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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 11 Recap

Volunteer Lu Jing finally got the opportunity to come on stage to present flowers to Liang Chen, but there were no flowers at all, but a doll. When Liang Chen saw Lu Jing, he remembered that he had seen him on the plane, and wondered what Lu Jing gave him. ? Lu Jing explained that the flower offerings had not been made yet. Listening to a familiar voice, Liang Chen suddenly thought of Lu Jing, but he was not sure whether it was Lu Jing.

Lu Jing kept watching Liang Chen go backstage and hurriedly followed, but he heard the dialogue between Liang Chen and Ke Ke. Ke Ke felt that Liang Chen was a little nervous when he saw Lu Jing. It was a joke that Liang Chen liked a student, and Liang Chen praised Lu very much. Jing Changxiang Liu Maoyan is very handsome, and the students have many benefits, such as enthusiasm, strong body, simple thinking, and obedient. Lu Jing couldn’t help but smile.

At this time, someone urged him to go to the stage. Liang Chen opened the door and saw that Lu Jing was standing at the door suddenly a little nervous. After all, I just said a lot of things that ridiculed Lu Jing, for fear that those words have been heard by Lu Jing. Liang Chen was about to leave quickly but he heard someone called Lu Jing’s name behind him. Liang Chen looked back excitedly and fell to the ground. This was even more embarrassing. It was so embarrassing that Liang Chen wanted to lie on the ground and couldn’t get up. Lu Jing and Ke Ke also came forward and helped them up, which made Liang Chen feel even more embarrassed.

Lu Jing was very happy. Looking at Liang Chen’s poster and listening to Liang Chen’s song, there was a happy smile on his mouth. Gu Feiming came to Lu Jing and asked to fulfill his promise. Lu Jing knew that Qi Qi had always wanted Gu Feiming to play games through the level, but Gu Feiming never dared to agree to the exposure of his true level. It was dragged to the point that it could no longer be delayed. Therefore, Lu Jing offered to exchange. You could log in to Gu Feiming’s account and pretend that he was playing with Qi Qi. Gu Feiming needed to give him the opportunity to present flowers. Of course, Gu Feiming agreed immediately.

After completing the flower offering, Gu Feiming came to Lu Jing to fulfill his promise. He also hoped that Lu Jing would perform better. It would be better if Qi Qi could admire him. But when Lu Jing really showed his strength, Gu Feiming was so scared that Gu Feiming hurriedly asked to lower his level. For fear that it would be bad to be seen when he really took Qi Qi with him, Lu Jing had to send a bomb to kill him.

Lu Jing invited Little Box to play the game together. Little Box did not come out of embarrassment and insisted not to play. He angrily said that his finger was injured. Lu Jing held back his laugh and let Little Box watch his live broadcast. Little Box was angry but couldn’t refuse. When watching the live broadcast, I heard Lu Jing say that someone said that he is strong and fit like Liu Maoyan.

This sentence obviously refers to Liang Chen, but Liang Chen can’t attack yet, so Lu Jing just reported it for a little revenge. Lu Jing’s live broadcast was untrue and false. After receiving the notification from the platform, Lu Jing couldn’t help but smile. He knew that Liang Chen did it, but he didn’t mind at all because the platform quickly notified Liang Chen that the report was not true.

During the school celebration, Ma Shanshan did not come back, which made Liang Chen feel a little uncomfortable. Ke Ke was curious to ask whether there was a festival between Liang Chen and Ma Shanshan. Why didn’t the people at the celebration school invite Ma Shanshan, who is also a star, Liang Chen I think it may be that Ma Shanshan is unwilling to come. At this time, Ma Shanshan looked at the photos taken with Liang Chen before, and his thoughts returned to the past. Liang Chen hopes to be the best singer, and Ma Shanshan hopes to be the best producer. The two match up, Ma Shanshan I poured myself a glass of wine and looked into the distance silently, without saying anything.

Next, Liang Chen will take photos with everyone one by one, and will sing again on stage. It is still Lu Jing presenting flowers. Lu Jing specially sent a message to the small box and asked him what clothes he wears. Liang Chen casually pointed to the white sweater in the photo. Lu Jing also deliberately brought a small box doll to take a photo with Liang Chen, which made Liang Chen extremely nervous, and then Lu Jing deliberately sent the group photo to the small box and asked if she was like her. Liang Chen saved the picture to the phone.

Liang Chen was nervous at first, for fear of seeing Lu Jing, but also looking forward to seeing Lu Jing. Unexpectedly, Lu Jing was still sitting behind Liang Chen. Liang Chen became more nervous and sweaty in his palms. The more he looked at Liang Chen, Lu Jing became nervous. The more she couldn’t help teasing her, when Qi Qi asked Lu Jing if she wears so little, isn’t it cold? Lu Jing deliberately said that he was young and strong, Liang Chen couldn’t wait to find a seam to get in. Just at this time, Ke Ke informed Liang Chen that it was time to take the stage, and Liang Chen got rid of the embarrassment.

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