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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Jin’s step in Yu Shaobai’s footsteps was that he became greedy, and even to be promoted, he was almost obsessed with officials. However, relying on his background, if he wants to get ahead, he can only rely on his ability to work hard and bring the team to the battlefield. If you are lucky, you can tie a bandage at most and rest for two days. However, this battle is far more dangerous than ever, and many experienced veterans are sacrificed.

The rear headquarters urged one after another. Lu Jinzhi remembered the words of Master Qi and jumped out of the trench with his submachine gun. In the end, he was stunned by the enemy’s artillery fire. He turned his eyes and fell into the darkness. Bai Ajiu did not find Lu Jinzhi on the battlefield, but saw him unconscious in the hospital.

Bai Ajiu stayed by Lu Jinzhi’s side until the other party slowly woke up, saying that he already knew that Bai Ajiu was a fox demon, and she had given up her life to save the previous few times. Now that Lu Jinzhi couldn’t do without Bai Ajiu, he didn’t want to die because of it, so he begged Bai Ajiu to save himself again.

Although Bai Ajiu was extremely weak, she couldn’t helplessly see her death, so she was willing to give her inner alchemy to make way. However, Lu Jinzhi did not obey him. Instead, he let Yu Shaobai who was possessed by Lu Jinzhi his own. He came out of Lu Jinzhi’s body and saw Bai Ajiu who had degenerated into a fox form, sighing with contempt. Feelings are really blind and stupid.

Long before, Yu Shaobai took advantage of Lu Jinzhi’s rush to the hospital and attached him to him, and used his demon power to say his final goodbye to Bai Ajiu, thus capturing the nine-tailed fox inner alchemy. With the support of the inner alchemy, Yu Shaobai finally saw the sun, so he didn’t need to continue hiding in the dark nest.

One night later, Lu Jinzhi woke up in the battlefield hospital. He was injured only in his temple and his right leg was pierced by a bullet, which was not fatal. Suddenly a fox appeared next to him. Lu Jinzhi held it in his arms. He wanted to go home and give it to Bai Ajiu. Lian Xuan and Xiaoqing rushed to the barracks and saw the white fox in Lu Jinzhi’s arms. A tail became its original shape, and it immediately understood that it had lost its inner alchemy.

Yu Shaobai opened the barrier, intending to attack Ye Ming and seize half of the pearl in her body. As a result, before Mingzhu was completely fused, Jin Xingjian suddenly stopped him and allowed Mingzhu to return to Ye Ming’s body. Yu Shaobai was seriously injured and knew that he could not beat Jin Xingjian, so he took the opportunity to escape.

At the same time, Lu Jinzhi hugged the white fox home. He didn’t see Bai Ajiu until it got dark, so he asked about Bai Ajiu’s whereabouts, but there was no news. In the next few days, Lu Jinzhi hugged the white fox and searched all corners, but still could not find Bai Ajiu. Now Bai Ajiu, who turned into a fox shape, could not speak, and could only watch Lu Jinzhi standing in the street crying. I was very sad. Nevertheless, Lu Jinzhi decided to stay at home, no matter how long he would hold the white fox and keep looking for it.

Ye Lina received a call from the Lu family in Nanjing and learned that her good sister Lu Tianjiao was about to be expelled from the school. She immediately bought a ticket and drove to Nanjing by car. She met the disgusting third wife and Lu Tianjiao who was sleeping in bed.

At the beginning, Lu Tianjiao was young and beautiful. He was originally a school flower that school boys were vying for. Now he is so thin that he has a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek and almost loses his face. Looking at the situation in the room, the sofa and coffee table are staggered, and there are countless wine bottles on the table under the window. The third wife thought that Lu Tianjiao had hysteria, and she had seen many doctors before to no avail. At this time, Lu Tianjiao saw Ye Ming seduce Mr. Mo in his sleep, and couldn’t help but rush to theorize, only to be satirized by Ye Ming.

Jin Xingjian learned that the nine-tailed fox inner alchemy had been stolen by Yu Shaobai. Although he was a little helpless, he knew that they had done their best. However, Yu Shaobai’s thousand-year physical body was simply not enough to carry Ye Mingzhu’s ability. In order to capture half of Ye Ming’s body, Yu Shaobai decided to let the one-eyed general do something for himself first.

Ye Ming woke up to find that he was in the crypt. He couldn’t help but recalled the previous misunderstanding that Jin Xingjian’s imprisonment was actually for protection. Jin Xingjian hoped that Ye Ming would give him some time, and sooner or later he would find a way to untie the symbiosis knot. In order to let Jin Xingjian escape the calamity of the sky thunder, Lian Xuan took Xiaoqing to other provinces to find the last seal.

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