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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 44 Recap

Su Xing came to find Sun Xiaoai. Sun Yihang told him that Sun Xiaoai had gone to see her future mother-in-law. He also said that Ye Lang was the prince of the Jishi Group, and that he would become a young grandmother with Ye Lang. Su Xing was very angry when he heard that. When Sun Xiaoai came back, Su Xing was very angry and asked him when he knew Ye Lang’s identity, and also asked what a deal she had with Ye Lang, so that he would let him give him the male number one of the Great National Doctor!

Sun Xiaoai didn’t know how to explain it. Su Xing laughed at himself as a soft-fried man. He is not uncommon for this male number one! Su Xing slammed the door and left, and Sun Xiaoai was very sad. Pete had a temper in front of Qi Yue and asked Xiao Wei to continue to take Qi Yue from tomorrow. Mr. Xue came over happily at this time and said that Su Xing’s turnaround battle was very beautiful, and he asked Pete and Min Na to renew the contract quickly. .

Qi Yue is very angry, he is the company’s brother! Mr. Xue called him a puddle of mud and couldn’t help him. The company also spent a lot of thought on him. Qi Yue might as well go back to be a fitness coach now. Qi Yue suddenly realized that no matter who got this role, it was Pete who won. The two had completely torn their faces. Qi Yue accused Pete of lying to him, but Pete said that Qi Yue was ungrateful and incapable.

Su Xing returned home exhausted and sad looking at the engagement ring she bought. Liang Yuxuan thought he was going to propose to Sun Xiaoai, but Su Xing thought that she was getting the role as a deal between Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang, and said When he got this role, Sun Xiaoai would be with Ye Lang. Liang Yuxuan thought it was impossible. Many things couldn’t be seen on the surface. Sun Xiaoai felt like a mirror to Su Xing.

Sun Xiaoai is not such a person. Liang Yuxuan hopes that Su Xing will think about it. Julie is very worried about Qi Yue when she sees the news. Sun Yihang told Ye Lang that Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing had a big quarrel and asked him to comfort Sun Xiaoai early tomorrow morning. Sun Xiaoai was packing his luggage and said that he wanted to go home and have a look. He also asked Sun Yihang not to tell anyone about it. .

The next day, Su Xing came to Sun Xiaoai, but Sun Yihang accused him that Sun Xiaoai had paid a lot for him, but Su Xing accepted all this with peace of mind. He was not worthy of Sun Xiaoai. Ye Lang also came, and Sun Yihang told him that Sun Xiaoai had returned to his hometown. When Sun Xiaoai returned home, both grandmother and grandfather were very happy. Sun Xiaoai decided not to leave here anymore. She planned to reopen the fan stack.

He also gave Grandpa a bowl of rice noodles every day, just like Sun Xiaoai did. Ye Lang told Su Xing that he had misunderstood Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai did not make a deal with him. Sun Xiaoai chose Su Xing from beginning to end, and he did not shake his determination to be with him. Ye Lang Let Su Xing think about it, whether he loves her as desperately as Sun Xiaoai loves him. Ye Lang would not give up Sun Xiaoai, he just didn’t want Su Xing to misunderstand Sun Xiaoai.

Su Xing and Ye Lang came to the water town by coincidence. Su Xing hoped that Sun Xiaoai would forgive her, but Ye Lang decided not to bear it anymore. He took out a diamond ring and knelt down on one knee to propose to Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai accepted, and she told Su Xing that it was not anyone’s fault that they came to this point.

They were never people in the same world. Sun Xiaoai only wanted to live a stable life now. Sun Xiaoai turned and left, Ye Lang hurriedly walked up and put clothes on her. Pete came to Minna to talk about renewing the contract. Minna said that she couldn’t renew the contract with Pete. This was all learned from Pete. That’s how Pete separated her from Su Xing. Minna returned the money Pete had given back to Pete, and they have nothing to do with them ever since.

Qi Yue was busy looking for relationships, but Mr. Dante couldn’t protect himself, and Jiang Production didn’t bother to take care of him. Julie is back, she is very worried about Qi Yue, Qi Yue is full of resentment. Minna heard that Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai had a problem. Minna said that she was not suitable for Su Xing at all. They were a match made in heaven, and Su Xing couldn’t listen to a word. Qi Yue found He Cheng again and gave him a lot of money to wait for news. Yan Xi had been following Qi Yue and was very excited to see this scene, but they couldn’t get close to Qi Yue.

Liang Yuxuan felt that Julie could help, but Qingping knew that Julie could not help, and that Julie could not easily destroy her backer. Liang Yuxuan had no choice but to find Sun Yihang, and Sun Yihang reluctantly went to Julie. Yan Xi also showed evidence, but Julie was unwilling to believe them, only thought they were ridiculous, and directly drove Sun Yihang and the others out. Liang Yuxuan spoke suddenly, saying that Du Meng was very good to her, but this couldn’t offset the fact that he was a scumbag. He was good to you today, but tomorrow will make you fall into hell on earth.

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