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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 22 Recap

Before sunset, Adjutant Li and Lian Xuan had agreed to set ambush to catch monsters. The cage had a spell that could be touched by mortals, but the evil spirits could not be contaminated, otherwise they would be injured. Originally, Commander Duan wanted to defend Ah Wan, but he didn’t expect that Ah Wan would take the initiative to admit it, and transformed himself into his original form in front of him.

Even though Ah Wan is harmless, she is not a human being after all. She even thinks that as long as she admits her identity and apologizes, she can be forgiven. There is no big problem at all. However, Commander Duan was so scared by her that she lost her mind. First, the ghost cried and howled, and then ordered to be killed. With a burst of gunshots, Ah Wan was unscathed, and the snake twisted and squeezed, breaking the cage and fleeing in an instant.

Lian Xuan followed closely, Naihe was not Ah Wan’s opponent at all, and was restrained by her snake body within a few strokes, almost losing consciousness. Fortunately, Jin Xingjian appeared in time, and Ah Wan immediately let go of Lian Xuan, looking at the visitor with surprise. It turned out that a few hundred years ago, when he was still a child, Jin Xingjian rescued a small snake by the side of the road and gave it a seal to heal his wounds, and he became the current Awan.

Since Ah Wan was born as hermaphrodite, she was abandoned by her family until she met Jin Xingjian and finally felt the warmth of the world. Later, Ah Wan cultivated into a human form. At first, he wanted to find Jin Xingjian to repay his kindness, but inadvertently met Commander Duan, and the scene happened today.

Awan is kind and innocent by nature, so when she learned about human taboos through Jin Xingjian, she was willing to never eat living creatures and just wanted to be with Commander Duan. Jin Xingjian read Awan’s infatuation, and promised to let her go. When Lian Xuan woke up, he heard about it, she was really helpless.

The Commander’s Mansion was heavily guarded both inside and outside. Commander Duan sat in the room desperately, feeling the scene, crying bitterly while drinking and getting drunk, until Ah Wan suddenly appeared in front of him. Commander Duan was pleasantly surprised, thinking that he wanted to grow old with Awan and live a beautiful life with a ladyboy, but he said that he was not afraid, and the python kept popping up in his mind, and he couldn’t control the fear in his heart.

Seeing Commander Duan forcibly calm, Ah Wan understood that he was just an ordinary person, and instead of insisting on getting along day and night, it was better to let go. That night, Ah Wan decided to leave the commander’s mansion and bid farewell to this worldly love. Before leaving, he left scales as a memorial. At the moment Ah Wan turned and left, Commander Duan held the scales in his hand tightly and silently Tears.

New Year’s Eve was approaching, when war broke out in the north, Commander Duan made scales into a necklace and wore it on his body. He was ordered to lead troops out of the city to fight. Ah Wan stood on the hill and looked at the figure of the large unit in the distance, and couldn’t help crying. Through this incident, Ah Wan’s state of mind was different from the past. She returned the seal to Jin Xingjian, re-transformed the snake body and returned to hibernation in the mountains.

Bai Ajiu believed in Ye Ming, and simply stated that he was the identity of the nine-tailed fox. Ye Ming saw how happy she was with Lu Jinzhi, and couldn’t bear to dismantle them. Yu Shaobai couldn’t hide his loss, claiming that he never cared about the nine-tailed fox’s inner alchemy, but hoped to get Ye Ming’s sincere love.

Because of Yu Shaobai’s words, Ye Ming realized that he didn’t seem to be able to give affection. Jin Xingjian saw Ye Ming standing alone by the lake in a daze, so he stepped forward to put her coat on. Ye Ming didn’t know what to do next, so he asked Jin Xingjian what he thought, if Yu Shaobai replaced him with himself, how would he make a decision, but even Jin Xingjian himself couldn’t make a decision.

At Ye Lina’s invitation, Jin Xingjian, Lian Xuan and others were living in a foreign-style building outside Ye’s home. It was unexpected that the housekeeper, Lao Guo, would talk about recent strange incidents, claiming that he frequently lost chickens. Lian Xuan felt suspicious and promised to find the murderer. At this time, Bai Ajiu took care of the sick Lu Jinzhi and found that he had not eaten for a day, and his stomach was grumbled with hunger.

Bai Ajiu was going to steal chickens, but Lu Jinzhi couldn’t stop him, so he simply went with her. However, Lian Xuan had already set up a trap, waiting for Bai Ajiu to throw himself into the net. At a critical moment, Ye Ming came forward to rescue Bai Ajiu, and Lian Xuan planned to subdue her with her. He didn’t expect Jin Xingjian to take action to protect Ye Ming, making him really speechless.

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