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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 12 Recap

Liang Chen was once again invited to sing “I was 18 Years Old That Year” on stage. After the relaxing and joyful melody ended, Lu Jing came to the stage to give flowers. The nervous Liang Chen touched Lu Jing’s hand and was so scared that he dropped the flowers in his hand. Lu Jing hurriedly helped pick it up, and the two of them went to pick up the flower in unison. When their hands touched again, Liang Chen became more nervous, but to be honest, he liked the flower from the bottom of his heart. Because Liang Chen is allergic to pollen, the flowers sent are folded by hand.

Liang Chen was anxious to go to the bathroom, but when he met Lu Jing was washing his hands, he quickly hid in fright, but when he couldn’t hold it back, he covered his head and wanted to go in. Fortunately, Lu Jing has disappeared. Stopped, Liang Chen’s heartbeat speeded up again, and Lu Jing gave Liang Chen the scarf he had prepared for the small box, reminding Liang Chen not to catch colds at night.

Liang Chen left in the car, looking at Lu Jing a little bit dissatisfied, Ke Ke couldn’t help smiling at Liang Chen. Qi Qi also liked the flowers that Lu Jing folded, and hoped to learn it, but Lu Jing directly sent Qi Qi the video of the folded flowers. On the way back, Liang Chen saw Ma Shanshan sitting on the side of the road drinking alcohol. He went down and sat gently beside Ma Shanshan, but he couldn’t say anything. Ma Shanshan seemed to be able to see a boy singing songs all the time. Playing the piano, Ma Shanshan also moved his fingers to follow the melody. Seeing Ma Shanshan stumbled in tears, Liang Chen silently accompanied Ke Ke to send Ma Shanshan home.

Liang Chen looked at Ma Shanshan’s lonely departure, and remembered the game the two planned to participate in, but Ma Shanshan did not show up. Liang Chen was very sad and felt that their dreams were not important to Ma Shanshan at all. . Ke Ke found that Ma Shanshan looked different from the happy sunshine on TV and asked Liang Chen curiously, but Liang Chen didn’t say anything.

Lu Jing asked Liang Chen to play the game again, but Liang Chen still couldn’t accept it, so he lied that his fingers were not working well. Lu Jing sent a smiling expression, which made Liang Chen think that maybe Lu Jing already knew her identity. In order to be able to play games, Liang Chen also registered a trumpet account for himself. If he is not convinced, he will not be able to play alone.

When Lu Jing came back, he happened to see Jiayun and Taro coming back together, and simply greeted him, but Jiayun seemed to be more interested in Lu Jing. From the side of Taro, I found out that Lu Jing was playing with Liang Chen. People, just don’t know who Liang Chen’s identity is. Jiayun remembered seeing Liang Chen keen to play that game. If he thought about it, he seemed to understand something. He offered to treat him to dinner and cook some delicious food, and asked Taro to invite some friends to his home.

Liang Chen didn’t see Lu Jing since he was online. He thought that Lu Jing was angry. But thinking about how handsome Lu Jing looks, he shouldn’t be angry. Then he contacted Lu Jing with his own account number. Liang Chen looked like Lu Jing was handsome The nympho blushed and heartbeat. When Lu Jing came out from the bath, he logged into the game in a happy tone when he saw Liang Chen contact him. In the game, Lu Jing seemed to be different from the original, with exceptional tenderness, and he could teach Liang Chen to shoot and aim at the target. The two went to the lake to chat together, but they were spied on by Taro. Liang Chen hurried off the assembly line and left. Before Taro could talk to Lu Jing, Lu Jing disappeared.

Taro ran to Lu Jing and asked what was the relationship between Lu Jing and Little Box, and felt that the Lu Jing he was teaching him must have another purpose. Now he is shameless when he glares at him. Before Lu Jing was teaching him, he couldn’t wait to scold him. He, but now he is so gentle with Liang Chen. Lu Jing didn’t explain, just smiled, and asked if Taro was finished? After speaking, he could leave. Taro guessed that Lu Jing knew who the little box was. Lu Jing did not refute and admitted that he did know, but asked Taro to keep it secret.

Liang Chen was also curious to inquire about Lu Jing’s hobbies, and Taro couldn’t help but smile, thinking Liang Chen was also interesting to Lu Jing. At this time, Ma Shanshan called. The headset fell on Liang Chen’s car last time and he wanted to come and pick it up. As soon as I heard that it was Ma Shanshan, Taro was so slow that he didn’t want to leave. He also told Liang Chen to go early. When you come to eat at home, you’d better bring a friend, you have to rush to Ma Shanshan to knock on the door, a sprint rushes to open the door, but Liang Chen pushes it out, so that the taro can only be called Ma Shanshan across the door.

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