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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 7 Racap

While Lu Nan went downstairs to get the shabu, Subei opened the safe and saw a contract for Sanglan Clothing. Because Lu Nan went upstairs at this time, Subei had to give up first.

On the second day, Subei told Ye Tinghuanzhen of a plant-based natural dyeing process called trans-dyeing. This technology is likely to be derived from the manufacturing process of Phixiangjin. The reason why major companies wanted to get Phixiang brocade many years ago is because Phixiang brocade is a unique production process. Whether it is silk reeling, printing, dyeing or other steps, any one can shock the entire clothing industry. . This is why both Huanzhen and Gu were bound to win it before. However, due to the high production cost of Phixiangjin, no one dared to put it into production hastily.

Subei handed Huanzhen’s plan for cooperating with Xia to Lu Nan. She said that although Xia is currently interested in cooperating with Gu, Huanzhen can still fight for it. Because Huanzhen’s biggest advantage over Gu’s is the fabric craftsmanship, so Subei plans to start from there.

Lu Nan said that he also thought of this. He had previously signed a core process mortgage cooperation agreement with a factory that produces brocade silk, but the person in charge of the core process became a vegetable after an accident, and the cooperation between the two parties has since ceased.

Subei came to the hospital to visit Aunt Lan. When communicating with Aunt Lan’s apprentice, he mentioned the mortgage contract he had signed with Huanzhen before. The apprentice paused after hearing this and said that he did not know the matter.

Lu Nan gave Subei a day off to give her a good rest. On the second day, when Lunan went to work, North Jiangsu disguised the view in front of the monitor at home. She sneaked into Lunan’s house and got Sanglan’s mortgage contract. After reading the contract, she determined that the money from Huanzhen Company had entered Aunt Lan’s company, so she sent Ye Ting to check Aunt Lan’s accounts.

Amy, the person in charge of Xia, met with Subei, and the two old friends were so happy to meet each other. Subei used the Huanzhen dyeing technology as a bargaining chip and compared the advantages and disadvantages of its own company and Gu. Amy agreed to suspend the cooperation and communication with Gu. Gu Yan sent Subei home, and ran into Kreis downstairs. Gu Yan learned about the child in Subei, but he cooperated very friendly and said that he hadn’t seen anything today.

Ye Ting investigated Aunt Lan’s company and found that Huanzhen’s money had indeed arrived, but it was quickly transferred away, and the accounts were subsequently manipulated, so that no one knew of the existence of such an account before. Speaking of Su Manni coming aggressively, saying that Subei had robbed her of her endorsement and would block herself, Subei said that she did not even bother to deal with her, Su Manni left angrily.

Kris met Lu Nan downstairs in Huanzhen, and he ran over to call his father again. Fortunately, Subei appeared in time and said that the child belonged to Ye Ting’s sister.

The next day, Kreis scribbled on his car downstairs in Lunan, and was discovered when he finished taking pictures, and he hurried away.

Su Manni held a press conference and said that she had been harassed by Lu Nan while she was working at Huanzhen. She thought that her sister, Subei, could help her avoid harassment by returning to China. As a result, the couple were simply demons, and their bullying was worsened. Subei Road South hurried back to the company after seeing the news. On the way, the car was tampered with and the brakes failed. Northern Jiangsu drove out of the isolation zone to avoid a truck. Lunan suffered head injuries to protect Northern Jiangsu.

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