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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 44 End Recap

Only Xu Tan and Song Min were left on the training ground. Obviously Song Min still couldn’t let go of Xu Tan’s use of him. Song Min still regards Xu Tan as a respectable target, but he will not choose to win by unscrupulous means. Xu Tan didn’t explain anything to Song Min either, he just smiled faintly, and continued to play the ping pong ball in his hand.

Although Xu Tan intends to participate in this Olympics, he is also worried that his injury will drag down the national team. Fortunately, Fu Chuanzhi specially invited a foreign rehabilitation team. Although Xu Tan cannot fully recover, he can exercise the muscles around his knees to achieve the purpose of strengthening.

If the treatment effect is significant, Xu Tan can temporarily overcome the problem of ligament rupture, and this technology has already had many successful cases abroad. To achieve such a treatment, Xu Tan will have to put in more effort, but in Xu Tan’s view, these efforts are no longer insurmountable difficulties.

Xu Tan’s current achievements have long allowed his father to successfully operate, pay off his family’s debts, and even live in a new big house. My mother once strongly opposed Xu Tan’s playing, but it was based on worry and distress. In fact, Xu Tan will always be the greatest pride in her mother’s heart, the only champion.

Liu Shi and Yuan Ran are about to have a wedding. He invited Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to be his best man. On the day of the wedding, Liu Shi was nervously at a loss and full of expectations. The various problems of the bridesmaids were also solved by Yu Kenan and Xu Tan.

The bridesmaid asked Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to play ping pong above the four happy characters. It all depends on the tacit understanding of the two and whether they will choose the same one. Yu Kenan subconsciously looked at Xu Tan’s gestures. Perhaps they were full of misunderstandings, but the tacit understanding was unmatched.

At the wedding scene, Yuan Ran took the initiative to show his love and compassion to Liu Shi. Although Liu Shi could not find his mother in the end, he already had a home of his own. For Yu Kenan and Xu Tan at this wedding, not only did they choose to let go of the past, Qin Zhen finally married sister Liu and was willing to call Fu Chuanzhi another master.

After discussions with the coaching staff, it was decided that Xu Tan and Song Min will form a doubles for the Rio Olympics, and Yu Kenan will participate in the men’s singles. Teng Biao subconsciously worried that Yu Kenan would have a mental disorder. In fact, Yu Kenan was no longer a child who could only breathe.

Xu Tan and Yu Kenan played games together, and they finally returned to their former appearance. Although Yu Kenan hopes to form a doubles with Xu Tan, he understands the team’s decision better. Yu Kenan is confident that he wants to book the championship, and the two can joking unscrupulously.

After calming down for so long, Fu Jingchun also understood how helpless Zheng Hao’s decision was back then, and personally brought things to visit the master. The pair of masters and apprentices have left table tennis, but table tennis has never left them. When the mentality reaches a reconciliation, there will be no knots in the world that can’t let go.

The Rio Olympics officially started. Near the eve of the game, Fu Chuanzhi temporarily changed the men’s doubles list to Yu Kenan and Xu Tan. Such a change caught the Japanese team by surprise. They were completely unprepared, but Yu Kenan and Xu Tan did not need to prepare in advance. Their tacit understanding has become indelible in the past ten years.

Ready, the two children born for table tennis are full of confidence at this moment, and everything in the past is played back like a video tape. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan entered the match scene together, into their light, the glory of China.

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