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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 45 Recap

Liu E gently put down Shou Kang’s hijab, and the flute sounded again. At this time, Yiyi hurried over and passed the doll that he and Shou Kang used to play together. At this time, Shou Kang seemed to have grown ten years old, just calmly. Explain that you have to take good care of yourself, and then before entering the carriage, gently lift your hijab and look at the people on the gate, and then leave with peace of mind.

Liu E and Yuan Kan talked about Kou Zhun again. Liu E wanted Yuan Kan to recall Kou Zhun to Beijing, but Yuan Kan deliberately changed the subject. Yuan Kan hurried over, Liu E caressed the beneficiary face distressedly, Yuan Kan was angrily responsible for the imperial doctor and others. Liu E was guilty of his negligence, and couldn’t help crying. Yuan Kan took Liu E’s shoulder and whispered softly. comfort.

However, Yuan Kan also had thoughts in his heart. When late at night, he came to Taimiao again and looked at the portraits of his ancestors. Yuan Kan couldn’t help but recall the children he had lost. If even the benefits were met by accident, Yuan Kan could not estimate himself. How will it collapse?

I would rather use my future for the benefit of peace. Liu E took care of him day and night in the dormitory. After dawn, the benefit would wake up. The imperial doctor came to check and the benefit finally passed the dangerous period. Liu E and Yuan Kan hugged each other tightly and were very happy.

Ding Wei’s Zhaoying Palace finally succeeded. Yuan Kan not only added more awards, but also ordered Ding Wei to be responsible for the construction of his mausoleum. Wang Qinruo took the opportunity to use the name of praying and proposed to build more blessing palaces. Liu E was worried about the floods in various places, and turned around and suggested to Yuan Kan that it is better to spend energy on flood control, and in addition ordered Su Yijian and Cao to take charge of disaster relief. Regarding the matter, building water conservancy to fight floods, Yuan Kan looked thoughtful at Liu E’s order.

Concubine Shu led Guo Qingwu to see the beneficiary. Unexpectedly, the beneficiary saw Qingwu holding the puppets of Shoukang’s bedroom, and then realized that Qingwu had lived in Shoukang’s bedroom. She suddenly became angry and snatched the puppets from Qingwu’s hands and scolded Qingwu. And ordered him to move out of Shoukang’s bedroom, Qing Wu was frightened by the temper of the benefit, and cried loudly, and the two children suddenly quarreled.

Wang Qinruo and Yuan Kan mentioned the wonders of Mount Tai again in private. Yuan Kan knew that this was what Wang Qinruo said to deceive him, but he listened to it. Sure enough, Wang Qinruo mentioned the palace repairs again, and secretly said to Yuan Kan that he was afraid of being reprimanded by Liu E. Yuan Kan thought for a while, and quickly agreed, and Liu E was convinced by Yuan Kan.

Seeing that the benefit was still in anger, Liu E stopped talking about it. The twist between Quandang benefit and lucid enlightenment was a temporary joke among children. It was late at night, Yuan Kan woke up from the nightmare, and quietly pulled down the tulle on Liu E’s shoulder. The strange totem shape appeared again. Yuan Kan became more and more weird. He deliberately went to the minister to divination the horoscope and saw Yuan Kan’s paintings. After the totem was drawn, the minister said that the totem was extremely consistent with today’s celestial phenomenon. Yuan Kan looked at the sky silently, and frowned while listening to the minister’s interpretation.

King Ji came to attend the baptism of the son of King Chu. Now that King Chu has heirs, Yuan Kan can’t help but lament the prosperity of his family. After benefiting from the visit, everyone finally arrived. The ceremony began and everyone wrote poems to celebrate. The atmosphere was very warm. Unexpectedly, a gust of wind blew, benefited and passed out again, and everyone was in chaos.

The imperial doctor came to diagnose again, Yuan Kan wanted to cure the crime in furious, the imperial doctor proposed to treat the disease with silver needles, which made the benefit wake up. Seeing that the beneficiary was weak, Yuan Kan immediately ordered Su Yijian to summon Wang Qinruo and Ding Wei.

It turned out that he wanted to pray for the benefits of Mount Tai. Liu E heard the news, but before he spoke, Yuan Kan confessed to himself that everything was for the benefit of safety, and Yuan Kan would rather be cold-eyed by the people of the world. Liu E naturally understood Yuan Kan’s painstaking efforts, so he did not stop him any more. He also started to cough when he heard Liu E. Yuan Kan was distressed and immediately helped Liu E back to the palace.

At the court, Wang Qinruo deliberately said that there was a heavenly book coming from the top of Mount Tai, and everything was a sign from heaven. Liu E and Yuan Kan listened to them and led the topic to the matter of Feng Chan.

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