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Mouse 마우스 Episode 12 Recap

Twelve years ago, Han Zhuzhu deliberately walked around the river where few people passed by. He was playing games while walking. He saw a dog and a dying girl under the bridge hole. He passed by indifferently. Many years later, Gao Wuzhi received the call and rushed to the scene. He saw the girl who was killed under the bridge hole, and he was stupefied by a perverted murderer like Cheng Yaohan.

When Zheng Barin waved the board and smashed it towards Hun Seok, the back of his hand was scratched by the cat that suddenly ran over. Zheng Barin became angry and raised the board and hacked the cat to death. The doorbell kept ringing at home. He saw his aunt who was very anxious outside the door. Her aunt hurried to find Hun Seok. Zheng Barin was very impatient. He saw the news of Jiang’s mother hanging suicide on TV and guessed that she wanted to kill. Jiang Dexiu then faked the illusion of committing suicide with fear of crime, but it turned out to be counterproductive.

The aunt entered the house and couldn’t wait to pick up Hun-seok. Despite Zheng Barin’s explanation, she wanted to take Hun-seok and escape from Jung Barin’s home as soon as possible. Zheng Barin buried the cat, with mixed feelings in his heart. Gao Wuzhi came to the hospital to visit Wu Fengyi. Cui Hongzhu complained that he was too late. Wu Fengyi was badly beaten by Jiang Dexiu to protect Yuna. He was seriously injured and unconscious. Gao Wuzhi desperately defended him. Cui Hongzhu didn’t buy it.

Cui Hongzhu didn’t want to continue arguing with Gao Wuzhi. She went out and saw Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin looked at the sky in a daze. Cui Hongzhu felt that his expression was very similar to Cheng Yaohan. The police station set up a task force. Gao Wuzhi wanted to join it. The team leader did not allow him to participate. Thanks to Jiang’s statement, otherwise Gao Wuzhi would be a suspect. Gao Wuzhi repeatedly explained that he had a car accident last night and the perpetrators took his The wallet was stolen. There was a family portrait of Gao Wuzhi in it. The group leader didn’t believe it at all.

Gao Wuzhi went back to the data room to check and monitor, but no suspicious vehicle was found. As soon as he left, Zheng Barin quietly came to the data room and put a dagger in the evidence box of Jiang Dexiu’s case. Jiang Dexiu’s case caused a strong response from the society. Everyone begged for the murderer and felt that Jiang Dexiu was more than dead, and the incident also affected the Blue House.

The president personally brought people to the police station to learn about the whole story of Jiang Dexiu’s case. Gao Wuzhi disagreed with the argument for revenge and murder. He publicly questioned him. He asserted that it was the perverted murderer. He also cited evidence one by one. After the murderer killed Jiang Dexiu, he copied him Several assault tactics violently abused him, Zheng Barin heard Gao Wuzhi’s description and couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

After the on-site meeting was over, the President specially greeted Police Officer Shen and Zheng Barin and praised Zheng Barin. The team leader led people to check the surveillance on the night of the crime and locked the target on Wu Fengyi. Gao Wuzhi didn’t believe it. He brought Zheng Barin to Yuna to obtain evidence. Yuna remembered that someone had attacked Jiang Dexiu and she was able to escape. The shoes ran away, and finally hid in a broken box in a panic. After Jiang Dexiu was killed, someone left his shoes outside. Gao Wuzhi questioned the person’s appearance, Yunya glanced at Zheng Barin and wanted to say something. Stop again.

The police quickly found that Wu Fengyi had a record of purchasing criminal tools. Wu Fengyi never said a word. Gao Wuzhi rushed to rescue Wu Fengyi after hearing the news. Even if Wu Fengyi really killed Jiang Dexiu, he would support Wu Fengyi. Gao Wuzhi and Zheng Barin both went to investigate separately with the idea of ​​exonerating Wu Fengyi.

Gao Wuzhi found that the murderer had set a trap in advance, strangled Jiang Dexiu alive with iron chains, and then dragged his body to the bridge. In order to rule out the suspicion of Wu Fengyi’s murder, Zheng Barin went to Cui Hongzhu to collect evidence. She confirmed that after receiving a call for help, she picked up Wu Fengyi from the scene of the crime.

Wu Fengyi clearly remembered that after she woke up, she saw Jiang Dexiu being killed. There was the banknote she gave Gao Wuzhi back then. She begged Gao Wuzhi to kill Jiang Dexiu. Before the crime, Zheng Barin took the money and accidentally lost it. At the scene of the crime, Wu Fengyi mistakenly thought that Gao Wuzhi killed Jiang Dexiu, so she said nothing. Police Officer Shen saw Yunya’s interview and saw that Yunya was lying at a glance. Officer Shen hurriedly reported to Gao Wuzhi, and Gao Wuzhi came to Yunya again for confirmation.

Zheng Barin learned from Police Officer Shin that Yunya had concealed the truth. He immediately panicked and went out with the excuse of going through the discharge procedures for Wu Fengyi. He provided Cui Hongzhu to the task force as perjury. The criminal police came to Cui Hongzhu to confirm, and Cui Hongzhu arrived. When I was under the bridge, I saw Wu Fengyi covered in blood with a knife in his hand. Cui Hongzhu helped her change her clothes without saying a word. The detective found Wu Fengyi’s bloody clothes in Cui Hongzhu’s stroller, and immediately Rushed to the hospital to detain Wu Fengyi.

Zheng Barin came to Yuna and asked her hard about what she saw. Yuna confirmed that she recognized Zheng Barin’s hand with scratches on the night of the crime. Zheng Barin was dumbfounded, and he picked up a brick and chased after him. Yuna. Zheng Barin was sitting on the bridge drinking boring wine, Cui Hongzhu came afterwards, Zheng Barin hugged Cui Hongzhu by Jiujin, Cui Hongzhu felt like Yaohan was holding her, and hurriedly pushed Zheng Barin away.

After the unremitting efforts of Police Officer Shen, the murder weapon was finally found at the scene. It was confirmed that it was not the knife Wu Fengyi bought, and Wu Fengyi was evacuated again. Gao Wuzhi took Zheng Barin to the scene of the crime and exposed him to the face as the murderer of Jiang Dexiu.

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