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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 26 Recap

Xiwang didn’t like New Moon, thinking that she would not let Li Feifan play with her. Su Xing also believed in Xiwang, but she still hoped that Xiwang could think about it to see if she accidentally overthrew the crescent moon. Yan Wan became grumpy, crying that he hadn’t done anything.

Lin Yunyun saw Crescent Moon’s injured hand and didn’t know what to do. She was very distressed. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt her face. Xinyue was very happy and thought she could not do homework if she was injured, but Lin Yunyun still asked her to study and bought a lot of English tapes for her to take a rest to practice listening, and not to tell Gu Jiawei about the injury. Xinyue understood that if Gu Jiawei knew he would scold Lin Yunyun.

He Jinghua and Jiang Bo kept asking Siyuan about how the crescent moon fell. Siyuan said that he was playing with Xiaomei and did not see the process at that time. He Jinghua also believed that Siyuan would not lie.

Li Feifan wanted to find Xinyue to play, and Shen Xiaoyan asked him to study hard for a while. He Jinghua went to Shen Xiaoyan for gossip, and saw that the parent group was froze. Everyone was talking about Xiwang pushing the new moon. Fortunately, I was not in this group. Shen Xiaoyan didn’t want to intervene in the dispute between the two families. Suddenly, Gu Jiawei in the parent group spoke, as if he wanted to wake up and go to court.

Gu Jiawei was very angry and accused Lin Yunyun of not telling herself about the new moon. She demanded an apology from the parent of the child and apologize in front of the teachers in the class. This matter must be recorded in the kindergarten file. Lin Yunyun thought it was unnecessary, she was more worried, because Xinyue lied and Xiwang did not overthrow Xinyue. However, Gu Jiawei is reluctant and believes that Xiwang is the best in the world, and his parents are the best in the world. He will meet Su Xing in court, and he must ask for an argument for the new moon and not let the new moon be wronged. Lin Yunyun was in a hurry, and she quickly persuaded Gu Jiawei to say that she could handle it well.

Su Xing came to Lin Yunyun’s house and wanted to find Xinyue to find out about the situation, but Lin Yunyun refused to let her see. Su Xing said that she understands that her parents are thinking about their children and do not want their children to be wronged, but she chooses to believe in Xiwang, because it is impossible for Xiwang to lie. Lin Yunyun didn’t want to listen, and wanted to wake up, when Xinyue secretly heard the conversation between the two. Su Xing said that if the crescent moon was hurt by the ridiculous tic disorder, she would take him to apologize to the crescent moon.

He Jinghua brought Siyuan to Xiwang to play and discuss about Xiwang’s overthrow of the new moon. Su Wake wants to enter the parent group, she has to deal with this matter herself, as long as she does not confess Xiwang personally, she will choose to believe Xiwang. Li Feifan also came over to play with Xiwang, but he didn’t expect to be beaten by Siyuan at Su Xing’s house. Siyuan kept arguing that Li Feihua was a liar, but he didn’t tell it when he saw it. After some inquiries, I learned that Li Feifei saw the truth at the time. Xinyue fell off the slide by himself, not by sneer.

Su Xing was surprised when she heard it, and hoped that Li Feifan could stand up and tell Lin Yunyun and Gu Jiawei. However, Li Feifei cried and said that she was afraid. Shen Xiaoyan was worried about the work given by the Gu family and did not allow Li Feifei to wake up, so she hurriedly took him away. He Jinghua also saw this scene and woke up and asked her if she was willing to stand up, but He Jinghua said that Siyuan often caused headaches to the teacher and would not necessarily be believed. Awakening was speechless, the two parents knew the truth, but were afraid to stand up and help.

Shen Xiaoyan went home and asked Li Feifei why he didn’t say it at the time. Li Feifei said that he knew that Shen Xiaoyan was working in Gu’s family, and he was afraid to say it. He Jinghua told Jiang Bo about this astounding secret, and he was still a little afraid of Gu Jiawei’s influence by using the money to make Siyuan not tell the kindergarten classmates in the class.

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