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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 23 Recap

There is a secret between Xiwang and Wakeup. As long as I get the first place and sit in the front row, Wakeup can take him to play Thomas, but this secret cannot be told to Xi Bin. Suddenly, Xiwang’s eyes were uncomfortable, and he wanted to listen to the story of Awakening. When he wakes up, he asks him to do a set of addition and subtraction problems.

Xinyue is doing English reading questions at home, and I am very happy that I have passed the customs, and told Lin Yunyun that Xiwang has also passed the customs. Lin Yunyun felt a sense of crisis and reminded Xinyue that she was about to catch up with her, and asked her how she felt, but Xinyue didn’t know. Lin Yunyun strengthened the number of questions that Crescent Moon did, so she didn’t let up.

Assistant Xiao came to the office drenched, Boss Mo was very curious about where he slept last night. Assistant Xiao said that he was with the customer very late last night, and he also prepared the design drawings that the customer wanted. After seeing it, Boss Mo expressed satisfaction and agreed to Assistant Xiao’s design. Assistant Xiao was very happy.

Wake up and asked Boss Mo to argue that the design of the holiday landscape was decided by Assistant Xiao without his own approval. Boss Mo thinks that Assistant Xiao Changjiang will push forward the waves, and there is not much time to wake up anyway. Su Xing said that there have been too many things at home recently, and his son has just studied better and needs to manage.

Teacher Tian asked children to answer questions in class, and first chose Xiwang. Unexpectedly, Xiwang came to the stage to recite the nursery rhymes, but kept blinking. Other classmates laughed at him and made faces after imitating him. Teacher Tian was very angry, and Ping Xi looked at the door and stood. Wake up to see Xiwang, learn about his performance in class, and ask him why he disrupted class discipline. Xiwang was very sad, thinking that Wakeup didn’t believe in himself, Teacher Tian kept saying that Xiwang was proud and complacent, and asked Wakeup to take him back to make up lessons.

Waking up was very angry all the way, pulling Xiwang to go home to make up lessons, and losing his temper, threw the schoolbag and kettle on the lawn, very aggrieved, thinking that waking up was nothing, and did not agree to play Thomas. Wake up and feel irritable, thinking that Xiwang does not obey her own discipline. Xi Bin came back to comfort and wake up, make her happy, and coaxed to wake up and laughed, let Xi Wang want to learn happily, let the flow take its course, and don’t force him.

Shen Xiaoyan accidentally left the divorce agreement in the supermarket. When the store manager saw it, the store manager was very happy, thinking that Shen Xiaoyan should have divorced long ago and she could lead a good life. This was heard by Li Feifei. Shen Xiaoyan returned home to clean up and asked Li Xiang to spend half of the money for the children’s training courses. Li Xiang was unwilling, and Shen Xiaoyan suggested that she could appeal to the court to change the custody rights. Li Xiang was anxious, thinking that Shen Xiaoyan scared herself. Shen Xiaoyan took out his mobile phone to record Li Xiang’s face. Li Xiang had a big quarrel with Shen Xiaoyan and talked about the divorce. Li Feifan quietly heard his parents quarrel in the room, and burst into tears.

When he was in kindergarten, Li Feifei left the divorce agreement on the scene and was ridiculed to see it. Xi Wang picked it up and asked Xinyue, only to realize that this was a divorce agreement. Xi Wang had no intention to say that Li Feifei’s parents were divorced, and Li Feifei heard it. Li Feifan impulsively pushed Xiwang down, and Siyuan helped Xiwang stand out. Wake up to the kindergarten, after learning about this, the teacher asked her to pay attention to scornful eyes.

Xinyue talked about the piano at home and talked about the divorce of Li Feifei’s parents, but she didn’t understand why they divorced. Lin Yunyun gave her an answer in another way. Gu Jiawei saw that Xinyue’s logic was not good, so she was not allowed to practice piano anymore and focused on logical thinking training. Xinyue was very sad and said that he liked talking about piano, but Gu Jiawei said that piano would not be awarded points in the future and it would be a waste of money.

When Xi Bin returned home, he couldn’t believe it when he saw Su Xing playing games with Xi Wang. Xi Wang has a lot of fun and wants to be as happy as today, and he really doesn’t like homework. Xi Wang tells Xi Bin that he wants to watch wake up and smile. Although he doesn’t like doing homework, he is willing to do it in order to wake up. After I woke up and heard it, I began to reflect on my own education method.

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