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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 38 Recap

Luo Chang never thought that escaped marriage three years ago would cause such harm to He Daye. If time can be reversed, he vowed that he would never repeat the same mistakes again. However, when He Daye heard Luo Chang’s promise, he slapped Liu Dan directly, saying that the child was himself and Zhang Meng, and had nothing to do with others. Even if Luo Chang wanted to cherish it, he should look at Liu Dan beside him. Although He Daye was very angry, she had already dissipated her grievances. Luo Chang walked out of the ward and told Zhang Meng to take good care of He Daye. Don’t wait until the loss to find regret like yourself.

Since Shi Tao was still worried about Daye’s affairs, even after eating, Jiajia reminded Shi Tao not to disturb He Daye as much as possible. The only thing they could do was to wait for He Daye to calm down. Shi Tao did not dare to disclose to Jiajia that he was applying for the position in He Daye’s studio. Little did she know that Jiajia had already known about this, and that she was not a woman with a small belly. Since she had been in contact with Shi Tao, she must believe that he would never be disconnected.

After a few days of short recuperation, He Daye was finally discharged from the hospital. As a result, when she returned to the ward to get her mobile phone, she happened to meet Lin Weina, who was accompanying her husband to see a doctor, and learned that her husband had advanced gastric cancer. Thinking of the gossip that had been circulating some time ago, He Daye was a little uncomfortable, and could only comfort Lin Weina to take care of her body. Seeing He Daye’s grievances with virtue, Lin Weina was moved. When she returned to the company, she really thought of a suitable candidate who could take over the management of the company.

When He Daye left the hospital, she happened to see a newborn baby and the warm pictures of a family in the ward. She had to think of her own child, and finally could not restrain her grief. After taking the car home, He Daye urged Zhang Meng to pick up Zhang Yangyang. Seeing Zhang Meng leave, he could no longer bear the depression of these days, and directly threw all the things related to the child out the door.

Afterwards, He Daye took some toys to the studio and gave them to Zhang Yangyang. There were Barbie dolls and Transformers in them. They were originally prepared for unborn children, but now they are completely out of use. Zhang Yangyang curiously asked the younger brother and sister in He Daye’s mouth. Zhang Meng was afraid that He Daye was uncomfortable, so he found an excuse to distract Zhang Yangyang, and then hugged He Daye to comfort her, so that she could calm down as much as possible.

Superstar Feifei, through Zhang Meng’s introduction, took the initiative to find He Daye to be responsible for the wedding planning. Because Zhang Meng was kind to Feifei, he believed in He Daye. Zhang Meng helped He Daye make an appointment with Feifei for dinner, and talked about the wedding arrangements while eating. Feifei offered a condition, that is, he wanted to hold the wedding first and then pay the fees.

Originally, Zhang Meng immediately expressed his refusal, but he did not expect He Daye to agree on the spot and even promised that he would do a good job in the wedding to meet Feifei’s needs. Because it was the first time He Daye took such a big order, it was inevitable that she was a little nervous and excited. Just as she was still considering how to make the wedding perfect, she didn’t expect Lin Weina to come to the door suddenly.

Lin Weina wants to retire to take care of her husband, so she intends to dispose of the company and bring all the information by the way, hoping that He Daye can become the new boss of the company, provided that the old employees are to be kept and they can continue to work in the company. He Daye thanked Lin Weina for her knowledge and was very interested in the company, but the price of 2 million made her a little embarrassed. After all, she was not rich, so Lin Weina gave her some time to think about it.

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