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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 27 Recap

Shen Xiaoyan asked Li Feifei why he didn’t say it at the time, and didn’t understand why he helped Xinyue. Li Feifei said that he wanted to protect Shen Xiaoyan. Shen Xiaoyan told him not to be scrupulous, and then put him to sleep. Xi Bin accused Shen Xiaoyan and He Jinghua of hypocrisy, and even knew the facts and was unwilling to stand up and help. Waking up was very surprised. I thought Xi Bin would persuade her to calm down, but Xi Bin’s attitude was firm, and he must ask for an explanation for Xiwang, thinking that parents should set an example for their children.

Gu Jiawei got angry at home, and seeing that Xiwang’s family hadn’t come to apologize, Lin Yunyun quickly followed to wake up and give an ultimatum. Lin Yunyun thought it was unnecessary. After all, the new moon was already healed. Don’t affect the relationship between the two children. Gu Jiawei was reluctant and unforgiving, thinking that the new moon thing was a big thing, he must have asked Su Xing’s family to make it clear and asked whether Xinyue Xiwang had really come to apologize. In order to help Lin Yunyun, Xinyue lied to Gu Jiawei. When Gu Jiawei left home, Lin Yunyun told Xinyue not to lie, but Xinyue thought that Lin Yunyun had also lied, and that she was trying to help her. Lin Yunyun felt very distressed and hugged the new moon, hoping she would not lie in the future.

In Weiyun Education, the teacher took the children to class, and Siyuan took the money out to disrupt the class, and stood at the table making a lot of noise. The parents who were sitting outside the classroom watching were anxious and rushed over to see the situation in the classroom. Si Yuan said nothing to stop him, saying that the money was a hush fee for him by He Jinghua. He Jinghua hurriedly covered Siyuan’s mouth and told him to stop talking. When the parents heard about it, they blamed He Jinghua for not educating Siyuan well, thinking that a bear child like Siyuan should not stay for Weiyun education.

He Jinghua has always explained that it is a more effective way to do so. After all, Siyuan is the demon king of the world, and it will be harder to manage if left alone. Lin Yunyun was not easy to persuade, all the parents pointed at He Jinghua, and He Jinghua was angry and left Weiyun with Siyuan. Other parents put pressure on Lin Yunyun, thinking that if Siyuan is not driven away, they will not let their children continue to study at Weiyun.

Su Xing told the kindergarten Teacher Li about this matter, hoping that she could stand up and help Xiwang speak, because the truth is that Xiwang did not overthrow the crescent moon. Teacher Li was also very embarrassed, thinking it was a matter between children, but he was also very determined to wake up.

He Jinghua complained to Jiang Bo when he returned, worrying that after Siyuan left Weiyun, he could not find a better educational institution, and he didn’t know what it would be like when he grew up. Siyuan was very happy to hear that, and thought it was not necessary to attend classes. Zi Ning also thinks He Jinghua’s approach is not right, and he shouldn’t use money to let Siyuan seal it.

He Jinghua called Lin Yunyun and told her what Li Feifei saw the truth. Lin Yunyun was very worried, and hurriedly approached Shen Xiaoyan, saying that Li Feifei could be allowed to read Weiyun for free, and she could also work part-time in Weiyun cleaning. Shen Xiaoyan was very happy, and felt that such a good thing suddenly happened. Lin Yunyun asked Shen Xiaoyan to ask Li Feifei not to speak out, so as not to affect the relationship between Xinyue and Li Feifei.

Xinyue was ridiculed by her classmates in kindergarten. Siyuan kept saying that she lied and had a long nose. Xinyue listened to it and cried when she came home and said that she had a long nose and didn’t want to go to kindergarten. Lin Yunyun found her awakening and apologized to her for what she was ridiculing in, hoping that she would not speak out, worrying that New Moon could not bear this fact. But Su Xing disagreed, thinking that rumors and rumors would kill people, so why would Xiu Wang bear everything that he shouldn’t bear.

Gu Jiawei saw Xinyue not eating breakfast and asked her why. Crescent was crying, saying that she had a headache. Gu Jiawei thought it was the sequelae caused by Xiwang’s overthrow of her, so he ran to the kindergarten to find Wake and talk about Liao Zhai. In front of Xi Wang, he accused Wake of not educating the children and did not dare to admit the facts. Su Xing didn’t want to care about him, so Xi Wang hurried in. At this time, the conversation between the two attracted many parents to watch.

Gu Jiawei has been accusing him of waking up, and Xi Bin almost beat Gu Jiawei when he arrived, so that he would not bully his wife and children. Gu Jiawei refused to give up, so he woke up and asked him to go back and ask Lin Yunyun the truth. After Lin Yunyun arrived, she wanted to take Gu Jiawei away, but Gu Jiawei insisted on calling the police so that Lin Yunyun would not be afraid of them. Lin Yunyun knew that she couldn’t hide it, so she told Xinyue about lying.

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