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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 24 Recap

Xi Bin coaxed Xi Wang to sleep, regained consciousness and began to reflect on his own education mode, feeling that Xi Wang was suspended from the psychiatric department. Xi Bin comforted her to wake up and let her learn to be a little bigger. Waking up, she couldn’t be more minded. From the time Xiwang was born to the present, she has been worrying constantly, feeling that raising a child is so hard, and there are always too many things to worry about, and she can’t help crying all the time. Xi Bin took her wake up hand and kissed her, saying that no matter what, she is her strong backing.

The next day, Xi Bin and Su Xing came to the hospital with Yan Wang and saw a mother crying all the time, thinking that God was unfair to her child, and kept complaining to the nurse. Su Xing asked the doctor. The doctor said that this condition is tic disorder. Blinking is the initial symptom. You don’t need to take medicine, but if it is serious, he will shrug and swear words. Seeing the situation in the hospital, Xi Bin hurriedly left here with awakening and sneer.

Xi Bin drove the car and woke up crying all the time, feeling that she was a terrible mother, which made Xi Wang suffer from mental anxiety and always do things he didn’t like. She really regretted it. Xi Bin has been comforting her, saying that as long as he makes timely adjustments, Xiwang’s situation will get better, no matter what, in the eyes of Xiwang and himself, Awakening is a good mother.

Su Xing began to look through online materials to find ways to relieve anxiety, did a lot of homework, and put away all the homework books. Xi Bin was sitting in the coffee shop and fell asleep accidentally. Zi Ning quietly gave her a bottle of juice when he saw it. He has always been very fond of him for saving herself last time. Su Xing contacted Xi Bin and said that he had seen a Chinese medicine doctor and wanted to take Xi Wang to see it. When Xi Bin was about to leave, Zi Ning took the initiative to go over, hoping that he would be happy.

Wake up always asks for leave from the company because of scornful things, which leads to the loss of many customers. Shen Zihao reminded her to wake up and let her remember that she was a professional woman. If she always asked for leave, she shouldn’t give her Rongchang’s project. Wake up knows everything clearly, expressing to accompany his son to Chinese medicine treatment.

Xi Wang went to the hospital to actively cooperate with the treatment, but he could not go to kindergarten yet, so he awoke with him every day. Shen Xiaoyan went to Su Xing’s house and brought her blueberries, saying that she could help Yan Wan’s eyes. Su Xing thanked her, but she did not expect Shen Xiaoyan’s main purpose for coming here, thinking that Su Xing had told Xi Wang about his drunken divorce at the time, and Xi Wang told Li Feihua again, hoping that Xiuwang would lie to Li Feifan. Su Xing thought it was impossible, and decisively rejected Shen Xiaoyan.

Shen Xiaoyan was very angry, thinking that she regarded waking up as a friend, but did not help herself at a critical moment. When she returned home, she was angry at Li Feifei and told him not to paint herself and ridicule. Li Xiang quietly stole the money that Shen Xiaoyan put in the refrigerator, and went out to gamble again.

Boss Mo intends to ask Su Xing to leave the office and wants to give her design space to Assistant Xiao, thinking that Assistant Xiao is unmarried and willing to work, which can create more wealth for the company. Su Xing understood that she couldn’t work hard for the company like she used to be in her twenties. Now she has to work and bring a baby. In her eyes, children are more important.

Shen Xiaoyan took Li Feifei to work in Gu Jiawei’s company. Lin Yunyun and Xinyue also came. Li Feifei said at most, saying that Xiwang was sick and had blinking. Lin Yunyun kept asking Shen Xiaoyan when she heard it. Wake returned home, Xi Bin told him that he had been cut by the company, and hoped to discuss with himself if Wake had something to do. He had heard about Wake’s resignation as early as Dinglan.

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