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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 5 Recap

Shui Wuxia moved into Jiang Baiyu’s room to sleep with Jiang Baiyu. Jiang Baiyu’s objection was invalid. At night, Jiang Baiyu fell asleep while taking advantage of Shui Wuxia, and wanted to sneak out. She went through numerous obstacles to unlock the door and was found by Shui Wuxia. At dawn, Shui Wuxia held a whistle and blew in Jiang Baiyu’s ears. Jiang Baiyu woke up. Shui Wuxia asked him to get up immediately and stack the quilt. He overlapped him many times and supervised his leapfrogging. Even bathing has a time limit, and Jiang Baiyu had to succumb to the intimidation of Shui Wuxia. Jiang Baiyu cut off Shui Wuxia’s whip and threw the book to resist.

The man in black found the person who repaired the red golden phoenix needle and also let people draw the appearance of the person who brought the red golden phoenix needle. The man in black also asked about the origin of the man. The craftsman said that the man had no money to pay the bill that day. He took two sticks of medicinal materials to pay the bill. There were ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum in it. These things are only available near Beiwan Village. Zhezhi found Beiwan Village at the medicinal material shop, and one person came shortly after leaving.

Jiang Tianling opened his thirty-six love story. He deliberately made Lihua Siwu soup in the pavilion. He saw Shui Wuxia in the opposite corridor, so he scooped a bowl to give Shui Wuxia a gift. He just wanted to give Shui Wuxia the soup, Jiang Baiyu So I stopped and took the soup and started drinking. Yuncheng wanted to customize a mask for Qi Delong and he had no money, so he asked Jiang Baiyu to borrow money. Jiang Baiyu said that he now lives with Shui Wuxia and his money is in her care and he has no money anymore. Yuncheng heard him say that he lives with Shui Wuxia in Lenovo. The prostration he said just now, isn’t it just around… Of people are shocked to hear that they live together.

Zhezhi passed a note to Jiang Baiyu for him to pass. He was stopped by Shui Wuxia just as he wanted to leave. At this time, Hou Changan came. Jiang Baiyu said that Chong’an has opened a new martial arts competition, and Shui also said that this theory and practice should be combined, and she suggested that they give it a try. Shui Wuxia hadn’t said anything like this, but when she saw what Shen Qingli on Jiang Baiyu’s waist gave her, she had to help him round out the lie. After hearing this reason, Hou Changan agreed without hesitation, and sent everyone out to study.

After everyone went out, they really saw an arena, but it was not a contest, but they recruited relatives. The people on the stage threw the hydrangea, and Jiang Baiyu turned and left. Unexpectedly, the hydrangea happened to fall into his hands. Jiang Baiyu was surrounded by everyone on the ring, and Miss Yue’e appeared and shocked the audience. Jiang Baiyu wanted to leave, but was blocked by Shui Wuxia, she took back what Shen Qingli had given her, and Miss Yue’e fulfilled them.

When passing by the gambling shop, Shui Wuxia suggested to go in for a stroll, and everyone went in. I just happened to meet someone with a very strong ear, and Shui Wuxia’s friend was also invincible, and Shui Wuxia still lost the shot. Jiang Baiyu saw that he planned to take a gamble with him, and won in one fell swoop and won a hairpin. Jiang Baiyu still wanted to play again, but everyone just saw the scene and didn’t dare to gamble with him and it all ended.

Shui Wuxia learned from Baxi that the man was in Beiwan Village, and she decided to find him herself. Jiang Baiyu also learned about Beiwan Village from Zhezhi, and he also wanted to enter Beiwan Village. Shui Wuxia wanted to follow Jiang Tianling into Beiwan Village, but Jiang Tianling refused her because it was too dangerous.

Jiang Baiyu, Shui Wuxia and others all mixed into Jiang Tianling’s team and entered Beiwan Village, and they acted separately. Shui Wuxia first came to a strange house. There was no one in the house. She rummaged around and hid when she saw someone came in. Jiang Baiyu also entered the room afterwards. He also turned over, and heard that someone was coming in. He also wanted to find a place to hide. He was about to hide in a large tank, but he took off the lid and found that Wuxia was inside.

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