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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 37 Recap

Luo Chang stayed alone in the restaurant in a daze. He refused to answer phone calls and text messages. He basically didn’t see anyone except He Daye. He Daye approached Luo Chang and said that even without her and Liu Dan, there are still other women in Luo Chang’s life. Therefore, no matter who you will marry in the future, you must tell Liu Dan clearly, rather than choose to escape. .

He Daye deleted her mobile phone number and WeChat account from Luo Chang’s hands. She didn’t want to have any contact in the future, because every contact would call her back to her original form, always thinking of the past. Luo Chang got out of the car to find Liu Dan, but He Daye didn’t go far when he received news from Luo Chang and found that he had never forgotten his number, so he couldn’t help but sit in the car and cry.

Originally, Liu Dan was going to leave the Civil Affairs Bureau, but seeing that others were late due to traffic jams, she had a glimmer of anticipation in her heart, so she simply sent a message to Luo Chang, claiming that she would continue to wait for him. When Luo Chang saw the content sent by Liu Dan, he couldn’t help but think of the bits and pieces before, and made up his mind to register for marriage in the past.

At the same time, He Daye drove the car in a low mood, resulting in a car accident leading to a miscarriage. After receiving the news, Zhang Meng hurried to the hospital, staying with He Daye at the last moment, signing the operation notice.

Liu Dan was still waiting for Luo Chang at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Seeing that the Civil Affairs Bureau was about to leave work, even the staff persuaded her to give up. Fortunately, within ten minutes of getting off work, Luo Chang arrived in time. Although the registration procedures were successfully completed, Liu Dan couldn’t help but slapped Luo Chang, angrily at his fleeing behavior.

Luo Chang realized his mistake, so he knelt down to propose to Liu Dan, and told her all the things she couldn’t understand and understood, promising not to run away from now on. Liu Dan was very moved and accepted Luo Chang’s apology, and then accepted Luo Chang’s hair ring. Just as Liu Dan and Luo Chang were planning to spend some time in the bridal chamber, Shi Tao suddenly broke in and beat Luo Chang, why Da Ye was out of breath. At first, Liu Dan wanted to protect Luo Chang, but when he learned that He Daye had a car accident, he immediately followed Shi Tao to the hospital.

He Daye left the operating room. Although she was not seriously injured, the child was not saved at all. Zhang Meng felt at ease why Daye was okay, and felt sorry for the absence of the child, so he could only force his composure and stay by He Daye’s bed to comfort her. He Daye woke up to know that he had a miscarriage, and was deeply distressed, so he pulled Zhang Meng away and hid in the bed, collapsed and wept bitterly.

Liu Dan came to the advanced ward of the hospital to accompany He Daye, and was sad for a long time beside him until He Daye woke up again. Liu Dan regretted that because he wanted to get married, he just wanted to force He Daye to persecute Luo Chang who was not ready, and regretted that He Daye would find Luo Chang for him, but he encountered an accident on the way.

He Daye knew that Liu Dan was really sad, so he comforted her not to shoulder all the responsibilities. After all, this child came too suddenly, and perhaps the loss was a destiny. Luo Chang stood at the door and heard the dialogue between He Daye and Liu Dan. He hesitated for a long time, and he still did not dare to go in, let alone how to face He Daye. Luo Chang and Zhang Meng stood by the door. The two men were so peaceful for the first time. Liu Dan came out of the ward and kicked Luo Chang directly, forcing him to see He Daye. At Liu Dan’s request, Luo Chang had no choice but to bite the bullet and go in, not knowing what to say.

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