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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 39 Recap

Wang Ziyang chased to the door, hoping that his mother would have a meal with them. His mother said that she would catch the train and left in a hurry. Mr. Zhang and He Caixan got the marriage certificate. Mr. Zhang hoped to meet his mother-in-law formally, but He Cai didn’t agree.

Chen Anni accidentally broke into a mysterious room of Wang Ziyang. The walls were covered with various documents related to the Blue Star incident and photos of related personnel. She also discovered that the email sent by Wang Ziyang on the computer was signed by Andre. With the twinkling eyes of the cleaning aunt of Wang Ziyang’s house, Annie was suspicious. The next day, she asked Dingkai to meet and told him that Nick and Kevin had transferred away. She now feels that she doesn’t really understand Wang Ziyang. Ding Kai suggests two. People must be honest with each other before getting married.

Xiaole mischievously climbed onto Ding Kai’s car to paint. After Ding Kai came, he didn’t mind at all, and offered to send Lao Bai and the child home. After Wu Yiyang on the other side sent Tianyue downstairs to Xiaole, he found that he was being watched by the paparazzi, so he had to let Tianyue go up alone with a gift.

When Tianyue arrived home, Ding Kai was playing with Xiaole, and the two of them were a little embarrassed to meet each other. Lao Bai told them that Xiao Le’s mother had passed away a long time ago. Tian Yue asked about Lao Bai’s source of income. Lao Bai was silent. Tian Yue explained that they were doing charity tourism projects that could help families like Xiao Le. Lao Bai said that Xiao Le was not an ordinary child, so he had to be more patient than ordinary fathers.

Not only did he teach Xiao Le to read and write, but also to teach him how to wash his hands and eat, and teach him how to not pull urine and urine on his pants. He couldn’t bear it. Xiaole was sent to a special school for fear that he would be bullied. Over the years with Xiaole, he was afraid of more and more things. The most feared was that he was old and did not take care of Xiaole. Ding Kai asked Lao Bai if he had thought about finding another mother for Xiao Le. Lao Bai smiled bitterly in his situation and no girl would marry him.

Tianyue and Ding Kai went downstairs together. Tianyue did not expect to meet him at Xiaolejia. Ding Kai believed that the things they pursued had never changed. He wanted to start again with Tianyue. Tianyue was a little surprised. At this time, Wu Yiyang After the call, Ding Kai felt sour and did not continue the topic.

The subordinates reported to Sister Na that now fans have high expectations for the love story of Wu Yiyang and Tian Yue, and she is ready to contact the media Zuo Wu immediately. Tianyue brought Wu Yiyang to a small mountain village in Hainan. Teacher Wen welcomed them warmly. Wu Yiyang complained about the poor accommodation conditions. Tianyue urged him to get up and prepare for the live broadcast, but there was no signal from the mobile phone. Wu Yiyang couldn’t leave. Wanting to accompany Tianyue in the room, Tianyue couldn’t help but push him out.

The next day, Teacher Wen took the two to the school and learned that there were no musical instruments in the school. Tianyue asked about a piano among the materials they donated last time, but Teacher Wen never received it.

At lunch, the little boy Xiaojun secretly took an egg and hid it in his pocket to bring it to his sister at home. Tianyue asked Xiaojun to write down the name and address. After checking with the supplies delivered by the company, she found that the supplies were not delivered to the child at all. Hands. Tianyue could hardly contain her anger, so she packed her bags and was ready to go back to Shanghai to investigate the matter. Wu Yiyang reminded her that after the incident was exposed, not only Tianyue’s company would be affected, but he would also be dragged down.

Tianyue was angry that Wu Yiyang only thought of his own reputation, Wu Yiyang emphasized doing so. Not only did Tianyue lose his job, but the child would not get a penny. Tianyue didn’t want to listen to him, so he picked up his luggage and left.

Tianyue returned to Shanghai to report to Bailing. The thank-you letters they received were all forged. Bailing said that Yang Meiling did the thing. She hasn’t come to work for a week and no one can contact her. Tianyue suggests to call the police. Bai Ling said that this matter is related to the company’s reputation, and that such a large project has taken such a long time from research and development to operation. It is not Yang Meiling that can operate it alone.

All members of the team should have participated. Tianyue emphasized that the children did not receive the supplies. The situation is out of control. Bailing promised to contact investors and sponsors immediately, and the materials will be reissued immediately, and Tianyue will be solely responsible for it. Tianyue said that this will be the last thing she will do for the company, and she can’t get through it. Hom. Bai Ling advised Tianyue not to be impulsive and to handle Hainan’s affairs first.

Ding Kai sent a message to Lao Bai tonight that he wanted to take Xiao Le to the amusement park tomorrow, and Lao Bai readily agreed. The next day, when Ding Kai played with Xiao Le, Xiao Le ran for a short period of time and suddenly fell to the ground and passed out.

Wu Yiyang rushed to the hospital and grabbed Lao Bai’s collar to ask his guilt outside the ward. Lao Bai reminded him that this was a hospital, and it would be no good for anyone to make a big mess. After the doctor came out, Lao Bai introduced Wu Yiyang as an image ambassador for children with autism. The doctor told them that Xiao Le’s asthma was hereditary, and Lao Bai remembered that the child’s father had it. The doctor said that the child’s condition had stabilized.

After he left, Wu Yiyang asked Lao Bai again. Ding Kai rushed to explain that he had brought Xiao Le to play because of the weather and caused his asthma. If there are any consequences, he can be approached. Wu Yiyang warned Lao Bai Xiaole that if there are three long and two shortcomings, he can’t be spared. After he left, Ding Kai asked about the relationship between Lao Bai and Wu Yiyang. Lao Bai explained that he was an image ambassador for children with autism and came to see the child specially today.

Avoiding Ding Kai, Lao Bai came to Wu Yiyang. Wu Yiyang complained that he did not take good care of Xiao Le. Lao Bai explained that Xiao Le liked to play with Ding Kai, and he also hoped that Xiao Le would be happy. Wu Yiyang called himself Xiao Le. His father, only he can decide who Xiao Le is with. Lao Bai accused Wu Yiyang, his biological father, for not fulfilling the responsibilities of being a father for a day. Wu Yiyang irritably said that he did not want to be like this either. Unexpectedly, the scene of their quarrel was filmed by Yu Ji Zuo Wu not far away.

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