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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 28 Recap

Gu Jiawei looked dumbfounded, and Lin Yunyun once again said that the new moon fell by herself, and the onlookers were very surprised. Gu Jiawei felt that his face was lost in an instant, and quickly left the scene. Lin Yunyun also felt very embarrassed and left the kindergarten with Gu Jiawei. Wake up praised Xi Bin for being too handsome, thinking that her husband was really good, and facing a grumpy person like Gu Jiawei, she wanted to beat him up, and the two of them left the kindergarten in arms with each other talking and laughing. The parents onlookers also dispersed. Everyone talked about Gu Jiawei’s oolong trouble.

He Jinghua showed the live video to Shen Xiaoyan. Both thought that Gu Jiawei was too awkward, and Shen Xiaoyan always thought that a man like Xi Bin was very good. He Jinghua was also gloating, thinking that Lin Yunyun must be too embarrassing this time, because she had never told Gu Jiawei the truth before.

Gu Jiawei returned home and lay on the sofa. He couldn’t believe that he was so embarrassed. He kept accusing Lin Yunyun, saying that what he hated most was lying. Lin Yunyun wronged Baba, saying that she had done her best and took care of the new moon in a responsible manner. But Gu Jiawei didn’t think so, and accused her of not being able to teach her children so that she could no longer manage the Weiyun educational institution in the future. Lin Yunyun begged Gu Jiawei for mercy and hugged his thigh to indicate that Weiyun is her other child and she cannot live without Weiyun.

Su Xing entered the kindergarten family committee as she wished. Teacher Li gave her the assignments. She did a lot of interesting things. The children liked it. Teacher Li also praised Su Xing for being capable.

The manager of Shen Xiaoyan asked her to go for a walk, hoping that after Li Feifei’s spring outing, he could watch a movie with him. He said that he has always liked Shen Xiaoyan. Shen Xiaoyan agreed, dressed up, and was about to go on a date with the store manager, but unexpectedly received a call from the police station.

It turned out that Li Xiang was taken away by the police station, disrupting Shen Xiaoyan’s appointment. Li Xiang saw Shen Xiaoyan dressed up and knew she was someone outside and overheard her call. Shen Xiaoyan was cruel, saying that he didn’t want Li Feifei to be Li Xiang’s son at all. Li Xiang burst into tears, saying that he loves Shen Xiaoyan the most, and he cares about Li Feifei the most. The divorce was not voluntary. But Shen Xiaoyan was not relentless at all, saying that he would take away Li Xiang’s custody rights and find another person.

After waking up a person in the family committee, the members of the other family committees cooperated at all, so that waking up always topped a lot of classes. Suwaken sent messages to other family committee mothers, but no one responded to her, so she had to consult Lin Yunyun. Lin Yunyun pretended to help wake up, and re-arranged the duty schedule. Unexpectedly, the mother of the family committee heard that there was a mobilization meeting, and hoped that Lin Yunyun would let Grandma Xinyue come out to talk about it. After all, they were talking about the status of a university professor. Lin Yunyun is a little nervous when she wakes up and sees through.

Gu Jiawei’s colleague Alex has given birth to a second child and is a son. He has been showing off in front of Gu Jiawei, talking about the benefits of his son. Gu Jiawei didn’t want to talk to him, but he was always upset, feeling that he had lost to his colleague again. When Gu Jiawei returned home, he heard that Su Xing had entered the family committee and asked Lin Yunyun to withdraw from the family committee. Anyway, she couldn’t get used to Su Xing and asked Lin Yunyun to prepare a second child. Her family could also give birth to a son. The son is definitely better, but he can’t relax his teaching and learning of the new moon.

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