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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 43 Recap

Su Xing’s performance made Cheng Ke’s eyes shine brightly. The Daguo medical network voting has been launched. Mingzhe became Ye Lang’s assistant, and Ye Lang asked him to guarantee the authenticity of each vote. Sun Yihang called Ye Lang anxiously, saying that Liang Yuxuan had lost her memory. Ye Lang said that this situation can only be healed by himself, and Sun Yihang was very sad.

Now Su Xing leads Qi Yue by 20,000 votes, and the performance is very concerned. Min Na didn’t give him the votes, and Min Na was not worried because of his strength. Sun Xiaoai was crying when he saw Su Xing’s audition video. The second round of the test was an excerpt from the script, and Su Xing had the winning ticket.

The gap is still widening, and the comments think that Qi Yue’s performance is very hot-eyed, and Pete does not seem to be anxious, but Qi Yue thinks that Cheng Ke and Su Xing are both handling him. Pete decided to start swiping the votes. Although the performance in the second round of assessment was very good, Cheng Ke was still not satisfied with it. Mr. Qi Yue and Mr. Ding made some tricks on Su Xing’s script. The script given by Mr. Ding was completely different from the one to be tested. Su Xing was surprised when he heard that he was going to try it out, but he could only bite the bullet and play.

Su Xing was a little sad after trying the play, and Sun Xiaoai comforted him that he could play a small role well. Liang Yuxuan put on a wig, and seeing Su Xing’s audition video, she felt that something must be wrong. Min Na, Qingping, Yan Xi and others also thought that something must be wrong, Qingping wanted to swipe Su Xing’s tickets and Yan Xi quickly stopped, and the organizers would definitely be able to see that the tickets were swiped. Pitt wondered why Minna didn’t make a move. She shouldn’t have such a low number of votes in Su Xing. Pete called Minna quickly and asked what she was up to.

Liang Yuxuan was discharged from the hospital, Su Mu, Su Xing, and Uncle He cooked a large table of dishes for Liang Yuxuan to catch the wind, and the family enjoyed themselves. Sun Yihang prepared a surprise for Liang Yuxuan at the bar, but as soon as Sun Yihang spoke, Su Xing in the audience sprayed out. Hearing Sun Yihang’s incomplete singing, Liang Yuxuan laughed helplessly. Sun Yihang never dared to sing in front of others, but for Liang Yuxuan But he did. Even if Liang Yuxuan does not remember him now, he is confident that Liang Yuxuan will fall in love with him again. However, Sun Yihang did not expect that Liang Yuxuan had never lost her memory, and Su Xing rolled her eyes.

Su Xing and Qi Yue met in the gym. The results of Da Guo Yi will be announced tomorrow. Qi Yue, as the number one to show off in front of Su Xing, will let Su Xing come to the scene tomorrow to witness his success. Su Xing lost the opportunity of a great Chinese medicine doctor, but he could not do anything except acting. Sun Xiaoai hurriedly comforted Su Xing, but Su Xing comforted her in turn. He was not so disappointed.

Liang Yuxuan came to see Yan Xi and Qingping, and Yan Xi found out that Ding was always the head of Cheng Ke’s studio and the person Qi Yue met that day. Qi Yue told Julie about the vote. Everything he did was for Julie, and Julie was very happy for him.

The next day, at the press conference of Da Guo Yi, Su Xing arrived at the scene as scheduled. Sun Xiaoai was absent-minded at home. She couldn’t bear to let Su Xing give up acting. She also couldn’t help Su Xing. It was his child’s mother who could help Su Xing. When Sun Yihang heard the truth, he was puzzled. Once Su Xing turned over, Sun Xiaoai would also enter the light, even though Sun Xiaoai didn’t care. Sun Xiaoai received the call and Ye Mu asked her to come over.

Father Ye announced the No. 1 Daguo Medical Man and Qi Yue was ready to take the stage triumphantly, but Ye’s father exposed the case of Qi Yue’s swiping votes on the spot and announced that the No. 1 Da Guo Medical Man was played by Su Xing. Su Xing was very confused when he heard the news. Sun Xiaoai told Ye Mu that no matter whether she and Su Xing will develop, she will not be with Ye Lang, because she does not like him. This is unfair to Ye Lang, and Ye Lang will meet better people. . After Sun Xiaoai left, Ye Lang came out from behind the screen, Ye Mu persuaded him to stop at enough, Ye Lang sighed.

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