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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 43 Recap

Yuan Kan and Liu E mentioned Kou Zhun’s suggestion and held a crowning ceremony for the beneficiaries in advance. Liu E is worried that this responsibility is too heavy and will crush his beloved son. Yuan Kan is also distressed, but the future emperor of Song Jiangshan must bear the responsibility. Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo repeatedly asked for a meeting, but Yuan Kan had no choice but to meet him. It turned out that Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo had heard about Kou Zhun’s plan to establish a prince, and they came to participate in a book.

It is said that Kou Zhun asked Yang Yi to secretly draft an edict to establish a prince, so that he could become an auxiliary minister in the future and use the prince to order the princes. When asked about the source, the two said that Kou Zhun missed his confidante when he was drinking, and then they found out. When Yuan Kan found Yang Yi, Cao used this to find out that Yang Yi stayed at Kou Zhun’s mansion for one night. Yuan Kan’s headache struck again, anger attacked his heart, and immediately set the imperial edict.

Sure enough, the next day when Kou Zhun entered the palace, Zhang Jingzong took the imperial decree to stop Kou Zhun. Yuan Kan decreed to demote Kou Zhun’s official position. Kou Zhun was wondering about this unwarranted charge. After seeing Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo behind Zhang Jingzong, he knew immediately that Yuan Kan had closed his door behind him, and Kou Zhun could only hold the imperial edict and bowed deeply to the imperial city.

Liu E learned that Yuan Kan had demoted Kou Zhun and bluntly stated that there must be a misunderstanding, but Yuan Kan had already believed in Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo’s words. Liu E’s repeated persuasion was to no avail, so he had to temporarily serve as Yuan Kan’s general Kou Zhun. Go to be the prefect of Shaanxi and temper your temper.

On this day, Liu E found a beneficiary and mentioned the crowning ceremony. The beneficiary knew the responsibilities he was about to face, and immediately nodded and agreed. Liu E looked at the beneficiary with comfort and was proud of her heart. Now that the phase is vacant, Liu E specially came to Guo Mansion to persuade Guo Xian to come out again. Guo Xian received a secret letter from the emperor from Su Yijian a few days ago. Yuan Kan hopes that Guo Xian will sit in the phase and participate in politics for Liu E. Work harder.

But Guo Xian thought that he was too old and was no longer suitable for court controversy. Liu E asked the person Guo Xian thought was most suitable for the position of prime minister. He did not expect that Guo Xian had the same idea as himself, and the two thought of Su Yi together. simple. But Liu E was still worried about Kou Zhun being misunderstood, but Guo Xian said vaguely, maybe Yuan Kan didn’t misunderstand Kou Zhun, maybe because his heart is like a mirror but he has other ideas. After Guo Xian’s advice, Liu E suddenly realized that he didn’t say more.

At this moment, Mrs. Guo brought back Guo Qingwu, the daughter of her son General Guo Chongxin. Qing Wu, who grew up with her father, liked to learn martial arts and fight injustices. Liu E was very happy to see that Qing Wu offered to live in the palace. Liu E nodded calmly and loved it. Touching Qing Wu’s head, I really like it.

At the beginning of the crowning ceremony, Liu E looked at the beneficiary’s thin shoulders with intangible responsibilities. Although he was a little worried in his heart, he was more proud. The ceremony of the crowning ceremony has benefited from putting his head out of the cabinet in advance, while Liu E assisted in the administration.

Wang Qinruo reported that the leader of the tribe brought his subordinates to surrender, and Liu E took the initiative to make a suggestion, which was adopted by Yuan Kan. Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo deliberately raised the matter of enshrining Zen, but fortunately, Liu E reminded Yuan Kan to shirk the matter.

Yiyi rushed to find Master Yan to listen to it. Shou Kang asked Yiyi to help him return the book of poems he had borrowed. Yiyi repeatedly agreed and hurried to the study. Wang Qinruo found Yuan Kan again and offered to propose that Mount Tai is rich in Ganoderma lucidum, which is the image of auspiciousness. He also mentioned the matter of enshrining Zen, and even took out a box of five-color medicinal herbs to donate. Naturally, Yuan Kan saw Wang Qinruo’s tricks.

Everything was for the vacant aspect. Sure enough, Yuan Kan offered to grant the aspect. Wang Qinruo knelt and thanked him excitedly. Looking at Yuan Kan, he felt a little funny. Returning to the study, Liu E quickly drank Jingzong, not allowing Yuan Kan to take the unidentified pill. Yuan Kan lightly smiled. Naturally, he knew that the pill was just a trick to bluff people. Liu E realized that Yuan Kan Kan has seen Wang Qinruo’s tricks, but he still doesn’t understand. Why does Yuan Kan take this opportunity to seal Wang Qinruo as the image?

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