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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 24 Recap

Bai Ajiu blocked the bullet for Lu Jinzhi, but also lost a tail. After Lu Jinzhi woke up, he found that the whole team was destroyed, but he was the only one who survived. Ye Ming took Abai away from the battlefield and advised her not to help Lu Jinzhi with the bullets every time. After all, it was Lu Jinzhi’s life to go to the battlefield, and no one could change his fate against the sky.

However, Bai Ajiu still couldn’t bear to watch Lu Jinzhi die. Ye Ming found a bat passing by and hurriedly blocked her. Bai Ajiu didn’t know why, but he remembered Ye Ming’s words in his heart. That night, the one-eyed general followed Yu Shaobai to report Ye Ming’s whereabouts. At this time, Ye Ming learned from Xiaoqing and Lian Xuan that Bai Ajiu might be taken away, so he immediately went to find Yu Shaobai.

Commander Qi hosted a banquet for Lu Jinzhi and others, publicly praised Lu Jin’s outstanding military ability, and promoted him to platoon leader. The first benefit of being promoted to platoon leader is freedom. Besides, it is absolutely impossible to be a deserter, otherwise you will be shot. Lu Jinzhi had the right to enter and leave the barracks at will, and was rewarded with a few dollars by the chief. He gave Dayang to Bai Ajiu, promising to make a lot of money in the future to buy a house in the city, planning to marry Bai Ajiu as his wife.

Although Bai Ajiu was unwilling to give up, she still watched Lu Jin step onto the battlefield. Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing came to protect Bai Ajiu. They were to prevent her from blocking the bullets, but Xiao Qing sneaked away. Ye Ming was trapped in the enchantment by Yu Shaobai, angrily accused Shaobai of being selfish, but Yu Shaobai had already seen the power of resurrection from the dead, how could he be willing to be a mortal, if he had divine power, he wanted to change the whole world.

In the days that followed, every time Lu Jinzhi was on the battlefield, Bai Ajiu would use his tail to protect his life. For several days, Lu Jinzhi was promoted to two ranks and became a battalion commander. While Yu Shaobai and General One-eyed were discussing strategies for outsmarting the nine-tailed fox inner alchemy, Lian Xuan returned to Hua Xuezhai and talked to Jin Xingjian about the nine-tailed fox’s saving lives, claiming that her tail was almost lost.

When Jin Xingjian heard that Ye Ming hadn’t appeared for a long time, he knew it was in danger, and immediately broke into Yu Shaobai’s lair, forcing him to tell Ye Ming’s whereabouts. Yu Shaobai relied on his life and death with Ye Ming, so he pretended not to know. Jin Xingjian couldn’t hurt Yu Shaobai, so he could only leave with regret.

Lu Jinzhi takes Bai Ajiu to the newly-purchased new home in the city, and proposes to her by the way, looking forward to a better life in the future. Bai Ajiu was very moved and immediately agreed to Lu Jinzhi’s proposal. Just as the two were discussing the marriage at the dinner table, they did not expect that the orderly soldiers would come to inform Lu Jinzhi to return to the barracks tonight and prepare for tomorrow’s war. Before leaving, Lu Jinzhi repeatedly promised to Bai Ajiu that he would get married as soon as he returned.

Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing followed Jin Xingjian’s instructions and stared at Bai Ajiu, who had only the last tail left. Seeing Lu Jinzhi drive back to the barracks, Bai Ajiu turns into a fox to follow. Originally, Master Qi wanted to give his gun to Lu Jinzhi, but seeing that Lu Jinzhi’s appearance was not like a warrior, he decisively put the gun away, said a few words of encouragement, and left. . When Lu Jinzhi heard the dialogue between Master Qi and others, he deeply felt his contempt for himself, especially knowing that tomorrow’s battle is going to die, silently clenching his fists.

Seeing Lu Jinzhi’s resentful look, Yu Shaobai couldn’t help but remember that he was just like him at the beginning, because he learned to be strong because of greed, so he killed the blood bat king and became the new king of the blood bat clan. At the same time, Xiaoqing led Bai Ajiu back, and in accordance with Lian Xuan’s instructions, stayed beside Bai Ajiu at any time, even when he was sleeping.

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