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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 25 Recap

Su Xing told Boss Mo that she was not the girl who was just in her early days. Now she has a lot of responsibilities and must take care of work and family. She handed over her work card and wanted to resign. Xi Bin returned home unhappy and confessed to Su Xing that his company was not profitable, and he had to cut his salary by 40%. He didn’t know what to do and wanted to discuss with Su Xing. But Xi Bin also said that he hoped that he could tell herself something about her awakening. For example, she learned about her resignation from Ding Lan. Wake up thinks that things are not important now, only Xiwang is the most important, she doesn’t want Xiwang to take medicine all the time.

Shen Xiaoyan brought Li Feifei to Weiyun Education to audition. Li Feifei completed the questions for Teacher Ouyang alone. Other mothers were very envious, thinking that Shen Xiaoyan had given birth to a child prodigy and could do the questions by self-study. Shen Xiaoyan thanked Lin Yunyun for giving this audition opportunity. Lin Yunyun told Shen Xiaoyan that Weiyun had the last place and could register for Li Feifei. He Jinghua sent Siyuan to Weiyun to attend class. He didn’t expect that Siyuan was not only late, but also disrupted classroom discipline. He couldn’t sit still and the teacher couldn’t stop shouting.

Shen Xiaoyan returned home and found that the money she had saved had been stolen by Li Xiang. She cried and harassed Li Xiang and asked him to pay back the money. Li Feifei used to stop Shen Xiaoyan and forbid her to beat Li Xiang. Lin Yunyun pretended to care about Shen Xiaoyan and wanted to inquire about Xiwang’s illness, and He Jinghua followed suit.

Reawakening sent Xiwang back to the kindergarten, but she was not at ease in her heart, and hoped that the teacher would not let other children know about Xiwang’s illness. The kindergarten teacher said that he knew it and thought it would be better to come back. Xiwang returned to the children, but his classmates didn’t play with him. Xinyue told others that Xiwang’s blinking disease would be contagious. Reawakening and Xiwang after school, she was very upset to learn that Lin Yunyun had let Crescent to bully Xiwang.

Siyuan is full of energy and only knows how to play at home. He Jinghua urges him to do test papers, otherwise he will accept his Ultraman. Siyuan didn’t want to study, so he hid in Zi Ning’s room, boasting that she had become beautiful recently. Su Xing knew that Lin Yunyun was deliberately targeting herself and was also involved in Xiwang. She sent a WeChat message to Lin Yunyun to warn her that her real name was Lin Caiyun.

Lin Yunyun was immediately shocked when she saw the information. Knowing that her family affairs had been discovered, she hurriedly called her parents, but she didn’t expect the other party to continue asking her for money. Gu Jiawei accused Lin Yunyun, thinking that her parents were liars and a bottomless blackmail, so he didn’t let her take care of the money. Lin Yunyun remembered that when she was studying, her classmates laughed at her as a liar because of her parents.

When playing in the kindergarten, Li Feifei first slid down the slide and then sneered, but he dared not. The crescent moon at the back was anxious, pushing away and screaming to slide down, but he didn’t expect to fall down and be injured, and his palms were broken. Xinyue cried and insisted that she was pushing her from behind with a sneer. The principal of the kindergarten looked at the surveillance but was blocked by the tree because of the vision problem, so he couldn’t see the real situation that happened at that time.

Xi Wang told the teacher and Wake that it was not the crescent moon he pushed, but Xi Bin thought that boys dared to act and hoped that Xi Wang would go with him to apologize to Crescent Moon. Unexpectedly, this inspired Xi Wang’s tic disorder, and he suddenly changed. I got to be irritable and strongly said that I had never pushed. Su Xing hugged Xi Wang, believing that he had never done this. What is even more strange is that Su Xing wanted to call Lin Yunyun to ask about the situation of Xinyue, but Lin Yunyun never answered the phone, nor did her WeChat friends add it.

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