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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 42 Recap

Little Pudding has been crying since he got home. Su Xing and Su Mu talked about what happened just now, Su Mu was very angry. Su Xing took Pudding to fencing. After the two had a good fight, Su Xing said that he had to conceal Minna’s identity. There are many involuntary people in the world of adults, but they all love Pudding. of.

Suddenly Liang Yuxuan couldn’t see clearly, and Sun Yihang hurriedly sent her back to rest. Su Xing went to see Min Na. Min Na’s attitude was very indifferent. She just wanted Little Pudding to know her identity. She spent the most painful and hardest time in all these years looking at Pudding’s photos. She was indeed sorry. They, but she just wants to use her own efforts to prove her ability.

Min Na hoped that Su Xing would disclose the matter about Pudding, and Su Xing said he would wait for Pudding to accept this matter. Min Na said that she had already found a navy army, and she would definitely help Su Xing get the role of Great Chinese Medicine Doctor. Su Xing hoped that she wouldn’t have to pay for her ticket. He wanted to get this role honestly, and Min Na agreed.

Liang Yuxuan insisted on the operation, Ye Lang could only choose to respect her choice and contacted her brain specialist. Ye Lang came to Sun Xiaoai and asked her how Su Xing was preparing. Sun Xiaoai hadn’t told Su Xing that the project was Ye Lang. He was afraid that it would affect his mood, so he wanted to wait for the results to come out and talk about it. Pete and Qi Yue met Mingzhe and asked about the project of Da Guo Yi. Mingzhe said that the person in charge of the management was replaced by the prince, and that’s why he wanted to do the draft. Pete believes that the management may conduct the draft fair and impartially, so let Qi Yue not act rashly.

Liang Yuxuan came to Su Xing and told Su Xing of her condition and the decision to have surgery. Liang Yuxuan confessed that she had a notebook, and she hoped that if she had an accident during the operation, she would give up the rescue. Su Xing was very excited. Of course he could not watch his sister die like this. Even if there was an accident, he would do his best. Can take care of Liang Yuxuan for the rest of her life. Liang Yuxuan was crying with Su Xing in his arms. Sun Yihang and Sun Xiaoai were not happy. Sun Xiaoai was worried about whether to tell Su Xing the truth. Sun Yihang was afraid of losing Liang Yuxuan.

Liang Yuxuan will have an operation tomorrow. The nurse came to shave her hair. Liang Yuxuan resisted when she saw it. She would rather not have the operation. Ye Lang patiently persuaded Liang Yuxuan, and Sun Xiaoai asked them to go out and chat with Liang Yuxuan. Liang Yuxuan refused to shave her hair because her mother always said that the most similar place was her hair when she was young. Sun Xiaoai patiently persuaded her to listen to the doctor for her mother.

Liang Yuxuan finally agreed. Just as Sun Xiaoai wanted to talk to Su Xing about the Great National Medicine, Su Xing was called back by Liang Yuxuan. Qi Yue went to see Mr. Ding again, saying that the opportunity of a great Chinese medicine is very important to him, and I hope Mr. Ding can help. Although Mr. Ding can’t get in touch with substantive things, there is still a way. The two are leaning on each other. very sweet.

Sun Yihang, Su Xing, Sun Xiaoai, and Ye Lang sent Liang Yuxuan into the operating room. After the operation lights were turned off, the doctor told them that the operation went smoothly, but she had to wait for any sequelae to wake up. Sun Yihang looked at Liang Yuxuan through the glass of the intensive care unit. She lay there quietly, and Sun Yihang felt very sad. Su Xing thought of the fear he felt during the operation, Min Na called to ask him to come to him, saying that it was about the audition tomorrow.

Sun Xiaoai did not follow, she wanted to stay and take care of Liang Yuxuan. A few days later Liang Yuxuan still did not wake up. The doctor asked Sun Yihang to talk to her more. Soon Liang Yuxuan woke up, but she didn’t recognize Sun Yihang anymore. Qi Yue went to audition. Director Cheng Ke was not very satisfied with his performance, but Su Xing’s performance made Cheng Ke’s eyes shine.

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