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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 29 Recap

Liao Yu and Li Tiancheng helped the pirates Wen Jinshui and Ahwang to perform abdomen penetration wound debridement. Ahwang was already in a coma, Wen Jinshui’s consciousness was still there, and his eyes were full of worries for Ahwang, even though he himself was not injured. They performed the operation on Ahwang first, and then went to Wenjinshui. The two operations lasted one night. After the operation, Liao Yu and Li Tiancheng were so tired that one was lying on a chair outside the operating room and the other sitting.

The two talked about the wonderful operation they had done. Liao Yu said that he had helped a patient sew a toe to his finger, and when Li Tiancheng helped a person sew eyelids, the patient wanted him to sew a double eyelid. Zhou Yue then came over and talked about the wonderful surgery she had done. She had performed operations on a pair of twins whose umbilical cords were twisted into braids. They didn’t believe it, so Zhou Yue took out the photos on the phone to confirm that what she said was true. of.

Shuhui went to the police station to report to Police Officer Tasi and John, saying that there were suspicious patients in the hospital. Tasi took people to the hospital to get Wen Jinshui and Awang torture. When Awang woke up, he resisted and stabbed the police officer with tweezers. When everyone learned that Shuhui had brought the police to handcuff Awang and Wen Jinshui who were still patients, they were puzzled. Li Tiancheng even accused Shuhui of being too cruel and having no job as a nurse. moral. Later, under the persuasion of his uncle, Wang’s resistance was no longer so fierce, and the police removed his handcuffs.

After Shuhui was scolded by Li Tiancheng, she cried alone in the restaurant. Today Li Tiancheng ignored her even more. Ye Hong went to comfort her and persuaded her to talk to Li Tiancheng to resolve their misunderstandings, but Shuhui refused. Li Tiancheng heard the rumors from the hospital and worried that Zhou Yue was in a bad mood. He planned to have a good chat with her.

But before Zhou Yue could say it, Li Tiancheng received a call from Liang Kaili. Zhou Yue listened to him and Kelly Liang on the phone, in a bad mood. Not long after, Li Tiancheng received another call. He apologized to Zhou Yue, and then left her alone. Li Tiancheng went to see Kelly Liang. Originally, Qiao Xiangwan and the two of them wanted to chat with Dr. Jones, but Jones said that he had something to do and left. Kaili Liang could only take Li Tiancheng around the institute to introduce him to the institute. For Qiao Xiangwan and Liang Kaili, they very much hope that Li Tiancheng can be the dean of the new hospital. Li Tiancheng returned to the hospital and asked Huo Xiang about the polio epidemic situation. He had a bold guess in his mind. The epidemic situation in Linshui Village, the research institute, and Dr. Jones might be related to each other.

There was something in Li Tiancheng’s heart that caused Zhou Yue to misunderstand that he cared about his infertility. However, Li Tiancheng failed to make it clear that the misunderstanding between the two became more and more serious. The police learned that although Wen Jinshui and Awang were pirates, they had never done anything wrong with the world. John and Tasi told the people in the hospital about their situation. Then I talked about Ge Nuwen.

Shuhui stayed in the friendly hospital for a long time. She knew that Dr. Ge Nuwen was a person who cares about feelings. However, after the slaughter of the village that year, Ge Nuwen fell to the bone and hated pirates. Considering that Ah Wang is just fourteen years old and he had undergone cecal surgery performed by Dr. Ganuwen’s son, they suggested confirming Ahwang’s identity, otherwise he could pretend to be Ganuwen’s son.

Li Tian apologized to Shuhui for his previous attitude, and knew that he would not be resigned. Shuhui and Xinlu were very happy. Huo Xiang silently watched the conversation between Li Tiancheng and Shuhui and did not say anything.

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