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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 43 Recap

By the fountain in a square in France, Tang Mingxuan and Murphy made a wish here, but they turned their heads to find many balloons floating in the sky. Tang Mingxuan recognized at a glance that it was the surprise that Yang Guang had prepared. Tang Mingxuan thinks that everything requires perfection, but every time he encounters Murphy, there will always be a flawed beauty, because any preparation in Tang Mingxuan’s eyes is not the greatest perfection for Murphy.

Tang Mingxuan did not back down because of the surprise. He wanted to go home every day to see the traces of his lover at home, and wanted to wake up with his lover every day. Tang Mingxuan took out the ring and knelt on the ground to propose to Murphy. When Murphy stretched out his hand and was put on the ring by Tang Mingxuan, their wish was realized together at this moment.

Half a year later, Tang Mingxuan and Murphy had their own home. Every item in the family was in pairs, but Tang Mingxuan woke up but there was only one person. Today is another day to miss Murphy. It turns out that on the day Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei got their marriage certificate, Mo Fei received a call to study from the She ethnic group. They were separated for half a year on the first day of their wedding.

Tang Mingxuan likes Morphy’s independence and self-confidence, and also likes that she will not give up everything and herself because of love. Tang Mingxuan agreed to let Murphy go to the She Clan, but this agreement will be unbearable today. Tang Mingxuan chose to go to the Shes himself, wanting to surprise Murphy.

Tang Mingxuan came to the She nationality to accompany Murphy, appreciate the scenery of the She nationality, and learn the skills of the She nationality together. Tang Mingxuan once gave Murphy a work card to enter Mingyuan, and today he also gave it to Murphy with two identification cards that said sovereignty.

They lived together in the She clan for a few days, and they really felt like living in seclusion in a paradise. Moffy deliberately made a scarf for Tang Mingxuan with the skills of the She nationality. As long as it is given to his lover, he can get the blessing of old age together.

Lu Zhu officially became Mo Fan’s agent, urging him to work more seriously every day, and arranged an audition for Mo Fan. Lu Zhu didn’t expect that the director of the crew was a woman. When the director reached out and touched Mo Fan, he would feel an inexplicable anger.

As Mo Fan’s agent, this matter is unhappy, obviously immature and unprofessional. Lu Zhu sincerely apologized, but Mo Fan turned her around to make her happy. After all, in the eyes of those who liked it, Lu Zhu didn’t believe that he could secure his heart firmly, and that was where Mo Fan was most angry.

Bai Xiaoman ate for nothing at Qi Da’s house for half a year, and suddenly got up today to clean up for him. It turned out that in the past six months, Bai Xiaoman believed that he had occupied Qi Da’s home and wanted Qi Da to sleep on the sofa. After finding a job again, Bai Xiaoman decided to move.

Since Xia Xueling knew that Xiong Hug was Yan Xu, she actively refused Yan Xu’s company. Xia Xueling couldn’t comfortably let Yan Xu be her spare tire, let alone choose to be with Yan Xu when she couldn’t let go of Tang Mingxuan. Xia Xueling didn’t want Yan Xu to be another self, but Yan Xu would not just give up like this.

Fang Weiguo’s health is not as good as each day, so Fang Xiaoyu should go home in person to persuade him to go to the hospital for examination. After so many things, Fang Xiaoyu finally understood his father’s loneliness and mentality, and he chose to reconcile with his father. Fang Weiguo’s health is not enough to support high-intensity work. Fang Xiaoyu also agreed to replace him and participate in Mingyuan’s shareholders meeting.

Three years ago, in order to fulfill his father’s dream, Tang Mingxuan announced that Songtang would become Mingyuan’s iconic brand. Now, he has done it. Tang Mingxuan’s ability is impeccable, and all the directors here truly regard him as Mingyuan’s helm.

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