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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 17 Recap

Hong Luan looked at Wen Gu, who was in a coma due to the curse, and wanted to go back to Jiu Prison to help Wen Gu get the antidote. Wen Gu who woke up saw the scar on Hongluan’s hand and found that the You Clan’s messenger was Hongluan. Knowing the truth, Wen Gu was very angry and asked Hongluan why he did this. Hongluan said that he was forced to do so. It was You clan elder Yuelongmen who controlled him with a heart-devouring spell, and he had no choice but to help You clan elder retrieve Penglai Tu. Faced with Wen Gu’s questioning, Hong Luan couldn’t argue with a hundred words, and in desperation had to temporarily escape from Duanmu Caolu and go to the Jiu Prison to find an antidote.

Duanmucui returned to Duanmu Caolu and learned the truth that Hongluan was an envoy from the You Clan. Duan Mucui and Zhang Yan, who happened to rush to Xihualiu, ran into each other and prepared to catch Hongluan, but they let Hongluan escape. Duanmucui wanted to go to Jiu Prison to retrieve Hongluan, and Zhanyan looked for excuses to follow Duanmucui. Hongluan went to the Nine Prisons after escaping from the Caolu. Although for her, entering the Nine Prisons meant that there was no return, but she still wanted to help Wen Gu steal the cure from the elder.

The You Clan elders and Jiang Mo traded, wanting Xihua to lose her reputation, and then kill Duanmucui. Duanmucui and Zhanyan also followed Hongluan to the entrance of the nine prisons. Zhanyan wanted to accompany Duanmucui to the nine prisons. Duanmucui couldn’t prevent Zhanyan from entering the nine prisons, and gave Zhanyan a cloak of invisibility for self-defense. The two evaded the heavenly soldiers in a cloak and entered the Nine Prisons. Duan Mucui was afraid that Zhanyan would be harmed in the Nine Prisons, and trapped Zhanyan with the art of painting ground as a prison, and went to the nine prisons alone.

Jiang Mo and the people went to Duanmu Caolu to fight against Wengu, Jiang Mo used the Talisman to enter Duanmu Caolu easily. When the people just wanted to smash Xiao Qinghua, Wen Gu woke up and protected her in front of Xiao Qinghua. Wen Gu was stopped by the coming of Lord Jiang. The barrier set by Duanmucui was not stable, and Zhanyan easily split the barrier with a giant fault.

Seeing Master Jiang arrived at Duanmu Caolu, Jiang Mo changed back into a cat shape and followed Master Jiang back to Kaifeng Mansion. When Jiang Mo heard someone talking about Lord Jiang on the street, he changed back to a human form. He wanted to burn the person who talked about Lord Jiang on the street, but was stopped by Zhang Long and Zhao Wu and brought him back to Kaifeng Mansion. Jiang Mo called Master Jiang his father, but Master Jiang bluntly said that Jiang Mo had admitted the wrong person, but seeing that Jiang Mo insisted on staying in Kaifeng Mansion, he had to agree with Jiang Mo to stay. Zhan Yan broke through the barrier and ran into You Clan. The You Clan mistakenly recognized Zhan Yan as the Shadow Clan, and Zhan Yan broke into the You Clan by mistake, and rescued Duanmu Cui.

Seeing that Duanmucui was hungry, Zhanyan handed the sugar she had with him to Duanmucui. Duanmucui thought it was for him, but Zhanyan didn’t admit it. After Duanmucui fell asleep, he called Zhanyan’s name in his dream, and when Zhanyan saw this, he hurriedly took Duanmucui’s hand. Jiang Mo fell asleep next to Master Jiang, still calling Daddy. Madam Jiang and Lord Jiang looked at Jiang Mo and talked about things. Madam Jiang said that Master Jiang was too harsh on Zhanyan, and Master Jiang said that he just didn’t want to put Zhanyan in danger. Duan Mucui woke up and saw Zhanyan holding his hand, and learned that Zhanyan still had his own in his heart, not as it was on the surface.

Through the description of the soldiers, the elder of the You clan found that the immortal clan who came to the You clan was Duanmucui and wanted to kill Duanmucui. The You Clan who came to inspect found Duanmucui and Zhanyan, who was witty and hurriedly said that he was just afraid of Duanmucui’s escape.

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