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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 8 Racap

Lu Nan was sent to the hospital. The doctor said that Lu Nan had a brain surgery, and this time he hit his head in a car accident and caused old brain injuries, which may cause complications. Subei asked Yunfan Lunan about the brain surgery, and Yunfan reluctantly told the truth. On the day when Northern Jiangsu went to Italy seven years ago, Lu Nan had a car accident and became a vegetative. After five years of lying in the hospital bed, he lost all memories of Northern Jiangsu after waking up. North Jiangsu realized that Lu Nan had been in a coma because of a car accident and had ignored him or not.

North Jiangsu Yunfan falsely claimed that Lunan went to the United States to handle the project, and the company’s current affairs were temporarily taken over by North Jiangsu. The directors of the company were both dissatisfied and dissatisfied with North Jiangsu. North Jiangsu strongly claimed that the Sumani scandal would be handled by himself.

Lu Fei received the news that Lu Nan had been in a car accident and Subei was appointed as the interim chairman. She called Yun Fan, and Yun Fan said Lu Nan was on a business trip to the United States.

Ye Ting called Lunan parking spot monitoring. Subei found that someone was actually in her car. She saw that Kreis had also appeared in the monitoring, so she went home and got her son’s mobile phone. Kreis just took a photo. Took a picture of the man who drove the car.

Kreis concealed from Subei to apply for a children’s drama actor in the Gu family. He had already been eliminated. When he left, he ran into Gu Yan. Gu Yan gave him a contract. But Kreis needs a guardian to sign before signing the contract.

At the hospital, Subei and Lu Fei met. Subei asked why Lu Fei took advantage of Lu Nan’s coma to lie to herself, pretending that Lu Nan hated him, and demanded that the child be killed. Lu Fei changed her former gentle appearance. She replied viciously that all this was because she hated Northern Jiangsu. Before the emergence of Northern Jiangsu, the person Lunan loved was always herself, and the existence of Northern Jiangsu could only bring misfortune to Lunan. .

After Lu Fei Subei left, Kreis and his tutor appeared. He took the contract to find Lu Nan who was in a coma in the ward, and secretly made him press his fingerprints.

At the press conference, Su Manni kept harassing Lu Nan, saying that since signing with Huanzhen seven years ago, Lu Nan revealed his true face as a hypocrite. If he fails to comply, he will be blocked. Being a sister not only doesn’t help herself, but also helps her abuse. At this time, Subei appeared, and she brought a video. The video content was the scene of Sumani in the hotel seduce Lu Nan with medicine. The reporter’s wind turned sharply, and Su Manni was at a loss for words. At this time, Subei claimed that he had brought a big gift. The police entered the press conference and claimed that Su Manni was related to a car accident and murder, and requested to cooperate with the investigation. Su Manni was taken away on the spot.

To the hospital, Sophie brought Lu Nan’s grandma. Grandma didn’t like Subei. She said that although she had not divorced Lu Nan, she was no longer a family member of Lu, and she did not know her. Grandma also complained that Subei had never contacted and cared about Lunan in these years when he went abroad. Even if he was in a car accident, Subei never appeared cruelly. Now Lunan is in a coma because of her accident, and she has the face to visit him again, so she asks Subei Get out of the ward immediately.

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