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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 39 Recap

Because He Daye’s sloppyness meant that this business was facing a lot of risks, Zhang Meng was a bit unable to understand. After all, he and Feifei used to perform on the same stage. It is not how deep the relationship is, and the brothers have to settle accounts. Zhang Meng did not agree with He Daye’s approach, but He Daye made it clear that he was not only responsible for Feifei’s wedding planning, but also took over Lin Weina’s company.

Zhang Meng was worried that Feifei would not be able to pay back the money. When the time came, the bamboo basket would be empty. Unfortunately, He Daye was very insistent and simply took out all his savings. He Daye refused to accept Zhang Meng’s money and asked him to leave it to Zhang Yangyang. However, considering that the funds on hand were not enough to prepare for the wedding, he wanted to sell the house.

Since this house belonged to a three-year marriage house, He Daye did not have a Shanghai registered permanent residence at the time, and Luo Chang suggested that the two get married and buy a real estate in his name, so Luo Chang’s name is now written on the house book. He Daye went to Luo Chang to discuss the transfer and signature. Luo Chang and Liu Dan disagreed with her decision to buy a house, especially because they wanted to buy Lin Weina’s company, and they strongly opposed it.

Liu Dan took out the deposit and asked Luo Chang to give He Daye relief. Luo Chang was ecstatic, praised Liu Dan for being knowledgeable and thoughtful, while discussing with her to sell the house under his name. Liu Dan learned of Luo Chang’s thoughts and quarreled with him on the spot. Although He Daye was a good sister of her own, she didn’t want Luo Chang to use the happiness of two people to pay off the debt.

Taking into account He Daye’s situation and Luo Chang’s wishes, Liu Dan decided to borrow money from his father. The father and daughter had been in a cold war for many years. This was the first time Liu Dan had spoken. She did not forgive Liu’s father for his mistakes, and even still bears resentment in her heart, but now she has to bow her head to help her friends. Dad Liu was very guilty of Liu Dan, and he had already prepared a sum of money for her as a dowry, but Liu Dan felt that the money was to buy out their father-daughter relationship, and he was not grateful at all.

Dad Liu doesn’t expect her daughter’s forgiveness, but hopes that she can give her a hug before going abroad. Liu Dan immediately refused, but he was sad when he walked outside the door. He just wanted to run back, but when he saw his stepmother comforting Dad Liu, he turned around and left. Just as Luo Chang took the intermediary head of the household to look at the house, Liu Dan suddenly came back and lost his temper, and made money for Luo Chang, planning to buy the house.

At first, Luo Chang was a little confused, until he heard Liu Dan’s true thoughts and her sense of belonging to the family, he took the initiative to apologize and promised to live with Liu Dan. Luo Chang went to He Daye with the money, but he didn’t expect that He Daye would directly refuse, and at the same time, he took out the contract for him to sign.

Although it is obvious that the current problem can be solved without selling a house, the main reason He Daye insists on selling a house is to draw a clear line between her and Luo Chang. Only in this way can they lead their respective lives, and will not disappoint Zhang Meng and Liu Dan. Luo Chang has no reason to continue to persuade He Daye to sign the contract straightforwardly.

Knowing that Zhang Meng needs to support his family, Jiajia introduced him to a well-paid food host program. After He Daye and Zhang Meng packed their luggage, they looked back at the old house, feeling a little bit sad. Afterwards, He Daye handed the money to Lin Weina, formally took over “You are the fate,” and put Feifei’s wedding first in his work by the way. Lin Weina felt that this list was too risky, but it was hard to say anything. She simply gave her blessings. He Daye became the boss of the company and had the momentum of a strong woman in the workplace. She was busy with work every day.

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