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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 1 Recap


The web drama “Bai Yu Si Wu Xian” is directed by Peng Yu, starring Wan Peng, Zhang Yao, Liu Yuhan , Yu Ting’er , etc. The plot of Bai Yu Si Wu Xian is adapted from a novel on the Internet, telling the story of Langya Pavilion’s golden maid Shui Wu Xia assisting the young master Jiang Baiyu Practice martial arts and become an official in the dynasty. They love each other after experiencing hardships and join hands to spend a lifetime together.

The gold medal maid of Langya Pavilion, Shui Wuxia, was hired by the Jiang Mansion to assist the young master Jiang Baiyu in learning literature and martial arts and becoming an official. The arrogant Shui Wuxia and the dull Jiang Baiyu are intolerable, and the two have more secrets about each other. Shui Wuxia is looking for her lost brother, while Jiang Baiyu is investigating the cause of his father’s death. Fate brought the two teenagers together. As soon as Jiang Baiyu changed his dignified habit, Shui Wuxia also began to see Jiang Baiyu’s sincere and strong heart.

Finally, the truth emerged. The culprit behind the imprisonment of Shui Wuxia’s brother and the murder of Jiang Baiyu’s father was Jiang Baiyu’s uncle Jiang Hu. When the crisis came, Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu stepped forward resolutely, and exposed Jiang Hu’s conspiracy to the public, and returned the people of Jiangzhou to a bright future. And the two also cherish each other after experiencing series of ups and downs, and spend a lifetime together.

Episode 1:

Langya Pavilion is a high-end maid institution of the dynasty that shoulders the important task of helping young sons to become pillars of talent. The maids trained in the pavilion are all superb in both civil and military wisdom. The celebrities in Chong’an City rely on the number of maids in Langya Pavilion at home. On this day, there was a competition in Langya Pavilion. Several maids took part in crossing the plum blossom piles in the arrow rain, scrambling to cross the single-plank bridge. In the exciting game, the maid Qi Delong and Shui Wuxia took the lead in front of the three senior sisters.

The elder sister asked them to choose a box with pearls from the three boxes in front of them. Zi Delong made a quick choice based on reasoning, but opened the box but did not see the pearl. Then Shui Wuxia again reasoned that the pearl should be in Sister Huang’s teacup, and when she removed the lid, the pearl was really inside. Shui Wuxia won. According to today’s ranking, the pavilion owner arranged for Shui Wuxia to assist the young master Jiang Tianling of Jiangfu, and Qi Delong to assist the young master Jiang Baiyu.

Qi Delong was unhappy about the loss to Shui Wuxia today, and went down the mountain alone. When she left, the letter dropped by Shui Wuxia was picked up by Shui Wuxia. Master Jiang came to Huadengfang to look for the young master Bai Wuyu, but he was told that he was not in Huadengfang. The storyteller in Huadengfang was telling the story of the young hero Shen Qingli. Master Jiang wondered why Huadengfang was talking about the book today. Zhezhi explained that Jude Auction House rented the venue of Huadengfang today, so he rehearsed and warmed up.

After Master Jiang left, Zhezhi entered a room, where Jiang Baiyu was wearing pink clothes. Jiang Baiyu said that he was going to play in a few days, and he learned that the maid of Langya Pavilion was about to arrive, and he heard that he was called Qi Delong. Shui Wuxia came to Chong’an City. She heard someone shouting for Chijin Phoenix Tail Needle. She walked over to that person and took a propaganda drawing from his hand. She fixed her eyes on what was really her brother’s.

The woman Shui Wuxia dressed as a man came to Huadengfang to watch the auction. She randomly found a seat where no one was sitting. Jiang Baiyu told her that someone was sitting in this position. Shui Wuxia did not panic and lied casually, but she was caught. Jiang Baiyu exposed it. Jiang Baiyu suspected that Shui Wuxia was a person who pretended to be a child of the rich family.

Shui Wuxia retorted that he was more like a fake person. Jiang Baiyu told her identity through the mouths of people around her. Jiang Baiyu saw that Shui Wuxia’s beard was stained, and tore off her beard. The Chijin Phoenix Tail needle appeared, and the people on the scene scrambled to bid, and Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu were among them, and finally Jiang Baiyu photographed the treasure.

Shui Wuxia followed Jiang Baiyu to take a look at the Chijin Phoenix Tail Needle, but Jiang Baiyu didn’t like her, Jiang Baiyu went in to get the baby and closed the door. Shui Wuxia had no choice but to kick in. The two in the room were frightened. Shui Wuxia chased after Jiang Baiyu’s baby. At this moment, a group of people in black came in to snatch the baby, Shui Wuxia fought against the person in black, Shen Qingli flew in from outside, and the two jointly repelled the person in black.

Shui Wuxia hurriedly chased the letter from the person who bought something and was picked up by Shen Qingli. Shui Wuxia did not chase the person. Shen Qingli caught up with him and returned the letter to her. He noticed that one of her sleeves was missing, and gave it to him intimately. She put on her cloak. Shen Qingli returned to the room and took off his mask. It turned out that he was Jiang Baiyu.

On the second day, Jiang Mansion welcomed the maid of Langya Pavilion into the mansion, and the people onlookers all expressed that it was so beautiful. Jiang Mansion hosted many people as guests. Jiang Baiyu remembered what happened that day and mistakenly thought that the woman was Qi Delong, hoping that grandma could replace him with his maid Bai Wuxia, but grandma refused. After everyone’s eagerly anticipated appearing in their field of vision, after listening to Shui Wuxia and Qi Delong’s self-introduction, he learned that she is Shui Wuxia.

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