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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 44 Recap

Yuan Kan had heard Liu E’s words, but instead asked Liu E’s candidate for the aspect. Liu E was stunned when he heard that, and he didn’t say anything for a long time. Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo celebrated the wedding ceremony at home. Wang Qinruo understands that his current position is only one of the ways for the emperor to contain Liu E. There is Guo’s family behind Liu E and Su Yijian in the court. Under the circumstances, Ding It is said that Wang Qinruo and Wang Qinruo are both waiting for an opportunity.

At the court, Liu E found that Yuan Kan had been closed his eyes, and the ministers reported that the prince of Liao had asked to see him. Seeing Yuan Kan’s mental trance, Liu E arranged for the prince to meet him. When everything was resolved and when he was about to retreat, Yuan Kan woke up and asked again and again where Kou Zhun had gone… Yuan Kan was in a bad spirit recently. Even if the doctors changed new medicines, they could not cure the headache. Liu E supported Yuan Kan and comforted him softly, but Yuan Kan still took the initiative to talk about his return, hoping to benefit from the help of the emperor. The safety of their mother and son was naturally what Yuan Kan was most worried about.

The compilation of the book house Yuangui was finally completed. Yan Shu and Wang Qinruo, who were in charge of writing, were very pleased and hoped to submit it to Yuan Kan immediately. Shou Kang found Yan Shu with a shy face, and repeatedly asked if he had seen the words written in the Book of Songs. Yan Shu’s words contained hesitation. The princess knew what he meant. Although his heart was also deliberate, he didn’t know how to respond.

Shou Kang’s ceremony for the ceremony began, Liu E personally presided over the ceremony, the minister watched from the side, Yuan Kan gave the handwriting to the concubine Ji Fu. The screens were removed, and the ministers congratulated them. Yelvzong, the prince of the Liao Kingdom, was willing to stare at Shou Kang’s appearance and proposed on the spot, hoping that Yuan Kan would give him the marriage. Yan Shu’s expression on the side suddenly became cold, and he was silent. Yuan Kan asked Shou Kang’s wishes.

Shou Kang shyly praised the prince. Yuan Kan thought that Shou Kang liked the wish of Yelv Zong, so he personally set the imperial decree for the two states. Gift marriage. After receiving the news, Beneficiary was very worried and wanted Liu E to persuade Yuan Kan, but Liu E couldn’t stop it after the imperial decree had been issued. Jialing was also very worried about her daughter marrying away, but now the Liao Kingdom has sent back his envoy to report it.

Now, the prime minister of the Liao Kingdom has come with a guard of honor, and everything is a foregone conclusion. At this time, Zhang Jingzong came with the imperial decree. Yuan Kan named Jialing a good concubine, but Jialing felt bitter. Benefiting here, I still don’t worry about Shoukang. Knowing that Shoukang’s heart belonged, he insisted on letting Liu E persuade Yuan Kan, and even said that Shou Kang’s fate must be because it was not Liu E’s biological daughter, and Liu E was suddenly embarrassed. ,

Order the beneficiaries to reflect on their words and deeds. On the other side, Shou Kang finally agreed to see the benefit. Although the two of them looked like children, they had already taken on the responsibilities for the future. Although there was anxiety in their hearts, they could only agree with tears. As for the love in his heart, Shou Kang handed a jade flute to the beneficiary, hoping to transfer the beneficiary to Yan Shu.

When the Liao Kingdom’s proposal team arrived, Yuan Kan and Liu E personally came forward and handed Shou Kang, who was wearing a wedding dress, to Yelv Zongyuan. This day finally came. Although his fate was unfair, Shou Kang still maintained his demeanor and calmness until a melodious flute sound came. Only then did Shou Kang see Yan Shu playing the flute at the gate of the city. Since then, his eyes have been inseparable. Yan Shu. Maybe from now on, the two will have no chance to meet again, but at least for now, the two unrevealed hearts are closely linked.

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