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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 43 Recap

Yu Kenan had a shoulder injury and had to temporarily request a timeout. He looked at his father sitting on the audience stage. Yu Kenan would never forget how confident he was at the beginning and gave his father hope. He must give his father the promise of the championship. . Yu Kenan was full of strength again and returned to the stage again. He counterattacked with a forehand to restore the situation a bit.

As the competition continued, Xu Tan’s injury worsened, and he took the initiative to use the only opportunity to time out. The chess game between Teng Biao and Lei Cheng has also reached a deadlock, and if they continue to play, it will only hurt both sides, but regardless of Lei Cheng or Xu Tan, they would rather lose both sides than give up.

Xu Tan used to be very afraid of the darkness. Whenever he was beaten without a point, Lei Cheng would ask him to walk in the dark aisle. Walking in the most feared environment is like dying once. Since dying once, then what else can’t be defeated?

Xu Tan returned to the game, chasing the score to three to three in pain, and then the most critical seventh game will be ushered in, and the championship will soon be born. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan are already at the end of the battle. They have blocked their own future, and no one is willing to give up. Even in the arena, two people are already fighting with perseverance and faith, and they will never give up easily.

The two players are trying to avoid the pain of attacking each other in the game. They are seeking a victory in a gentleman’s way. Everyone in the stands was moved by their spirits. Fang Yue couldn’t sit back and watch the two people ruin his life, and applied for a medical suspension. Fang Yue hoped that Xu Tan could give up the game and win more championships as long as he had an operation, but Xu Tan didn’t care.

Liu Shi is also persuading Yu Kenan to give up. No one wants them to terminate their careers for a game. However, whether it is Xu Tan or Yu Kenan, their choice has never changed. They like table tennis. Apart from winning or losing, they can’t give up on anything except winning or losing.

When Teng Biao and Lei Cheng were young, they wanted to win so much that they turned against each other and made them regret. Lei Cheng’s only wish is to let Teng Biao help and hand over his application to the national team. He wants to look at Xu Tan in person. They saw their own shadows in Xu Tan and Yu Kenan, and they didn’t want them to become unscrupulous because they wanted to win.

Yu Kenan and Xu Tan produced results in the seventh game. Yu Kenan failed to attack and lost the game. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan fell on the court one after another. This was the most meaningful championship that Xu Tan won.

Yu Kenan lost, he was so wronged the first time he lost, he changed his hairstyle back to his original look, and stood crying in front of his father for the first time. Once Yu Kenan won no matter how good his results, his father would not give him a good face, but in this competition, his father finally embraced Yu Kenan for the first time, giving him the greatest encouragement and comfort.

Xu Tan also took the initiative to come to Lei Cheng’s home. He hasn’t eaten the noodles made by his master for a long time. The master and apprentice did not mention any previous events, they just ate the noodles quietly, everything did not need words to explain, and they were able to understand and understand each other’s minds.

There is still a year time limit for the Rio Olympics. If Xu Tan’s knee is operated on, he will inevitably miss the Olympics. Xu Tan is almost thirty years old. This is his first and last chance to participate in the Olympics. In the face of reality and the future, Xu Tan still chose to temporarily suppress it.

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