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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 44 Recap

The sky is clear and airy, there are no tall buildings here, and when walking on a small road without noise, the only thing that can be thought of in my heart is the tranquility of a small bridge and flowing water. Yan Xu shuttled among a group of children, each of whom was using a drawing board and pen to paint the color in their minds.

Xia Xueling came by appointment. After many years, she had the opportunity to pick up the paintbrush again for the first time and was surrounded by a group of children full of innocence. At this moment, Xia Xueling exudes a gentle aura, completely absent from the domineering appearance in the mall, perhaps this is the real Xia Xueling.

With this experience, Xia Xueling realized that she had never forgotten her love for painting. Only painting can help her find her true self. Xia Xueling did not respond to Yan Xu’s proposal, but soon she issued a resignation to Tang Mingxuan. Xia Xueling completely gave up Tang Mingxuan, then she also needed to find herself again and find the path of obedience to herself.

Since Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei got married, there has been nothing preventing them from staying together. Lu Dan hasn’t seen Tang Mingxuan for a few days, not only worried about him, but also “resentment” towards Mo Fei. Lu Dan had never seen Tang Mingxuan for so many days, thinking that it was Murphy who snatched his son from her.

Tang Qiren wanted to change the subject, but by mistake, Lu Dan passed the unhappiness to Lu Zhu. Lu Zhu is now dating Mo Fan. Lu Dan made a call and heard Mo Fan’s voice on the phone. He was even more angry. Lu Dan didn’t understand why his two children liked to entangle with the Mo family, but Lu Dan still disliked Mo Fei more than Mo Fan.

Murphy’s study in the She clan has ended. Tang Mingxuan held her in her arms the first day she got home. It seemed that the two of them couldn’t make up for the long miss. Since getting married, Tang Mingxuan has been guarding the vacant house alone, and now after finally waiting for Murphy to come back, the two of them affectionately don’t want to pay attention to everything outside.

Lu Zhu couldn’t get through Tang Mingxuan’s phone all the time, and worried that Lu Dan would disagree with her and Mo Fan’s relationship, so he had already considered the issue of elopement. Mo Fan really liked Lu Zhu and wanted to seek long-term development. Naturally, he would not agree with Lu Zhu’s nonsense thinking, and he was determined to go to the Tang family to get the consent of Lu Dan and Tang Qiren.

Mo Fan stood outside the gate of Tang’s house, and the whole person felt trembling, especially when I heard that Lu Dan’s mood was very irritable today, and Mo Fan’s fearful mentality doubled. But even if it was like entering a wolf’s den, Mo Fan forced himself to muster the courage, firmly grasped Lu Zhu’s hand, and walked into the Tang family’s gate.

Since entering the Tang family, Lu Zhu has always been saying good things about Mo Fan, and it is even difficult for Lu Dan to intervene. Lu Dan has always regarded Lu Zhu as his biological daughter. Seeing Lu Zhu’s change from a wayward little girl, she has become more reasonable and more sensible, and she sees Mo Fan also pleasing to her eyes a lot.

Mo Fan was nervously unable to say a word, but fortunately, with Tang Qiren making the rounds, Lu Dan didn’t embarrass Mo Fan anymore. Perhaps because of Tang Mingxuan’s lessons learned, Lu Dan no longer insisted on anything. After getting the consent of the two elders, Mo Fan also firmly grasped Lu Zhu’s hand.

The small shop jointly opened by Murphy and Midoduo finally officially opened. There are limited edition clothes made by Murphy one by one, and the demand soon exceeds the demand. Cheng Yang also took this opportunity to formally propose to Midoduo in the blessings of everyone. Midoduo didn’t wait for Cheng Yang to say something in his heart, and was more urgent than Cheng Yang, and quickly agreed to this surprise marriage proposal.

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