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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 38 Recap

Tianyue told Wu Yiyang that Xiaoxi had spent the last time of her life on the Ocean. Compared with those sick and autistic children, she felt that she was so lucky. Wu Yiyang was touched by this.

In the evening, Ding Kai received an email from Eric’s nephew Andre, who asked Ding Kai to meet and communicate about the Blue Star incident. When sending Tianyue home, Wu Yiyang asked her what to do to become a qualified parent? Tianyue said that charity tourism is very meaningful, and she will stick to it, at least to help children in need. Wu Yiyang was very impressed with Xiaole’s paintings on the boat. Tianyue felt that Xiaole’s father did a good job. He knew that the children needed company. Wu Yiyang moved to say that Tianyue is really different from others.

Tianyue suggested that the two should not meet each other recently, otherwise it would be very troublesome to be photographed. He Cai deliberately ran into Mr. Zhang on his way off work. Mr. Zhang invited her to dinner. He told He Cai that the typhoon not only ruined his career, but also caused him to break up with his girlfriend who had been talking for six years. He Cai hinted to Mr. Zhang that he wanted to marry, and Mr. Zhang also said that he wanted to find someone to marry this year.

Ding Kai came to see Lai Shen. He felt that Lai Shen was the heir of the jewelry family. Lai Shen said frankly that if it weren’t for the charity auction, he would keep hiding it. As a seaman, he didn’t want to go back and inherit the family business. Lai Shen showed Ding Kai the family’s global strategy. Next, he is going to make the first step with public welfare in China. He is very grateful to Tianyue for organizing this event. If it weren’t for her, he might not have the courage and trust to do this. Ding Kai sighed that Tianyue had indeed grown a lot, but this time when we met, Tianyue felt both familiar and unfamiliar to himself. He felt that he had nothing now, and Wu Yiyang could give Tianyue everything he wanted. Laishan emphasized that Tianyue is not That kind of girl.

Tianyue’s parents also discussed their daughter and Wu Yiyang at home. When Tianyue came back from get off work, his father said that he would work hard to save a down payment to buy the rented house before she got married. Mom thought Wu Yiyang looked more reliable than Ding Kai, and his father protested. Mom is fickle. Annie Chen heard the video conversation between Grant and Dad Tang at the door. Grant was a little disappointed with the performance of the Chinese, and felt that their status had reached a bottleneck, and the Miami headquarters might have new ideas.

The next day, Annie Chen was in charge of the project changed the docking person, Annie asked her boss, she spent so much time and energy to develop and maintain these customers, the company did this to break down the bridge, the boss warned her Nick and left, she also Not that important.

In the evening, Wang Ziyang asked Annie Chen to come home. He took out the house key and hoped that Annie would become its mistress. Wang Ziyang said that Annie had no worries about food and clothing since she was a child. What she lacks should be a home that allows her to take root and no longer wander, and Annie is moved. Wang Ziyang took out the diamond ring and proposed to Annie on one knee. His infatuation finally touched Annie. Annie told Wang Ziyang that Nick and Kevin had been transferred, and Tang’s father was under a lot of pressure. Fortunately, she felt at ease when she thought that Wang Ziyang would help them.

Bailing asked Director Yang to give full power to Tianyue for the charity tourism project. Director Yang was angry that it took two years for their department from planning to research and development of this project to have tens of millions of traffic. Bailing called Tianyue. Director Yang left angrily. Bai Ling told Tianyue that she was the biggest contributor to this project and that the company wanted to develop a long-term cooperation with Wu Yiyang.

From now on, Tianyue was the first person in charge of this project. Tianyue was flattered, but pointed out that she replaced Yang in charge of seniority and experience. It is not appropriate, she asked President Bai to reconsider, Bai Ling said this is the decision of the board of directors. Tian Yue asked if it was because of the scandal between him and Wu Yiyang. Bai Ling said that he was interested in Tian Yue’s ability and sense of responsibility.

Of course, he was also surprised and moved by the love between her and Wu Yiyang. Tianyue explained that he has nothing to do with Wu Yiyang. Bai Ling said that he would ask company employees not to talk about them, but the company and Wu Yiyang’s cooperation should continue. Tianyue will not only get the endorsement of Wu Yiyang, but also go to Hainan with Wu Yiyang. Tianyue shied away from her incompetence in a mountain village in one of her villages. Bai Ling pointed out that this trip to Hainan was the best time for her to clarify her relationship with Wu Yiyang.

Liang Zhongwei told Jiang Chen that he didn’t win and she didn’t lose. He followed Ding Kai and overheard their conversation at the door of Director Pan’s office. Ding Kai told Director Pan that the memories written in the archives are a blemish on the students’ lives. He is willing to use his own aggravated punishment for their lighter punishment, because they are the future of China’s marine industry and their reputation is more important than himself.

Liang Zhongwei finally admitted that Ding Kai was a good teacher. Jiang Chen smiled and said that he had won this time and could satisfy one of his requirements. Liang Zhongwei wanted Jiang Chen to remove herself from the blacklist of her WeChat friends, and asked her to help him deliver the letter to Teacher Ding Kai.

Jiang Chen forwarded Liang Zhongwei’s apology letter to Ding Kai. Ding Kai lamented that these post-95s are very cute and they have unlimited possibilities in the future. Jiang Chen said that Liang Zhongwei mistakenly thought he liked Ding Kai. Ding Kai saw that Liang Zhongwei liked Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen bluntly said that she admired Ding Kai. He was the only contact between herself and Liu Chang. She originally came to Maritime University for Liu Chang, but now it is true. Since she fell in love with the career of a seaman, Ding Kai promised to recommend Jiang Chen to train at Luo Ya Company, but the condition is that she must have good grades.

Tianyue called Wu Yiyang, she hadn’t spoken yet, Wu Yiyang quickly apologized to her, saying that the article was not written by herself. Tianyue said that the company wanted to cooperate with Wu Yiyang in Hainan. Wu Yiyang had only one condition, and Tianyue would go on his own. Tianyue said that he would visit Xiaole, a child with autism tomorrow, and Wu Yiyang could go if he wanted to, but to ensure that there were no paparazzi to follow, Wu Yiyang promised to go downstairs to pick Tianyue with him.

Wang Ziyang’s mother came to Shanghai and returned the money that her son had bought her house to Wang Ziyang. When she sent her mother away, the two found that Annie was cooking in the kitchen. Before Wang Ziyang could speak, her mother introduced herself as the cleaning aunt. Said hello to Chen Anni and left immediately.

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