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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 26 Recap

The handsome gentleman of Mr. Mo in the dream, even his supernatural powers, fascinated Lu Tianjiao. He would rather stay in the dream forever and never wake up. Just as Lu Tianjiao and Mr. Mo were dating and kissing at the beach, waiting for what happened afterwards, Ye Lina unexpectedly awakened her. As the dream shattered, Lu Tianjiao returned to reality.

Lu Tianjiao told Ye Lina about the reasons for her sleep and the beautiful men she met in her dreams. Since then, she has often longed for each other and lived a secular life during the day. When she falls asleep at night, she will meet that man. From then on It’s hard to separate after lingering for several months. Ye Lina suspected that Lu Tianjiao hit a ghost, but Lu Tianjiao didn’t mind, even if Mr. Mo was a male fox, she was willing to stay together.

Ye Ming wanted to restore the lost memory. Jin Xingjian remembered that a thousand years ago, there was a kind of sacred beast called the Dream Tapir, which feeds on human dreams, and can also control human dreams and change their appearance at will. If the Mengmo is true, it may be possible to satisfy Ye Ming’s wish. It just so happens that I can often dream of Yu Shaobai before, and Ye Ming suspects that the Mengmo might be a ghost in it.

Jin Xingjian heard that someone in Nanjing was suffering from hysteria. He didn’t think about eating and drinking all day, and could sleep for several months. It must be related to the dream tapir, so he took Ye Ming to Nanjing to look for it. At this time, the third wife wanted to tie Lu Tianjiao to the mental hospital, Li Ma could not stop her, Lu Tianjiao pretended to be sick and escaped, freeing her from the control of the third wife.

That night, Lu Tianjiao hid in the ruined temple to hide from the rain. At the same time, resenting God’s injustice, he drank so drunk that he went into his dream to look for Mr. Mo. However, a female ghost suddenly appeared in the dream and wanted to kill Lu Tianjiao. Fortunately, Mr. Mo rushed to kill him in time. As the picture turned, Mr. Mo and Lu Tianjiao were standing in the sea of ​​flowers. Because he regretted that Lu Tianjiao had nearly lost his life, he showed her a clear path.

When Lu Tianjiao woke up, the sky was already bright. She came to a mansion according to the address stated by Mr. Mo. Inside, she had all the household belongings, except for Mr. Mo. Lu Tianjiao forced herself into a dream. Sure enough, seeing Mr. Lu who had been waiting for a long time, he didn’t expect him to take the initiative to break up. By the way, he said about the location of the hidden cash box in the house. Lu Tianjiao could live for two years.

Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming came to Lu’s house and happened to meet Ye Lina. After hearing about Lu Tianjiao’s ins and outs, Jin Xingjian took them to find the address of Mengmo’s private house, and saw Lu Tianjiao who was sad. At first, Lu Tianjiao regarded Ye Ming as a junior, and wanted to find her to settle the accounts. It was only after communicating with him later that he knew that he had misunderstood Ye Ming.

Ye Lina felt that whether Mr. Mo dumped Lu Tianjiao, she could return to reality and live a good life, but because of family reasons, Lu Tianjiao just wanted to live in a dream to escape reality. Jin Xingjian knows that the dream tapir is a thousand-year-old beast. Although it has a physical body and can transform its human form, few people in reality have seen the true appearance of the dream tapir.

In order to catch Mengmo, Jin Xingjian let Lu Tianjiao control her dream and pretended to commit suicide. With Mengmo’s feelings for her, she would never die. Lu Tianjiao tried every means to dream, and did what Jin Xingjian said, but finally forced out Mr. Mo and grabbed him. Lu Tianjiao woke up from his dream and saw a monster on the bed that looked like a pig. Jin Xingjian set up an enchantment at the door. Mengmo couldn’t escape and was forced to transform into a human form under the threat of Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming.

The Mengmo at this time is completely different from Mr. Mo in the dream. Not only is his clothes tattered and unkempt, he is also timid as a mouse. Ye Lina disliked the ugly appearance of Mengmo. Lu Tian was so angry that he had become a guilty man, but Jin Xingjian asked from him why Shaobai appeared in Ye Ming’s dream.

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