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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 37 Recap

Ding Kai took the classmates into the crew working area to visit. He found that Kong Jing and Lu Tingting had been muttering and seemed to be anxious, but he refused to say what they were asking. Wang Ziyang saw Alan deliberately not answering Ding Kai’s call and reminded him that it’s time to visit the anchor cabin. As the docking person of the cruise ship, Alan should not be late. Allen disdain to let the students wait. Want to go up depends not only on skills, but also on the sense of responsibility, which will become a key item in the comprehensive evaluation, and Allen got up.

After Ellen came to the anchor cabin, he suggested that Ding Kai could stand outside. He came to show the students around, but Ding Kai refused. At this time, Kong Jing lied that her stomach hurts, and Lu Tingting asked to accompany her to the bathroom. When Ding Kai explained, Liang Zhongwei deliberately attacked and emphasized that this is the pit where Ding Kai had fallen. Ding Kai explained to everyone the importance of the anchorage stop valve, emphasizing that if the operation is not carried out according to the standard, the pollution will be less serious, and the biological problem will be more serious. He invaded and destroyed the ecology. He admitted that his fault was that the valve was not closed, so he was dismissed and the seaman’s license was revoked.

Wu Yiyang asked Tianyue to add WeChat in the room, but Tianyue politely refused, saying that the online transmission of the relationship between the two has caused trouble to him. After arriving at the rehearsal site, Wu Yiyang deliberately asked Tianyue to help him wear headsets. The two of them just stood on the elevator platform. Kong Jing and Lu Tingting exclaimed that their love affair was a real hammer. They pressed the button with excitement, and the elevator platform rose to mid-air. Wu Yiyang hurriedly Protecting Tianyue to let her not be afraid, Fang David then came in and criticized Kong Jing and Lu Tingting, and informed Ding Kai that the two classmates led by Ding Kai caused a stage safety accident.

Tianyue stood in shock, but Wu Yiyang felt good. He also said emotionally that even if Tianyue died, he would die with her. Ding Kai and Sister Na saw this tender scene from the stage. David Fang pointed out that the two girls caused serious safety hazards. Ding Kai expressed his willingness to take full responsibility. Wang Ziyang bluntly said that he would report to the school according to the procedure, because this is related to the cooperation between the cruise ship and the school. Sister Na on the other side scolded Tianyue and got into trouble again. She ordered Wu Yiyang to immediately adjust her mood to meet the charity auction, and Tianyue immediately disappeared.

Wang Ziyang watched the process of the auction site for children with autism and went to see the mysterious donor in advance. He did not expect that the person was actually Lai Shen. It turned out that Lai Shen was an invisible rich man. He laughed and said that he was going to be a father and decided to donate for his children. Come to accumulate blessings. Xiao Le ran into Ding Kai again in the corridor and bit him. Lao Bai asked Xiao Le to apologize to Ding Kai. He told Ding Kai that Xiao Le is a child with autism and that this disease can only be intervened and cannot be cured.

In the evening, Xiao Le ran to the top deck and met Tian Yue, Ding Kai followed, and the two took Xiao Le until he was asleep in Ding Kai’s arms, and Lao Bai picked up Xiao Le when he came. Ding Kai asked about the relationship between Tianyue and Wu Yiyang. Tianyue explained that she only met Tianyue on a boat. Ding Kai could see that Wu Yiyang actually liked Tianyue. Tianyue said Wu Yiyang was a big star and he was just an ordinary citizen. It doesn’t matter if you like yourself and Ding Kai. Ding Kai is speechless. Speaking of the drifting bottles they used here, Tianyue still remembers the past scenes.

When disembarking from the ship, Wu Yiyang saw Tianyue, and he followed him until the elevator closed. Sister Na warned Wu Yiyang not to have any contact with Tianyue in the future.

After arriving at the company, colleagues surrounded Tianyue. Xiaokui wentssiping that Tianyue’s Weibo fans had risen to three million, and he became an internet celebrity overnight. Director Yang came over and coaxed everyone away, criticizing Tianyue for causing serious negative effects on the company. She suggested Tianyue to prepare for resignation. At this time, Director Yang received a call from President Bai and asked Tian Yue to go to his office.

Tianyue took the initiative to apologize to Bai Ling and suggested that she could resign, but she really couldn’t afford to pay for the economic losses caused to the company. He did not expect Bai Ling to smile and say that this is a great thing, and the company’s search traffic went up overnight. Ten million, Tianyue made the company famous overnight, she is the company’s hero, promotion and salary increase are indispensable!

Ding Kai announced before class: Kong Jing and Lu Tingting caused a safety accident on the Ocean, the school decided to give them penalties and record them in the file to inform the whole school. Fortunately, no serious consequences were caused, otherwise they would be held civilly liable. Ding Kai hopes that the students will remember the lesson that they have a chance to make corrections when they make mistakes in school. Once they enter society and become a real seaman and make mistakes, they will be like themselves, and there will be no way to do what they love in this life. Professional, Pan Wei passed by the classroom and heard these words at the door.

After class, Kong Jing and Lu Tingting dissatisfied, thinking that the punishment was proposed by Ding Kai to the school. Because his ex-girlfriend and celebrities were rumored on the Internet, he had evil fire on them. Liang Zhongwei also added fuel to the fire and said that the punishment was too much. When they got serious, Jiang Chen was angry but defended Ding Kai a few words. Kong Jing and Lu Tingting immediately proposed that if Ding Kai was willing to discuss with the school, they would believe in Ding Kai’s character.

Jiang Chen decided to go to Ding Kai. Liang Zhongwei caught up to remind her that Kong Jing and the other two were using her. Jiang Chen directly said that he would not like Liang Zhongwei because he already had someone he liked, and Liang Zhongwei could never be with this. People ratio. Liang Zhongwei bet Jiang Chen would lose, Jiang Chen said that if he wins, Liang Zhongchuan is not allowed to follow her.

Jiang Chen came to Ding Kai, hoping that he would ask the school to revoke the punishment of Kong Jing and Lu Tingting. Ding Kai asked Jiang Chen to give him a reason. Although he did not agree to her, Ding Kai went to Pan Wei to intercede and submit a review. report.

Tianyue was promoted to two levels in a row, Director Yang insincerely congratulated her and said that Tianyue was no longer his own, and he would ask her to take care of her in the future.

Xiao Kui was envious of Tianyue’s promotion and salary increase. Wu Yiyang called and said that he was downstairs and asked to see Tianyue within ten minutes, and that he had a shady scene about the activities of autistic children. Tianyue heard it immediately Go downstairs. In the car, Tianyue kept urging Wu Yiyang to tell him the inside story, but Wu Yiyang slowly drove the car to an empty and secluded place. He told Tianyue that there was no inside story at all. Tianyue was about to have an attack and saw a beautiful one. The shooting stars struck the night sky.

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