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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 23 Recap

Under everyone’s persecution, Bai Ajiu simply admitted that he had stolen the chicken, and confessed his life experience, begging Ye Lina for forgiveness. However, Ye Lina didn’t want to be held accountable at all. Coupled with Ye Ming’s help to intercede, Lian Xuan was very depressed and felt that good people would let them do it. Xiaoqing made an excuse to take Lian Xuan away, leaving Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming alone, but apart from Yu Shaobai, the two had no other topics in common.

Ye Ming left Ye Mansion and came to the door of Lu Jin’s house. Hearing the conversation between him and Bai Ajiu, he couldn’t help but recall the good time when he knew Jin Xingjian and accompanied him. But after thinking about Yu Shaobai, Ye Ming fell into deep thought. She had promised to take the nine-tailed fox inner pill, so Bai Ajiu was in danger now, without knowing it.

Thinking of this, Ye Ming fainted Lu Jinzhi secretly, and warned Bai Ajiu that he should be vigilant and alert. Although she had promised to seize the inner alchemy before, she still couldn’t do it, so she let Bai Ajiu take Lu Jin and escape. . After Ye Ming left, Bai Ajiu hurriedly packed his luggage and found an excuse to cheat Lu to move.

Jin Xingjian watched Ye Ming’s actions silently, so he showed up to explain Yu Shaobai’s real purpose. Now he can’t bear half a jewel because of his lack of internal strength. If he is careless, he will be bitten back, so he wants to get it. Nine tailed fox inner alchemy. Ye Ming didn’t believe Jin Xingjian’s rhetoric, and planned to go home to find Yu Shaobai to ask her to understand, but found that Yu Shaobai was not in the room, guessing that she should go to Houshan.

At this time, Yu Shaobai was about to suck human blood, and suddenly aware of Ye Ming’s breath, he asked the one-eyed general to come forward and solve it. The one-eyed general made an excuse to distract Ye Ming, and Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan took this opportunity to attack Yu Shaobai’s lair. Ye Ming found a large number of bats flying above her head, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. When she returned to the back mountain, she happened to see Jin Xingjian starting to attack Shaobai.

Ye Ming stopped him, and Jin Xingjian asked Yu Shaobai to hand over his seal. At first, Yu Shaobai refused to admit it, but under Ye Ming’s questioning, he had to pretend to hand over his seal to protect the blood bat tribe. Lian Xuan revealed that because Shao Bai and Ye Ming are connected to life and death, they even insisted on killing Yu Shaobai despite Jin Xingjian’s obstacles. As a result, Ye Ming was met with everything and Jin Xing saw that Jin Xing forcefully took Lian Xuan away.

Through this incident, Ye Ming instantly understood why Jin Xingjian didn’t kill Yu Shaobai, including that Yu Shaobai had secretly planned everything from the day he unlocked the seal. Yu Shaobai claimed that he didn’t want to continue to endure the pain of death, but Ye Ming remembered what Jin Xingjian had said before and no longer blindly blindly said what Yu Shaobai said. In order to dispel Yu Shaobai’s idea of ​​taking the nine-tailed fox inner alchemy, Ye Ming promised to stay with him forever, even if they disappeared together.

Since taking back the seal that Yu Shaobai had stolen, the remaining seven were in Jin Xingjian’s hands, and the last remaining seal was hidden by Yu Shaobai. Jin Xingjian speculated that Yu Shaobai would definitely look for the nine-tailed fox, so first consult with Lianxuan and try to find the nine-tailed fox before him.

Lu Jinzhi was captured by the national army in the name of conscription. To protect Bai Ajiu’s comfort, he had to lie to him. Bai Ajiu believed it was true and waited for Lu Jinzhi to make money back, but when she saw the woman next to her weeping and weeping, she realized that the soldiers were arresting the strong men to send them to the front line to block bullets.

Bai Ajiu didn’t dare to delay, so he followed the soldiers secretly, from the mountain to the bottom of the mountain. When there are too many people, it will become human, and when there are few people, it will return to its original form. The soldiers arrested many men in the village below the mountain and locked them up in a unified manner. Everyone protested that they wanted to go home. The result was that Master Qi fired a shot and threatened them, so that they did not dare to speak any more.

Ye Ming prevented Bai Ajiu from sending her to death, so he took her away first. Unexpectedly, Bai Ajiu sneaked away in the middle of the night. Lu Jinzhi followed the others and was forced onto the battlefield, facing the enemy’s artillery fire, he could only bite the bullet and rush forward. Seeing that Lu Jinzhi was in danger, Bai Ajiu didn’t think much about it and rushed to block the bullet for him.

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