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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 4 Recap

Shui Wuxia felt very strange. Jiang Baiyu could not only say that going abroad is based on the people’s livelihood, and that the people’s livelihood is based on the economy, but also that I am born to be useful. I have no time to drink tonight. She asked Jiang Baiyu which one is true. he. Jiang Baiyu pretended to be stupid and asked Shui Wuxia what he wanted to say. Shui Wuxia sat down and told him that she knew that he had gone through some changes to become what he is now.

Shui Wuxia feels that Jiang Baiyu, who can pragmatically analyze the livelihood problems of the general public from a bowl of bird’s nest, is the real him. She turns to say that she knows the pain of losing loved ones, but it is for them to live with a better attitude. Better comfort, besides, he still has so many relatives with the old lady and the young master to accompany him, she envied him very much.

Yuncheng came to Qi Delong to send her a mask. The young master used a book to cover her face and took a peek. Qi Delong explained that he happened to meet him last time and refused the mask he sent. After being rejected, Yuncheng was in a bad mood sitting in the pavilion. The young master walked over and said to help him pass it on, and asked him a question.

The young master said that his friend had recently met a girl and would feel flustered when they met. When that happens, he will be depressed and ask Yuncheng what is going on. Yun Cheng knew that Young Master’s so-called friend was himself. Yun Cheng said that he must have liked the girl, and encouraged him to pursue her. He also gave him a book of thirty-six love plans.

Hou Changan asked Jiang Baiyu and Jiang Tianling to practice arm strength, and Jiang Baiyu’s wound opened. Shui Wuxia gave Shen Qing carp a decoction, Jiang Baiyu went to her and asked her to eat durian candy, and he volunteered to help decoction. Jiang Baiyu wanted to drink the medicine, but was frequently interrupted by Shui Wuxia, and in the end he didn’t drink it. Jiang Baiyu wanted to go out, but Shui Wuxia had asked people to look at him a long time ago, so he pretended to be a maid, and with Yuncheng’s cooperation, the mothers sympathized with him very much, so he got away smoothly.

After Jiang Baiyu went out, Shui Wuxia bandaged his wound again. He found that Shui Wuxia hadn’t eaten yet, so he took her out to eat. Shen Qingli said that he often came here to eat pancakes, and over time it became his night canteen. Shui Wuxia asked Shen Qingli why she had to wear a mask to show others. Shen Qingli replied that she flew into a disaster when she was a child, and his father died tragically and he disfigured his face, so he has been wearing a mask ever since. Shen Qingli said if he would practice martial arts when he was a child, would his father not die?

Shui Wuxia told him that if he looked back on a beautiful day, positive people would say that today was pretty good, and negative people would say today It’s not boring. Eating bird’s nest seems extravagant but it feeds the bird’s nest seller. The durian candy smells bad but it tastes very sweet. The past is not his fault. It may be to comfort him. Finishing the second half of his father’s life for his father.

Shen Qingli and Shui Wuxia were sitting at a table in a small stall eating pancakes. Suddenly they saw a bully bullying someone. Shen Qingli suggested to take Shui Wuxia for a knight addiction. The two robbed the bully’s silver and ran away, and they spread their money along the way. The people on the side were busy picking up and blocking the way of the bully, and both of them were very happy.

The old lady discovered Jiang Baiyu’s secretly going out. She was very angry and asked Jiang Baiyu if the girls in Huadengfang were all fairies, who could kill his soul. After talking about Jiang Baiyu, the old lady turned her head and said that Wuxia was asked to teach Baiyu well. Not only did she let him go out, but she didn’t follow the rules and asked her what it was. Wuxia bowed her head and admitted her mistake. She don’t let herself down.

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