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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 3 Recap

Shui Wuxia drove Jiang Baiyu to the stable, threw a book for him and left. The young master met Zidron, and he gave Zidron the letter Shui Wuxia handed over to him. Qi Delong opened the letter, which stated that Qi Dongqiang owed two hundred and sixty taels of silver to the gate of Jiang’s Mansion. Qi Delong angrily crumpled the paper and threw it out, but was seen by Jiang Baiyu’s attendant and picked it up. Zidron used to pull him over, and of course he was very happy for Zidron who fell in love at first sight. Zidron took the ball of paper in his hand and burned it.

He asked about her troubles, and she said that there was a saying that both parents would harm the family and have a hard-to-read scripture. He envied her very much. He had no parents since he was a child, and he was brought up by the Jiang Mansion. Although the old lady and the young master treated him very well, he still couldn’t help but envy those children with parents, even if Only see once, even if they are a scourge, he will feel very happy.

While combing the horse, Jiang Baiyu looked at the book Shui Wuxia had given him. Shui Wuxia was very satisfied with the scene, and took him to the court to compete with the young master in archery. The young master’s 40th ring and Jiang Baiyu’s 32nd ring. At the last arrow, the young master’s vision suddenly blurred. The arrow shot out and missed the target. Jiang Baiyu hit the seventh ring and finally scored the 40th ring of the young master. Jiang Baiyu thirty-nine ring. Hou Changan was surprised that Jiang Baiyu almost won the young master. It seemed that he had made a lot of progress. Shui Wuxia was very satisfied with the result.

Jiang Baiyu learned from the attendant that the panax notoginseng powder actually has the effect of making people enter deep sleep. He put the panax notoginseng powder in the flawless bath water, and put some into the incense burner to ensure smoothness, and sprinkled petals to make it. cover up. Shui Wuxia came in and saw him there, and drove him out. Shui Wuxia went into the tub to take a bath and gradually fell asleep. Jiang Baiyu called out loudly, but she didn’t hear a response. He knew that the medicine had taken effect, and she fell asleep. He stopped the two passing girls and went in to see Shui Wuxia, before he left.

Master Jiang Baiyu rushed to receive the news of Chijin Phoenix Tail Needle, but was knocked out by a group of people in black. Shui Wuxia woke up and saw a box of pearl powder lying next to the bed. She realized that there was news of the red golden phoenix needles, and called the maid to ask about the delivery time.

The seller of Chijin Phoenix Tail Needle came to the ghost market and wanted to sell it, but found that he was caught in the trap after entering, so he had to hand it over to save his life. Shen Qingli rushed to him and saw the man in black put away the red golden phoenix needles, and he fought with the man in black. Although Shen Qingli’s martial arts is superb, he couldn’t prevent the man in black from putting a hidden weapon. He was injured and happened to be met by Shui Wuxia. The two teamed up to repel the man in black again.

Master Ma learned that this incident was broken by Shen Qingli again. He was very angry and suspected that Shen Qingli came at Xiao Kaizhen. The man in black said that he had sent someone to investigate Shen Qingli’s details. Master Ma picked up the red gold phoenix tail needle and he saw that it had traces of talent repair. I am afraid that there are not many such craftsmen in Chong’an City, and he motioned to the man in black to investigate. Shui Wuxia seized the prime time to treat Shen Qingli and treated him the wound. After he left, he went to Huadengfang to find his master. His master told him what he had learned and gave him a bottle of painkiller.

Shui Wuxia came back to find Jiang Baiyu to settle the account, and found that he was taking a bath most of the night, and she smelled a bloody smell. Jiang Baiyu explained that he had taken Huadengfang’s Qi Yuxuan Angdan to make up his head and had a nosebleed. Shui Wuxia took the medicine away and asked him to get up and be discussed.

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