaole again. Wu Yiyang said that he was wrong, and he needed a chance to compensate. He hoped Tianyue would help him, and Tianyue promised to help Xiaole as much as possible.

He Cai’s mother angrily asked her daughter why she was divorced. All relatives knew that her daughter married a big boss, but after four months she was swept out. He Cai said that their life experiences and three views are different. She couldn’t go on anymore. What she wanted was a marriage of mutual understanding and equal treatment, instead of waiting for charity every day like a pet. He Cai couldn’t bear her mother’s nagging, so she ran to the bathroom to call Tianyue for help, and asked her to call herself in five minutes and figure out a way to get her out.

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